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Why Your Comfort Zone Makes You Miserable

comfort zone
By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

This is the last post in the series about the need for goals that challenge you and pull you towards the greatest possible version of yourself.  A fascinating dynamic of human nature is how fiercely people will fight to stay mediocre.  They don’t label it as mediocre obviously.  They would tell you that they’re simply being conservative, safe, or avoiding potential risk.  But those motivations are always a recipe for creating mediocrity.

One of the wiser things that Seneca shared in his writing is that no one is unhappier than the person who never faces adversity. Why?  Because if you don’t face a daunting challenge you don’t have a chance to prove yourself.   Proving something to yourself is when you actually start to live – to feel vibrant, strong and animated.  It creates confidence which causes you to dare to attempt greater things, and thus build a cycle of growth and achievement.  Staying in your comfort zone makes you miserable.  Or unconscious.

No one ever had a breakthrough in their comfort zone.  And you won’t be the first.


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4 thoughts on “Why Your Comfort Zone Makes You Miserable

  1. Eric C Smith says:

    hmm Im wondering that I’m being scared of doing financially better than my peers at work and family…and that I won’t be liked if I start making lots of money and become super happy….and notice discomfort when I get close to these things. thanks for the thought provoking words.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      That is a very common response.

  2. It’s the path to growth!

  3. Eric C Smith says:

    p.s. I watched a bill gates documentary on youtube as inspired by your content…and mad genius…and it has inspired me take on math again starting with kahn academy. it seems to be related his discernment abilities and emotional independence early on in life. thank you!


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