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What Prevents You from a Breakthrough

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Last post we talked about changing other people.  This post let’s explore how other people can change you, or more specifically, prevent you from changing into the highest possible version of yourself.

Let’s suppose you come to a transformation event by me, Robin Sharma or another self-development facilitator.  Or maybe you work with a therapist.  Let’s suppose you really have a remarkable insight – the breakthrough you’ve been seeking!  It’s noticeable to you and the people at the event.  They tell you things like, “Wow, you’ve really had some insights.  We can see the difference in you already.”  You’re almost euphoric, on the top of your world.

Then you go back to your normal environment…

Now you’re in “hometown prophet” territory.  So no one sees any change in you, because they don’t expect to see any change in you.  They already have a convenient category or label for you in their perception.  Or, even if they do notice the change, they say something like, “Well he seems excited now, but I’ sure once this wears off, he’ll be back to his usual dejected self again.”

Here’s what happens next…

You buy into their perception and convince yourself that they’re right, and you didn’t really change.  Or you recognize that even though they may care for you, they don’t possess the discernment and emotional intelligence to understand the real transformation you have accomplished.

And whichever one of those two “realities” you accept, becomes your actual reality.  You own your power or you give it away.  So be mindful who you trust to offer you feedback on you.

– RG

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2 thoughts on “What Prevents You from a Breakthrough

  1. Insights are an AHA experience and they can lead to change but change is not necessarily tranformation. Real transformation is ‘ego death’ and there is no going back to a previous level, state or whatever we want to call it as we have been privy to a higher preception beyond our personal ‘norm’ and the ‘collective norm’ Real transformation means liberation as it takes us out of the ‘collective norm’ and truly there is no going back, but do not mistake this for euphoric bliss and the idea ‘you have made it’ which is the carrot held out by many so called gurus. Thanks for your posts Randy and your book which I bought.

  2. wellbeinginsights says:

    Discernment; “getting it” and keeping it is a challenge of focus & intention, in my experience, RG. What are your thoughts group?


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