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You Can’t Out-Give the Universe

Posted By: Randy GageFebruary 5, 2020

Last post I told you that to make a clean break from limiting behaviors of the past, you’re going to want to reboot the system – and make sure the “new you” isn’t being built on any of the old negative programming.  This involves three actions.  We already looked at the first: creating learning curriculums.  Now let’s explore action number…

2) Change Your Approach from Seeking Rewards to Creating Value

Your prosperity is out there waiting for you to draw upon it, but you don’t get to just download it like a new show on Netflix.  Because true prosperity is a value-for-value equation.  You “earn” prosperity by creating value for the universe.  More specifically by finding ways to solve problems and add value.

If you earn $500 by killing someone for a mobster you’ve essentially stolen that money from the universe, because you didn’t add real value to the greater good.  It’s a one-time, non-recurring transaction that doesn’t create continuity towards real value. If you earn $500 by planting crops on a farm you’ve exchanged value in a way that nurtures and supports the greater good.

This doesn’t mean what you choose to do for your job or business has to be a altruistic act.  If you provide a great Thai massage and someone is willing to pay you a certain amount for that, you’ve created a beneficial value-for-value exchange.  But if your focus in life is simply about attracting more prosperity to yourself, you’ll actually produce the opposite reaction.

Think more along the lines of the Go-Giver philosophy espoused by Bob Burg and John David Mann in their series of books on the topic.  Burg states, “Any exchange in which both parties benefit (they are both better off than they were before) increases prosperity not only for the individuals involved, but for society as a whole.

“Unlike an exchange that benefits only one party at the cost of the other (i.e., 'If I want a bigger piece of pie I need to take some of yours, thus making your piece smaller') a value-for-value exchange, benefitting all concerned, says, 'If I want a bigger piece of pie, and you want a bigger piece of pie, let’s collaborate and bake a much bigger pie.'  By increasing the abundance of others, you’ve increased your own, as well."

The best way to attract prosperity is to circulate prosperity.  Allow me the audacity to suggest there is an additional element to Bruce Lee’s philosophy to “be like water,” one that is relevant to manifesting prosperity in your life.  When water sits in a pool it becomes cloudy or stagnant and you certainly wouldn’t want to drink it.  But think of when water is circulating in a mountain stream or bubbling up from a spring.  It’s the most refreshing beverage you’ll drink all month.

Continuous taking and misery hoarding actually create lack and recession.  And it’s unnecessary because all true forms of prosperity are infinite.  Money, love, hugs, kindness, etc. are all resources which can be continually replenished.  Giving someone a hug doesn’t delete one from your inventory, it actually provides you a reciprocal hug back.  When you circulate substance, you break the energy block and keep the river of prosperity flowing freely.

To those of you who fear you will be taken advantage of, simply set boundaries.  And you’ll find that most acts of generosity produce generous reactions.  Simply smiling and greeting the counter agent before you order your hamburger combo, thanking the overwhelmed TSA agent for their patience, sending flowers to someone, or taking a meal to an elderly shut-in are examples of circulating prosperity and sowing seeds that will come back to you in wondrous ways.

Generosity creates more generosity.

When you’re on the prowl – whether you’re looking for people to sell to, do you a favor, hook up with, or make you more money – you’re probably going to telegraph an aura of desperation, neediness, or greediness.  That isn’t likely to help you manifest much prosperity in your life.

When you change your perspective from seeking and taking to adding value you’ll be shocked at how much abundance returns to you.  The more prosperity you circulate, the more you’ll attract back.  Surprisingly, it’s not in an equal equation, because you receive back exponentially more.  You can’t out-give the universe.  I know because I tried.  The world adores generous people.

When you adopt this mindset, it is generous, kind, and prosperous.  But something much more important takes place: You’re not just changing your mindset you’re changing who you are.  You’re starting the transformation process to the new you.

The third and final action you’ll need for your successful reboot is to dare to dream again. That’s where we’ll pick up on the next post.  Until then, please share your thoughts below.


- RG

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  • 10 comments on “You Can’t Out-Give the Universe”

    1. Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone took five minutes and watched Scrooge be so happy and generous after his awakening every day, instead of once a year...

    2. “Continuous taking and misery hoarding actually create lack and recession,” is so true. It just feels wrong. I feel so much better when giving and having a positive attitude. Follow your gut and heart to a prosperous life!!

      1. Taking this a bit further I don't think it is as simple as being valuable and giving value, yes giving can be a great booster but if it is done with any agenda behind it, like fear driving it, or to get something out of it, then it is not true giving. Also there is much talk of the positive but if we really want to learn and grow then running up against a really negative person or event is a great teacher and mirror, and can be more valuable than someone, or event that does not ruffle your feathers.

      2. A simple one which Randy mentioned above is start with a smile. Smile at as many people as you can. This changes your own mindset into "giving" without it "costing" anything. People will (almost) always smile back and that will lift you.

        If you are already doing that, think of something else like you can do for "free". The Universe will respond with what you are looking for, perhaps in a place you are currently not looking at.

    3. Hi Randy,

      I have recently discovered you and your work (podcast) and I am so curious to read all your books, published and upcoming. I simply love you, just so you know, people send love to you from Central Europe too 🙂
      I really wish you even more success , because that will mean more people's lives will be changed by your teachings.

      As for this blog post, well, I have created a program, truly truly transformational for saving marriages/love relationships and bringing back the passion in couples who past the "honeymoon phase"...BUT...I have a huge wall to pass and it seams opposite of generous : marketing myself and my program. So I created the value, but how do I release it to the Universe? I really don't care for the money it will bring me, and in the same time I want to make it pricey, because this gives me the certainty that people will take action and will be coachable to get that result. I don't know if it makes sense. Will the Universe bring the clients to me? I don't think so. I have to market and that seams against what you describe in this post, not generous.

      I admire and appreciate you and again...lots of love from across the world 🙂

        1. Greetings Anca, if I may respectfully question one of your premises, where you wrote: "I have to market and that seems against what you describe in this post, not generous." -- Why (again, only if you don't mind my asking) would you feel that the concept of marketing your program is somehow a negative, or the opposite of what he is teaching in this post? I don't recall reading that anywhere in his article or even seeing it implied. I'd be very interested in knowing your thoughts on this.

    4. Great I broke the stagnation, and it’s huge what happens! Also in me!
      Every day I do things overcome my fear!
      Every day I feel better and better!
      Thx for your service Randy, I and god bless you ❤️

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