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Why You Should Forgive Yourself…

Posted By: Randy GageDecember 9, 2019

We’ve been discussing transformation.  Making the decision to release or even kill off the old you, to create a new and improved model.   I cautioned you that there was one more tripwire that could prevent you from doing this transformation successfully.    And that tripwire to transformation is…

Forgiveness.  More specifically, the ability to forgive yourself. 

I told you in the last post that you don’t have time for vengeance or retribution, because they ultimately lead you to victimhood.  I asked you to forgive your parents and any others who may have influenced you to take a path that turned out to be the wrong one for you, because they were doing the best with what they had to work with.  Because in most cases, the person who made or accepted the final decision was you.  The only way to let go of victimhood and become a victor is to stop assigning blame to others and take self-responsibility.

Maybe you didn’t have the guts to accept your true sexuality.  Or stand up for your desire to be an artist instead of an attorney.  Or do the critical thinking necessary to discover your true path.  Maybe you allowed fear-based people around you to dial down your dreams and give up on your true potential.  Maybe you unknowingly allowed yourself to be programed with low self-esteem and worthiness issues, so you subconsciously were actually afraid of success and happiness.

You have to own your part in the process.  And that’s where the forgiveness tripwire comes into play…

Because it’s so damn easy to beat yourself up for the choices you made. (I know because I did it for decades.) You have to recognize that this self-flagellation and self-loathing is simply the continuation of you being programming and manipulated like a puppet.  The forces that have been deployed against you are mind-boggling...

Religions require you to feel subservient so they can control you.  Governments need you to need them in order to remain in power.  Millions of companies want to manipulate you to buy their product or service that probably isn't in your highest good.  There are people who are jealous and resentful of you, working to sabotage you.  There are people who love you and want the best for you – and they don’t even realize that they’re programmed with their own limiting beliefs that they’re infecting you with.

To put the fight you’ve waged into perspective, imagine trying to defend yourself against a tank division.  With a knife. 

It’s tragic but true.  We have created a society that beats you down, infects you with fear, and programs you to be a worker drone in the collective.  And most of us get washed into the flow, mired in mediocrity before we even realize what hit us.


Once you recognize this, once you see the matrix for what it really is, you get to fight back.  You can eviscerate the limiting beliefs you’ve been programmed with and replace them with empowering ones.  You really do get to let go of the old you and create the new, improved version you really want.

So give yourself a break.  Forgive yourself.  You too, were simply doing the best with what you had to work with.  And all of your journey – even the part that was perhaps the wrong path – will ultimately pay dividends for you.

Mistakes made you wiser…

Obstacles built your character… 

Resistance made you stronger…

You can begin this transformation at the pinnacle of your self-awareness, making mindful choices and creating the new you.  The one you always wanted to become.  Ain’t it great.


- RG

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  • 7 comments on “Why You Should Forgive Yourself…”

    1. Thanks for another great post. This, as well as the last two posts have been spot on for me. I was just reading about forgiveness in "The Power of the Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy this morning. That is a book that has helped me untangle some of the issues you raised in this post. What do you think about his work? All best, Maureen

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