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Your Real Birthday

Posted By: Randy GageFebruary 10, 2020

If you desire to experience a radical rebirth, you’re going to have to create it twice.  You created it for the first time, by the vision you formulated.  Now it’s time to create the new you in the physical realm.   You begin by employing your prosperity manifestation formula, starting at the root: the programming you allow yourself to be influenced by.

Hopefully if you’ve been following the last dozen or so posts, you’ve done some serious contemplation on the core foundational beliefs you held, eliminated the negative, limiting ones – and replaced them with positive, empowering ones.  It is vital that you support this process with programming that will continue to strengthen your new beliefs.  To set the stage and anchor your new programming, you may want to speak the following affirmation out loud:

I have grown in consciousness and release the old me. I have gained wisdom from my mistakes. I forgive myself and accept my abundance.

You may also want to put this in your journal or on a post-it note on your mirror.  This will be your working philosophy from here on out.  For the next step in your journey, you have to create a forcefield around yourself – and mindfully decide what programming you’re going to allow to penetrate through that forcefield.  This is how you transform a neutral or negative vision into a positive one.

If you’re watching five to six hours of TV every night, it’s highly unlikely that you’re ever going to believe in a positive vision for yourself.  Likewise if you’re reading the news sites, spending prodigious amounts of time with victim-mentality people, or attending a place of worship that beats you down every week. You need people and mediums that inspire you to become the highest possible version of yourself.  You need to be exposed to positive programming, in the form of uplifting stories, positive reinforcement, and spiritual nourishment.

Most people experience life as riding a roller coaster. Or if they’re really fear-based, the ride with the rotating teacups.  Either way, to them, life is a ride they are on; a ride with someone else at the controls who decides the scope, scale, safety, and speed of the ride.

You might think your body and circumstances control your thoughts, but it’s actually the opposite. 

Enlightened, self-actualized people create their lives by the power of thought.

If there is a limit to the power of thought, no one has discovered it yet. Unfortunately, few unleash this unlimited power in their lives.  For most of us, by the time we have reach our teenage years, we’ve become conditioned into victims of circumstance.  Things “happen” to us and we react to them.  The moment this happens, you have entered the matrix.  You’re no longer living your authentic life, but are acting out a counterfeit version, under outside control.  Your environment dominates you and you’re probably subjugated by victimhood and fear.  Unfortunately, many stay in this state of consciousness for their entire lives…

You are not meant to stay at this stage.  You’re not meant to even visit it!   You were born to become a catalyst: to love, learn, create, and evolve.  You were born to be rich and prosperous.  But this requires self-awareness.  Take a sip of your green tea (or a snort of Aguardiente Cristal) before you read the next paragraph, because it is going to break down the single most integral element of creating a radical rebirth in your life.

You cannot allow yourself to be provoked or directed by the random thoughts that are bombarding you daily.  You must become consciously mindful enough to think about what you think about.  You must become the thinker of the thought. 

That is when you start to access the inherent power within your being. The day that happens, get yourself a birthday cake and blow out the candles.   Because that’s the day you are truly born.


- RG

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  • 3 comments on “Your Real Birthday”

    1. One of the best messages to become what you think about is Earl Nightingale's Strangest Secret, it's on youtube.. best half hour anyone can spend listening to.. remarkable how little things have changed in 50 years..

    2. Great Post. Thoughts drive everything. If there is no change in thought, particularly our unconscious ones, it’s impossible to have permanent change in our outer circumstances. As the Hermetic principle notes, “As within, so without “.

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