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Your Next Assignment

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Lots of talk in the personal development and growth space today about purpose.  Finding your passion.  And living a life of leaning.

All good stuff.  But what does all that really mean?

I believe this all speaks to discovering your “assignment” – the thing you are meant to be doing.  The higher calling which the universe has for you.  This mission is what you need to be doing, if you desire to reach the stages of enlightenment you are capable of.

Most of the time, you don’t discover your assignment.  It discovers you.  But one thing I know for certain:

The universe won’t give you your next assignment, until you’re overqualified for the current one.

Thoughts?  Please share them below.


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8 thoughts on “Your Next Assignment

  1. Yasir Talodi says:

    “The universe won’t give you your next assignment, until you’re overqualified for the current one”

    One of my favourite quotes of all times. To me, instead of the universe, it’s God “Allah” 🙂

    1. Yasir is right. The universe is inanimate. God is not. Whether an Abrahamaic faith or not, billions of people on this earth have a belief in one god or another. Those who don’t will have to rely on the universe…. but you are right. The next assignment will come as a higher purpose than gathering customers or sponsoring distributors.

  2. Jane Champion says:

    It oesn’ nt actually mean anything visible does it? it could mean an issue we might have like, jealousy, shame, guilt, revenge, anger, fearfulness, loss etc. I say this because while we have these issues and not learn’t from them then they will keep repeating, so it is then impossible to break out of the present mindset and so the wheel keeps spinning, going nowhere. I really do agree that until we learn then we stay where we are on the treadmill of life. I also think we are given nothing that is beyond us to deal with, and dealing with them makes us stronger, and as we gain strength then so do the challenges.

  3. Malou says:

    I like the quote in the last part! It enlightens me and I realize that this is so true because its already happening to me. Thank you sir Randy for sharing your brilliance to us! I love it! Keep it up!

  4. Nirmal says:

    Yes. I do agree with it. Universe always gives one what he/she is good at or want to move ahead in life. And yes it will give next assignment only when one is overqualified. This I am speaking from my own experiences. Where currently I am working on 2 businesses. First business leverage sales I attracted in my life in 2016. And the second one I attracted in 2018. Both are running successfully.

  5. Rodrigo Manrique says:

    Randy, How to know what is my current assignment?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I’m going to be exploring that more in some future posts. -RG

      1. Thank you very much for answering


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