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What Is Your Creative IQ?

Posted By: Randy GageDecember 19, 2011

Thanks for all the comments on the last post about how you feed your creative genius.  I promised to reveal some of mine…

I will do that.  But on the next post.  Today I want to talk about what makes creative people creative – and give you a little creativity test I designed especially for you!

Characteristics of Creative People…

Creative people aren’t necessarily the best educated or have the highest I.Q.  In fact, because of the way the formal education system is designed, it often squelches creativity.  Much of what is taught is simply memorization, which inhibits creativity.  And the way math and other sciences are often taught also focus only on the logical side, to the detriment of creative thinking.

We take beautiful, bright five year olds—full of creativity—and tell them to sit up straight in desks, not talk, and raise their hand when they want to go to the bathroom.  Eventually the school system beats their creativity into submission.  If I could give you three things to save your child’s creativity it would be these:

1)   Help them discover a passion for reading.

2)   Let them experience other parts of the world through travel.

3)   Place them in a Montessori-type learning environment.

Creative People Are:

  • Self-motivated;
  • Independent;
  • Delighted by novelty;
  • Risk takers;
  • Tolerant of ambiguity;
  • Deeply involved in their work;
  • Avid Readers; and,
  • World Travelers.

The characteristics you see above provide creative people with a very rich diet of stimulation, variety, and situations.  They are exposed to a steady stream of new opinions, languages, cultures, and attitudes.  They see a much broader spectrum of society, people in general, and the world.  They see the same thing handled in many different ways, so it opens up the mind to problem solving, lateral thinking, and innovation.

I can tell you that just being back in Sydney, where they drive and walk on the other side of the street, is a good charge for my mental stimulation.  In Miami it is winter, here it is summer.  Interestingly, in Miami I sleep on the right side of the bed, here I sleep on the left side of the bed.  What's up with that!

These creativity skills we’re discussing will serve you well in school, relationships, and work.  In fact, creative people have a very strong likelihood to be successful and wealthy.  They are great for inventing things, solving challenges, and envisioning new markets.

Creativity is one of the other ways to develop genius, other than what is measured on a standard IQ test.  In fact, recent research in the fields of perception, psycho-biology, and neuroscience have revealed that there is more than one area of intelligence.  In fact, they have discovered at least six— each one hard wired into a different area of the brain.  The people that we consider geniuses (like Mozart, Einstein, and others) have succeeded on tapping into a second area of intelligence, or possibly a third.  Most everyone else, works in mostly one region of the brain, and uses less that 10 percent of their brain’s capacity.

What’s Your CQ?

So how are your creativity skills?  Take the test I designed to measure your CQ – your Creativity Quotient.

1.  Do you fail a lot, because you are willing to try many new, high-risk endeavors?

YES     NO

 2.  Are you highly self-motivated?

YES     NO

3. Do you have vivid colorful dreams, many of which you remember in the morning?

YES     NO

4.  Do you enjoy learning about other cultures and nationalities, exploring other languages and customs?

YES     NO

5.  Have you traveled international extensively?

YES     NO

6.  Do you ask a lot of “what if” questions that challenge current accepted norms?

YES     NO

7.  Do you hear a song for the first time, or the start of a sentence, and know how they will finish it?  Or likewise, know the outcome of a TV show or movie, five minutes into it?

YES     NO

8.  Are you more emotional than most people?

YES     NO

9.  Do you have a career that involves writing, acting, painting, singing, or other artistic endeavors?

YES     NO

10. Are you the kind of person who isn’t happy and productive unless you’re doing at least four or five tasks simultaneously?

YES     NO

11. Do people tell you that you’re a “clothes horse,” or dress stylishly or alternative?

YES     NO

12. Do you look at a situation and see how things could be better arranged to work better?

YES     NO

13. Did you excel in creative writing or drama when you were in school?

YES     NO

14. Do you come up with a steady stream of original ideas in response to what happens to you each day?

YES     NO

15. Do you adapt easily to a new job, home, or school?

YES     NO

16. Do you daydream a lot, picturing yourself in different scenarios?

YES     NO

17. Do you often get struck with a flash of insight when you’ve left a problem to percolate in your subconscious mind?

YES     NO

18. Do you usually read four or five books at a time?

YES     NO

19. Do you take “disengagement breaks” from a creative project that you are momentarily stuck on?

YES     NO

20. Have you made a sharp change in lifestyle preference — such as going from a conservative dresser to a funky one, antique furniture to contemporary, metal rock to Opera—since becoming an adult?

 YES     NO



Add up the number of times that you answered YES.  Keep in mind that this little quiz is meant to measure only ONE area of your genius.  You could score Zero on it, but still be a bona fide genius in other areas.  In fact, many people who have two or three college degrees will score very low.  That’s because the education process has subjugated their creativity.

The point of this test is to determine where you are exactly in the creativity sector only.  I believe that you can develop your genius in all areas.  So even if you feel like creativity is not one of your strengths—it can be learned.  We just need to know your starting point.  With that in mind, here’s how I would categorize the scores:

0 – 5  You are below even creativity levels of the masses.  You may be highly educated, or just someone who is very strong in logical, analytical processes.  You are missing a great deal in life, because you haven’t let your creative kid come out to play in a long time.   You will see major benefits in doing some of the things I’ll suggest in the next post.  It will open a whole new universe in your problem solving and innovation abilities.

6 – 10  You are about average in creativity.  Which is a polite way to say mediocre.  While you are certainly on a level with the rest of society, that’s no place to stake out a comfort zone.  Work on tomorrow’s post with the goal of getting into the above average or genius levels, where the real stimulation and rewards take place.

11 – 15  You are above average in your creative skills.  Which is always a good place to be, but there is still room at the top.  Particularly if you scored 11 or 12.  A small improvement from this level makes for significant rewards both personally and professionally.

16 – 20  If you scored 16 or higher, this is where the cool kids with the pumped up kicks live.  You’re in the creative genius category.   You have likely already done most of the things we’ll discuss tomorrow, or are currently doing them.  While you may pick up a notch or two, your biggest rewards will come from developing your other areas of genius, which we’ll be exploring in some future posts.

So how did you score and what do you think of the test?  Please share any revelations or insights you have below.  And be creative for God’s sake!  🙂  Next post, I’ll reveal my top secret, thermo nuclear creativity stimulators!


P.S. For you guys wondering, that statue pic of Mozart is from the Burggarten park in the center of Vienna.  The Mozart Memorial erected in 1896, is a master work in marble by Victor Tilgner.

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  • 137 comments on “What Is Your Creative IQ?”

    1. My score: 13

      Never stop exploring, reading, observing. We should never stagnate.

      People often say "Oh but I'm not creative" I tend to disagree. All people are creative in some way or another. Creativity is not only the domain of artists, musicians, writers and designers. Scientist, sales people, engineers, the list goes on....all are creative in their own way.

      1. Some of my answers weren't yes or not but maybe and sometimes so.... I know I'm very creative so no worries about that for me. Like your question have you traveled extensively. Well that's a matter of having money to do not want to so......

      2. You are absolutely correct. I wish I had a great scientific intellect to combine with my creativity. Those people discover cures for diseases and new technologies. That is an awesome plus plus genius.

    2. Got your tweet - And hurried here to make my score 🙂 It's 15. Fun doing this! Havn't been traveling as adult, would LOVE to though, and that will change when I have changed my financial situation. Could not help being complete enthusiastic and laughing, at more of the questions.

    3. My result was 16. Perhaps that is why sometimes we all consider me as a dreamer. Hopefully someday I can fully enjoy my way of being, having a virtuous life.

    4. 20; plus claiming a bonus point for suggesting that Lene doesn't let finance stand in the way of travel. She could always get a job as a travel agent, or even volunteer to courier documents. Bingo! 😉

    5. As you have put it, the environment I was raised in and having been schooled in a conservative area, has suppressed my creative side. So that I often take big breaks from expanding my creativity because it is not always acceptable. However as I get older I am trying harder to create time to create. this seems to be when I am the most content and happy. I need frequent reminders to let that part of me loose and trust that it is thank you for todays reminder!

    6. Randy, terrific creativity test! However, your "international traveler" question got me to thinking.

      I'm no longer much of a traveler around the physical world; I just don't enjoy it like I used to. But now I relish traveling around the world of ideas, trying to learn something about everything from cosmology to cosmetology, from quantum physics to metaphysics, from science to Scientology. (And a plus of this type of traveling is that there's no lost luggage or full-body scans!)

      So does "extensive international travel" include exploring uncharted regions of your own psyche?
      PS -- If you count my pre-TSA "take off your shoes" world traveling, I scored 17.

    7. 14! I saw this coming. I knew it before as I was allways a creative guy the only reason I was so bad at school was my motivation to simply learn there were allways much cooler things to do^^
      This is a really cool test and I´m looking forward to your advice Randy!

    8. I scored 18! Thank you thank you thank you! I am not NORMAL... not yet for items 5 and 9. I know that the answer are all YES in the near future... God bless us all.

    9. 14. And you are right about schools too. It is why Dell, Gates, Bezos all dropped out of school! The creative genius types have forgotten more ideas than Harvard, Yale & Princeton ever put forth!

      ...and they never stop learning either.

    10. Hi Randy, (my score was 16)

      Great test, very insightful! I have just started an online business. In the meantime I need to work my boring desk job which inhibits my creativity. My biggest concern is how to get from here to where I want to be. It's not easy being single!!! My website is If you put the code SR001 in the bottom left hand corner you will see a little bit of my story.
      I'm staying tuned....

      1. Linda, keep in mind that some people (including myself) just might have been at their most creative when they self-scored the test. (I'm waiting for someone to claim they scored 21 out of 20!) "13" is darned good, and you should feel pumped. Congratulations!

    11. Randy, wow I like this article. Before I was more creative but have backslided to 12 (room for improvement). I was in the airline industry so travelled like mad. Now 2 to 3 x a year. Have interesting ideas swimming in my head though.

      Ain't it great!

    12. Hey Randy'

      I scored 18.I am creative in many littlt things in my life
      ""If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. .... 16:1-12 Whatever we have, the property of it is God's; we have only the use of it, according to "

    13. Yes! How scientific is this test, but by the way, who cares. I got 16 points. You get extra points for that one knew that it was Mozart in the picture? Please!

      With love and irony from Sweden!

    14. whoa i got 16!! I didn't know if traveling to tae kwon do tournaments in different states every year was extensive enough. I have good sense of style, but, I always talk myself out of buying nice clothes.. something about paying bills my inner party pooper keeps reminding me.

      I do believe i let money get in the way of my creativity, mental expansion and stimulation. What a shame, really.. I know I can do better!! i got a lot to work on before i score 20..

      1. OOOPS~ enter by mistake

        I homeschooled all four of my children... and I am a widow, wrote a book, run my business AND achieved my masters degree. Homeschooling allows for the greatest flexibility and creativity for the parent and for the students. It was an amazing time in my life and my children have moved on to amazing careers as entrepreneurs not employees

        1. Good point. That can go either way, because your kids just get your view of the world, or you have to make a conscious, concerted effort to bring in lots of other influence and point of view. -RG

    15. Very cool test Randy! I scored one no, two maybe's and the rest yes's. So either a 17 or 19 depending on where I end up with sorting out my maybe's! 🙂 Definitely helps to explain why I struggled with so much "normal" stuff. I've had so much more success since I've worked on balancing my creative side with a responsible/organized side...which has been anything but easy! 🙂 But as someone who as worked as a musician for mst of my life, I've seen so many crazy talented folks who can only function in the creative sphere and subsequently struggle terribly in the rest of their lives ( I know, I was one of them for 40 years!) So, for those of you with low CQ scores, get to work on your creative juices, and for those of us with high CQ scores, have a peek at the other side - the practical/organizational/responsible side of the world - you might just kick into overdrive if you bring a bit of balance to the situation. I know for myself, I consider the work I do every morning sharpening my business/organization/leadership skills, to be every bit as important to my prosperity (which has exploded - I just found out I played drums on a double Grammy nominated song this year, and my other business just blasted by my income goals I figured were still a few years out!) as all of the creative/visualization/dreaming/scheming work I do right along side of it.

      Thanks RG!


    16. HI Randy

      Lateral thinking is still a pretty straight affair ( maybe with some 1 to 179 d angle) that nevertheless gets you earmarked for troubles. Beethoven , Mozart, Einstein taking your examples went beyond linear thinking - and 3D vision. they dwelved into dissonances unknown in their days yet remained absolutely classic- timeless. No arrows. No directions.

      A genius is not someone who merely is capable of computing many outcomes to a given situation but those who can ignore current parameters to reach Being.

      example #17 the insight often smashes the situation as it is presented or presenting itself It becomes more :" this is the wrong question we are looking at here". Draw back, as you suggested in one question let it be and Loosening of the parameters solve many self inflicted problems... lol in fact more than 99% per day

      score was 19 - I first thought you were describing my life. I did not understand the cloth question so I have no idea how to answer it= sorry otherwise great fun
      thanks Randy

      PS :What if you recreated this survey using clikable y/n buttons that calculate the score automatically and present the results in a circle with different colored dividers corresponding to the results you say they represent? And a little circle left blank in the middle for your thermo nuclear bomb !

    17. Ok, just spent some time contemplating my earlier answers, and my maybe's are definitely yes's! 🙂 So I'm going with a juicy 19! The only no would be #1, which at certain points of my life would be a resounding yes - but now might need a bit of tweaking to be in the resounding zone! 🙂 But that's me judging from the inside - I think most people I know would say I'm a pretty big risk taker - but I think there's some awesome wiggle room dead ahead!!

      As always, thanks for all you do!!


    18. Never thought of myself as creative as I am not "good" (as defined by the education system in the US) at music, drawing, painting, dance, etc. So I surprised myself with a score of 15!!!!! Still room for improvement which is always a good thing. Love learning new things. Thanks for the the great post.

    19. Love the test! Scored 18. Creative probably cos I had to adapt to changes in my life so much! 😉

      What's your score?

      PS: That thing about the bed sides, I'm finding that weird too. Wondering why I don't just sleep down the middle! I only ever sleep on the left at home. Gotta see where I sleep when I get to the States.

      PPS: Wahashteny! (pronounced Wa-hash-te-ny) I miss you in Arabic. 🙂 XOXOXOXO!!!

    20. I scored 17

      I did very well in school (bachelor's degree in engineering)... and drove my teachers CRAZY with my "what-if's".

      Your test is the first time I have seen being "more emotional" is ranked as an asset!

      Each person has a unique number of projects running simultaneously, in order to keep one's thinking lively & sharp. Some people need one, others two, and some need three or more. Find the number that works best for you! And ignore the people who tell you that you "have to" stick to one project at a time, schedule all your activities, or to only check email once a day, etc.

    21. My score was 15.
      I see the good in all people/cultures, can talk to anyone and do travel internationally - in my daydreams(for now), however, I answered "no" to that question because you are referring to a tangible!
      I draw, paint, sing, and have a very good ear for music because I've had a passionate love affair with it all my life.
      Photography brings me much joy as well as the creative limitlessness of Photoshop. People accept things that I question-like, this is what it means to age...who says? Many of the mass social beliefs were just things we came to believe because we never questioned them-we were just saturated in them from conception!
      I feel deeply and am a beautiful, rich, luminous emotional Being. 🙂
      This test was a good reminder-Thanks!
      Blessings to you, Randy, and to all my fellow travelers.
      Nancy <3

    22. Hi Randy,

      :o)))) I love this post... Let´s play...
      Try to guess :o)) I am genius... Thank you for these questions... I was laughting, because I could see myself in these situations :o)

      I am happy that I am back... back to my creativity genius repressed and anxious when I again allow to show ... Today I finished amazing ball dress, perhaps boast ... rather surprise ... opportunity comes ..

      I've always been a master of improvisation ... When I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and rode with a trainer, I always improvised ... I never speak as they wished :o)))) Well Corporation loved me :o))))

      Dreaming of the day? Normal state ... I have a great imagination ... I can see as I walk along the beach, hand in hand with my soul mate ... etc. Surely not reveal everything here :o)

      Yes, I was living 2 times in different culture than Europe... I haven´t problem to
      adapt.. Love knowledge of faraway places ... I love people generally ... so it does not matter if it's Czech, Italian, Spanish, Arab, Indian or native ... I had the privilege of knowing people from different classes, religions, views from around the world ... And I have to say one ... fantastically I enjoyed the meeting!

      Feelings and Emotins? Here I feel I am amazing... When I am with somebody I can see the reality from the perspective of the other person... It was and it is my big advantage! I needn´t to know nothing about product... Customers simply buyed me... Because of my personality... I love them and love them to remember. I simply am and when I am with somebody I simply have interest in that person. I love person I love to understand him/her in depth ... I love communication and also happens that we can together be silent ... It is then such a great! Are transmitting telepathically ...

      I can continue... :o))) but I very interested on you :o))))

      So...? What about you? I wish to know you better.

      Take care,

    23. Thanks Randy for stirring creative juices! I scored 16 and realized that being raised without all of the "stuff" helped me to be a little more curious and creative when it comes to the world around me. Time to encourage those I know to examine their creativity. Look out world!

    24. My score is 16.
      I knew it already, when reading the questions before even scoring. As you also described 🙂

      Unfortunately, I don´t remember almost any dream at all - honestly, since I separated from in summer 2000. I often dreamt very powerful and clear.
      It´s a pity.
      If you ever stumble over an article of how to open that dream-gate again, pls. post it!!
      I´d be thankful -- thanks Randy!

      1. Hi Rita,

        In his book, "Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill", dream specialist Jeremy Taylor talks about improving dream recall in Chapter 4. Among other suggestions, he recommends taking a B-complex vitamin that includes Vitamin C.

    25. Muchos conmetarios!! jaja muy bueno el test, espero seguir crecendo en mis habilidades de IQ, Y sobre todo seguir trabajando en mi "self-develop" Gracias Randy

    26. I had a challenging time with answering some of the questions. I wasn't sure how to quantify "a lot" or "extensively" so I just went with what I thought the average number may be. I scored a 15...higher than I thought I would have!

    27. Very cool and cleverly written post as always..

      Scored 15, room for improvement.

      This post has helped bring me back in alignment after a rotten couple of days.

      Much appreciated 😉


    28. I gave myself a 9.5. I had to modify it because I have some 'sometimes' and 'half the time' responses. So I would give myself either a 1/4 point or a 1/2...

    29. I scored 16.

      Self-confidence and worthiness issues keep creeping up, otherwise it would be higher.

      i.e. Being 30 and losing myself in doing "crazy" music again. Insecurity from being told how it's "impossible" to succeed,lack of a college education,past failures,etc.

      1. Aw you can do it. Don't worry about fame money or acclaim. Do what you love. However if it don't put bread on the table do it for fun. LOL I've had to.

    30. Hi Randy,
      Do you know your classroom is worldwide?
      My score was 18 and two "unsure". I actually generate more ideas than I can act on. Sometimes, I will pic 4 books and try to read all at a time. When the mind cannot handle, I sleep on them. I need to develop my capacity to implement systems. Because all my ideas are good, I would like them to function in synergy.
      Thank you for the test.
      Is wonderful to be alive in this era.

    31. @Randy

      Surprised that more creative people aren't fans of Ayn Rand. You'd think the message of individuality and the right to pursue what one values would be more popular.

      Instead, Rand's work is painted as monstrous, cold, uncaring, and Fascist, neither of of which she would condone. I think she was honest and blunt, and some people do not appreciate that.

      A lot of creative people have very Left-wing views. (i.e.

    32. Love the post and cant wait for the top secret in the next post. Couldn't agree more with Richard - we are living in an amazing era. I do not know what boredom is - my brain is always hyper busy with ideas and the implementation of such.
      I have some fab e books I created still in my computer and more in the making but need someone who is good at getting them to market. All offers of partnership welcome!
      Randy I missed you by about 24 hours in the airport in Paris last week when I had gone there for the World Arabian Horse Championships near Roissy, Charles de Gaulle.
      I really want to spend time with you but am too busy to get across the pond these days. I have been thinking creatively and in exchange for some of your precious time on your next trip to Paris would love to offer you one or several of the following ...... a guided tour of the city - (I'll take you to places no tour guide will take you to,)
      dinner in the revolving restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tour,
      free french lessons, ( or Spanish, German, Arabic or Russian,)
      aperitif at a great friends appt in the rue de Rivoli opposite the Louvre with the best view in paris followed by dinner at the Ritz, round the corner,
      a visit to my friends art galleries,
      a seat at the opera,
      lunch at the Piazza Athenee or The Avenue (BTW - I have an amazing pied a terre (small but cosy appt) for sale right opposite The Avenue restaurant above Dior)
      a visit the Rodin foundery where I have the last available "The Thinker" bronze statue for sale ( how creative is that?)
      bring you to Geneva to see a di Vinci painting I have for sale - it has been valued for insurance purposes at 150 million dollars. How can a painting be worth this much - because Leonardo di Vinci was THE master of creativity, and genius.....
      I wonder how much your programs will be worth Randy posthumously?
      These are just a few of a myriad of propositions on offer to you Randy as a creative way to get to spend some time with you......
      I'd rather use my time to create a win/win offer than tell you what score I got in a test which looks like fun but which I don't have time to do and when I know my creativity is way off the charts anyway.
      I get so much from your posts and thank you thank you thank you for all your inspiration and creative genius.
      PS. Talking about thermo nuclear..... I can also take you to to visit CERN - ( European Nuclear Research Centre in Geneva - great place for metaphysicists) and I LOVE the " be creative for God's sake pun!"

    33. CQ=10. I pictured myself higher than this. I guess I've been stifled by too much school and corporate think...need Randy's thermo nuclear creativity stimulators to break out of submission! Until tomorrow...

    34. Randy your test is silly. Where did you come up with your criterion? To me it just sounds like you, your description of a creative person, is just a description of you.

      Creativity cannot have a standardized test. Too many variables. I will not take your test, I will not take it with the rest, I will not take it any day, and that is all I have to say.:)

        1. Is that meant to be funny? I don't get it.:(

          Anyway, your test is not quite right. And, where did you get this information?

          How does higher education make you less creative?

          Your creativity test has certain biases. I don't believe it has much validity in truly determing a person's creativity.

          In fact, I would say in some ways it is just plain ignorant.

          If you were here Randy Gage, I would throw a saucy meatball on you and your expensive shirts.

            1. While I like Randy's test and it is very creative and wonderful, true creativity is difficult to measure.

              Standardized testing will never capture the awesomeness of what people can dream and create.

              Still a lovely tool.

            2. Assign me whatever number you like. It doesn't matter, the measure of a person's creativity is immeasurable. ;)(still, your reply made me laugh)

              Thomas- I think you are quite right!

            3. RANDY! definitely have to put the button like to vote in the comments. RElike: "Okay I’m moving you up to 3 1/2, on the strength of that saucy meatball comment!


              PD:hahahahaha =D

          1. I don't think he said you can't be smart and be creative. The smarter you are the more things you can create cause you have the know how. Edison, Cure, Pasteur, Steve Jobs, numerous brilliant academics who were also blessed with creativity. Thank god

      1. Randy, I misunderstood your post. I mean, I didn't really think about it being a test you made up. I kinda forgot that part when I wrote my comment.

        You did really well. I still don't think it is an adequate way to measure creativity. However, many of the traits fit creative folks.

        The travel thing can enhance your creativity. It isn't really a trait. And, there could be people who travel extensively and still aren't very creative.

        It does sound a lot like you. All of those things. Not the test, I mean the descriptors you used.

        I actually wanted you to be pleased with my answer. I thought not taking it on the grounds it was biased, was thinking outside the box.:)

        Although, truly on this blog, I am always in a box. Get it? Yeah... Yeah, I bet you do.

        BTW, that white suit you had on in your prosperity video,(the one where you are by the pool) that was my saucy meatball target!

    35. I have always considered myself a plethora of positive contradictions. That said I impulsively answered each question. Then reflected upon my answers before moving on. In the end I was pleased to receive a score of 17.

      Randy I respect your wit, wisdom and creativity. Hopefully these exercises will help me to continue in my desire to inspire/bless others. Life is way too short to live it any other way.

    36. 12. It should be 16 or 17, but for the creatve headkicking I received from a whole line of people in my youth. I come from a conservative family, and 6 years in the army didn't help either.

      So, sir, how do we break out of this cycle of repression? your the man, lead on. Guarantee I'll stalk you for answers. 🙂

      1. I still slip into it, but thankfully there are people who are a bit more supportive.

        what do you wish to do?

        Was raised in a hard core "work good union job" until you die and making more money (or at least being happy while you work) was "evil.

        There was also a lot of "so and so is better than you" and "you'll never amount to anything" and "you have to do it yourself because I won't support you unless you you into the government or the railroad".

        It's a very tough nut to crack, especially when a lot of people that I attended high school with were at least encouraged/supported to get into a good university.

        I was essentially expected to do everything without support, never make mistakes, and not need love or praise, even though my parents could afford it. I was just not a priority to them.

    37. My score is 15 and it`s because I can't answer to two questions. But I'm impressed. I always knew I'm full of qualities, but sometimes I'm tired to have so many of them because I want do everything in the same time. 😉

      1. I was a graphic artist my whole life but the thing here is that my creativity is not tied to what I do it's tied to who I am. I can be creative about finding something to fix something I know nothing about. It's about looking at something and saying well how can I fix this. I'm currently a caregiver and my creativity applies itself in what can I do for this person. For example one client was ready to be done with life because of being housebound. I immediately thought this is not right and racked my brain to come up with something to make her happy. An electronic wheelchair like they have in the stores. It made her smile and gave her a little something to live for. I try and find solutions for anything I do. My creativity is not my job, it's who I am.

    38. Randy,

      this test... better questions, helped me remember... how creative person I am... So I think this is the point... to stop and think, what you do, how you react and accept this wonderful state..

      All this things I think are normal for me... and for others can be inspiration..

      I understand it yesterday.. My old friend called me after a long time.. I send here video Christmas greetings.. and I inspire here to call me. She is on a maternity leave now... She told me, that she wanted to call me many times... but, but... and the video told her.. Call her NOW!

      I told her that I am moving to the US... and she told me, that she is little bit jealous, envy, but she supports me.. I told her that I will send her video e-mails from the beach..
      She said: You provoked?
      I replied: NO, To inspire :o)

      So? Thank you for inspirations, Randy..

      Take care,

    39. Thanks, Randy, for this highly creative and interesting task. This material is valuable for me because I'm studying language and developing my personality. As to the test I scored 16 and consider it motivating. But now I've understood I failed a lot because of my creativity. I can't help doing many things simultaneously and I always read books together.

    40. What a simple little assessment. What I like about's a great reminder to foster and enhance creativity anytime anywhere...both your own and others. Thanks!

    41. Hi Randi,

      Wow! This is a really cool test. Very interesting. I scored a 19! I haven't had the chance to travel extensively, just a little, but I sure do daydream about it quite often :-)). I was told (and started to believe it) that I probably need to be checked for ADD! I'm always looking for new things the learn and experience. My mind seems to run endlessly with ideas. I even awake out of sleep to write things down or because my dream sparked new thoughts. My boyfriends thinks I'm "all over the place" because I always want to travel, meet new people, and I'll take almost any class, or training just to see what it's about, hey, you never know what you may come across.

      I've been very active since my early childhood years. I began holding conversations at 1 1/2 years old, reading at 3, and my mother allowed me to use public transportation alone starting at 5 years old. I memorized the bus and train, along with the schedules and routes,planned my own trips and would write a "proposal" letter to my mother for approval of the trips. There used to be payphones pretty much at every corner and inside all buildings (unlike now, cell phones instead). I would have to call upon my arrival of my destination, in the middle to check in, and before I came home.
      By age 7, I had learned to play several instruments, danced and participated in numerous productions.

      There have been numerous instances of my schoolwork being accused of plagerism, from grammer school to college. There was one situtation with a professor, who was from France, and lived in parts of Africa before moving to the United States, told me she hadn't seen anyone write like that except scholars or "highly educated" people.(By the way that was a hurtful comment). It was the middle of the semester, so she changed ALL writing assignments to in-class work only. I strongly believed that was done to see if I was really completing my own work. She did apologize at the end of the semester once she realized that I was doing my own work.

      I slowed down quite a bit after becoming a full time caregiver for my disabled mother 10 years ago. She died last year, and I noticed I've been having urges to re-enter into the activites I placed on the back burner years ago.

    42. I scored 11

      I know I am capable of more creativity. Just need to learn more about myself and keep pushing myself forward.

    43. I'm late to the party here, but I scored 14. I hadn't thought about some of those questions before, like Q.20 - a sharp change in lifestyle preference. Interesting!

    44. Wow 17/20 for me 🙂

      I love being creative (more with concepts and ideas rather than design) - I wish I had the same enthusiasm for the tail-end of finishing things off 🙂

      It's a bit of a double-edged sword being creative. Acting on impulse is good fun, but you can head off in wrong directions - go in more wrong directions than right ones and you're heading for trouble 🙂

      I've realised that to really use your creativity well, I come up with the ideas and get someone else to come up with the hard graft, proofreading, sanity checking and stuff and get help checking over the commercials to make sure your idea is viable, and not just interesting to you. (Been burned badly with that in the past 🙁 - but learned from the "outcome" 🙂 )

      Everyone should have an opportunity to be creative in their lives, whether that's creating macros in excel to do annual reports, or traditionally creative work like art, writing and drama.

      Great post - thanks for writing it 🙂

    45. Nice one 🙂 I scored 12 :). I'm still improving 🙂 and will score this soon ;).

      Thank you for all the things you are sharing.

      I love your videos :).

      Live ritch ^_^

    46. Nice one 🙂 I scored 12 :). I'm still improving 🙂 and will score this soon ;).

      Thank you for all the things you are sharing.

      I love your videos :).

      Live ritch ^_^

    47. I'm a 16. I always have 4 or 5 books going... 2 or 3 craft projects.. writing a book and singing concerts on the weekends. More business ideas than hours in the day! Oh my.

      I take my kids out of school for travel experiences that come up and let my son finish high school at home when the other didn't suit him. I live each day as it comes and try not to pass up opportunities and experiences. I drive people nuts with suggestions on making things work better.

    48. I'm a 16. I always have 4 or 5 books going... 2 or 3 craft projects.. writing a book and singing concerts on the weekends. More business ideas than hours in the day! Oh my.

      I take my kids out of school for travel experiences that come up and let my son finish high school at home when the other didn't suit him. I live each day as it comes and try not to pass up opportunities and experiences. I drive people nuts with suggestions on making things work better.

    49. I scored a 1. It's what I expected, as whenever I do a project or writing assignment, the thing I have the most trouble with is coming up with any ideas at all. I really like math and science, but I hate English class, it's so hard!

    50. Scored 18! It feels great to live creatively.I don't even know how to live otherwise. Though I am surrounded by people and a society who encourage conformity and suppress creativity at any cost, books and Internet rescued me. Thanks to these two, I could read about and connect with others like me. And that became a turning point in my life. Thanks Randy sir for the awesome post.

    51. Hi Colette. Wanted to share something. Everytime I took a wrong decision following my creative drive, I learnt something priceless. That's why I am not afraid of making mistakes.

    52. Very interesting Jessica. Creative people are often misunderstood by others, even by the people closest to them.
      Wish I could show you how sad and depressed my parents are just because I didn't take the conventional career paths or not like others. It happens.
      Btw best wishes for re-entering this amazing life.

    53. 16. About the P.S, I hadn't heard of it, googled it to see if it was a trick question, didn't check the rest of the facts since I think the choice of info was more interesting, might be an eq thing, if it is about the facts, then I don't know, Burggarten sounds German. Though I'm not sure if "Park" sounds German. Could be Garten, in short just Burggarten then since Burggarten Garten is kind of ovetdoing it. Don't even remember if it's called Garten to be honest, cut that class, such a boring language. My native tounge is Swedish. Garten sounds like Garden, figures, Americans often name foreigners woth their own nicknames. Perhaps that was an accidental misspell of "piece". Otherwise you must mean picture. Cause that's what it is right there. Uploaded and all.

    54. I didn't take that test.

      Travelling won't destroy limiting beliefs unless it is a fear of travelling.

      I saw a video where Elizabeth Gilbert recommends getting curious:

      I got curious about ancient history... the truth... not stories... history, religion, politics... ancient books.... and I just started.

      I had to take a history class in undergrad. I took a religion class as an elective (I didn't find what I was looking for)
      Now I am take a Political Science class that is required for Digital Media. I have had to do additional research for this class.

      I was actually already doing the research on Ancient History. I am destroying limiting beliefs. Be A Dragon.

      So the research I can use for the class also. 

      If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be studying history and political science, I would have said No. That is not for me. But it turns out they are. They are exactly what I need to destroy these limiting beliefs and end the cycle of violence.

    55. I love you tips for sparking your child's creativity! I have a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education, worked as a Kindergarten Teacher before unexpectedly being blessed with a daughter. She's five now, I homeschool her. Learning by doing and seeing is our motto. We still have five states that we haven't explored. Love your blog, and Mad Genius.

    56. 18-19 was my score. i just cant help it... i was born this way. i cant help see it and why i see things. i dont try, it come naturally.

    57. 18/20... unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to travel and I am definitely not a stylish dresser (I like to be practical). Creativity is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it would be nice just to turn all the ideas off and get a decent night's sleep or to enjoy day to day life without having to rush off and look something up or write something down all the time. I am not convinced a high creative IQ is the route to happiness or contentment but there is certainly never a dull moment 🙂

    58. I only scored a 10, but I still think of myself as above average, I started writing my own songs at 19 (no they're not popular, more folksy), I crochet my own hats and paint. I also look at most every situation differently .

    59. I got 20/20..
      I run 8 different businesses and talk 6 language. But, it gets crazy sometimes. But, I can't help it any other way.

    60. Very nice. I am happy to say I scored in the top category-more or less- but then I studied Fine Art at uni. I hope to be reading a new book from you soon (I am working on my second book. Any advice about getting published?).

    61. I was 13, fun quiz but room for improvement with 2 questions lol the do you read 4 or 5 books at once? mmmmmmmmmmmmmm and breaks to ones creative brain.I could replace these 2 lol x and you should never make a statement without backing it up. Whoops tad logical not creative lol. Replace first with When and why did you know you had a creative mind? Question 2. In your life/career whats been your "that"creative best moment. Could be personal or professional. Sorry hope you dont mind me interacting with you guys x ps love love the wholw concept and style and again hope my involvement didnt/doesnt cause offence

    62. Questions 1, 2, 5, and 8 have nothing to do with creativity.
      They have to do with personalty type.

      As a MENSA-level creative person myself, this test doesn't even measure what you think it does.

      Do you know where I can find a real test or a real community for truly creative people
      (not entrepreneurs or people who travel.)

      I am not TYPE A, and I am terrified of crowds in the airport.

      Why are those questions even on the test, dude?

      1. Thomas I can see your points but I think maybe they do make sense. When I do things that are creative many times I fail because it's such a risk. Maybe that is what he meant there.The highly motivated point I kind of get your question, but when I want to do something creative I just have to do it, it's like an addiction. I don't know if that is what he meant or not. The question about traveling may be because creativity craves things that are new and different, but you might have a point in that there are different types of creativity. The emotional question I'm a little stumped about, but maybe it refers to the living arts like acting.

    63. This is a creative personality test. No problems to solve. How does answeringyes or no make a person a genius???

      1. Scott it's not a genius in the sense that you have a great memory or can do great math, or are trained and can recite and remember things. It's an IQ of how you handle things in your life. We all use creativity. Let's say you are a mechanic and something in the car gives. Well you don't have the part but you think oh I can use this to hold it till I get to a place where I can fix it. It's thinking outside of what you are taught. It's doing things without an educational blueprint. It's what Inventors do. They use what they have and try various things to get to a result that they want. Nothing is there for them to know they have to find it out themselves. People pull from real sources to get to these places. Many have figured out how to do things because of a fascination and obsession with something. For instance flying. Who would have thought it in the 1400's but someone used what that had to figure out how to do it but they had to think outside the box meaning outside what they were taught. That is creativity.

    64. hello sir, namaskar
      i am working for creative intelligence of teachers. can i measure the creative intelligence of the teachers with the help of your 'What’s Your CQ?' If yes please show the way...................

    65. 17... 18 if I count the afternoon art class in school instead of drama/writing - my No's were travel because not enough money and no sharp changes, more like a constant journey, picking up everything I like along the way

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