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Unleash your Genius on the World

Posted By: Randy GageJune 29, 2020

A few years back, I wrote a book titled Mad Genius, because I was fascinated by the transformational alchemy process that occurs when people transcend the ordinary and even the extraordinary and enter the realm of their distinctive genius.  This gift is unique for each of us and displays in many different ways.

Oprah has it, as does Richard Branson.  Choreographers Tabitha & Napoleon have it as does Spielberg.  Mother Teresa demonstrated her genius very differently than Freddie Mercury did his, but they both had it in their own way.  When a songwriter brings a work in progress to Songland, and Shane McAnally, Esther Dean, and Ryan Tedder work their magic on it, you’re witnessing a supernatural experience.  It’s the same genius you see when you put 80,000 people in a stadium and hand a microphone to Adam Lambert, or Elon Musk gazes up at the stars and thinks we must become a multi-planetary species.  Tapping into your genius is what breathes passion, possibilities, and potential into your life.

It is the universe knocking on the door, asking you to step into your greatness. 

Far too many people spend the bulk of their lives trying not to die. But you’re supposed to live, really live your life.   I believe you truly start living when you discover what your particular genius is, and act upon it.  That’s your assignment.  Sometimes you discover it.  Other times, your assignment discovers you.  But either way, that is the path you are meant to follow.


- RG

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  • 5 comments on “Unleash your Genius on the World”

    1. Taking notes - again - new horizons again - always open to the consciousness of "the beholding".. thanks Randy! I'll listen to Mad Genius again too. #gratitude #topicnearanddear

    2. If there is a moment when I know with every fiber of my being that I am truly living what I came here to be and do, is this one. And you Randy Gage have been instrumental in the process of this happening. I am grateful.

      1. I'm working on a new streaming course about how to manifest more prosperity in your life. Stay tuned for details!

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