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What Level of Prosperity Consciousness Are You?

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Last week I did a few posts about how you can change your thought process if it isn’t serving you.  I told you one of the best approaches is to develop your prosperity consciousness to the level which you develop “Divine Discontent.”  And I want to discuss that more, but in the next post.  Because before that, we need to perform one more absolutely vital step…

And that is to determine if your thought process needs to change…

Or, if you have already developed a high level of prosperity consciousness and do you have your mind operating in a manner that serves you – and causes you to manifest prosperous outcomes.  Se let’s get after it…

Here are some questions to determine how far along your prosperity consciousness and thinking process are:

Do you allow yourself purchases that you desire, but don’t need?

Do you take care of yourself before others, or are you last on the list?

What is your “default setting” when someone offers you a business or investment opportunity?

  1. Too good to be true
  2. You need money to make money
  3. If only I’d seen this earlier
  4. Looks like a viable option, I’m going to do it
  5. Looks great, what’s the catch?

Do you practice self-care? (Medical, dental chiropractic, massage, meditation, healthy eating, etc.)

Are you secure financially?

Do you devote the necessary time to maintain healthy friendships and family relationships?

Are you healthy?

Do you wake up each day, eager to jump into it?

Do you ever treat yourself to treatments like facials, manicures or pedicures?

Do you exercise regularly?

Do you religiously set aside time for self-development and career growth training?

Are you sophisticated enough to score yourself on these questions without an answer key?

Here’s the deal: If you answer the questions but can’t figure out how to score yourself, then you can safely assume your prosperity consciousness and thought process needs a great deal of work. If you can figure out how to score yourself – and you are honest with yourself – you know if you need work. If you’re brave enough, please share your results below with the community. Then on tomorrow’s post, we’ll get into the concept of Divine Discontent.


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6 thoughts on “What Level of Prosperity Consciousness Are You?

  1. Bernice Alive says:

    The only one that really matters is if you love yourself and others. Are you kind to yourself and others? Equality is love and kindness.

    1. thechalkywhite says:

      Interesting response Bernice and I’m not sure that “prosperity” is the same as “equality”. People can love themselves and others yet have a poverty consciousness – I have family members who fit that description.

      As for your list Randy, there are always areas for improvement, however there are so many more than I realised until reading it. That was a wake up call and I look forward to printing it out, laminating it and using it as a reference guide.

      Usually at least one post per year of yours ends up like this. So far, there are three of your posts in 2019 that have been used that way. My belief is that I’m more open to your straight talking than in the past which is why I’ve been affected more by your posts than I would have in the past.

      Thanks again for posting.

  2. I think seeing ourselves in action (witness consciousness) and what it is that is really driving us unconsciously is key to raising our consciousness to a higher level than the one we are operating from which is normally the base survival level. From this raised level there is no need to ‘score’ our performance or what we are doing as there is an instantaneous knowing and seeing which is inescapable, and once seen we really cannot go back. This is growth and so called ‘prosperity’ even though it may not seem like it or feel like it at the time, that is until the new way of ‘seeing’ and Being in integrated which may take quite a long time.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Glad you raised this self-awareness issue. Something I want to exlore later this week.

  3. Tom says:

    Since reading your stuff RG, I’ve definitely improved in this area, but still have work to do. I’m much more aware when I slip back into “poverty consciousness” because it doesn’t feel right. It could be as simple as being worried about saving 50 cents on a generic brand of something vs. buying the one that tastes better, or tithing 10 bucks when I have a $20 in my pocket, because I’ll need the $20 for something else.

  4. It’s a good prosperity questionnaire Randy, thanks for posting it. I’d say yes to most of the above, except I need to see a health care professional about an old injury.
    ~ working on my own consciousness re: about the financial independence topic,


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