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Tweet This! A Twitter Manifesto

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

So last December I loaded up the car with books, CDs and ebooks, and went down to spend a week in Key West.  My mission: to discover the truth about Web 2.0 and the exploding social media sites.  In particular, I wanted to know whether they could be used for effective business building.  And if so, which ones of the thousands out there would be the best ones to concentrate your time on.

Since then, I’ve fast become a born-again believer in their potential for business.  While some of them are more geared to mostly social uses, most have broader applications and can be very useful for business and promotion.

If you read “Tribes,” (and if not, what the Hell is the matter with you?), you’ll discover these sites are a perfect way to keep in touch with your fellow tribe members. I think the two biggest breakouts in the space in 2009, and the ones I have mad love for, will be Twitter and Ustream.  I believe they will explode this year similar to the way Facebook did last year, and My Space and YouTube before that.

Twitter is blowing up right now, so let’s look at it first, and we’ll explore the others in future posts.  Twitter is in essence a micro-blog, since your messages are limited to 140 characters.  And instead of dropping by your website or getting a RSS feed, people choose to “follow” you.  So when you log on to Twitter, you get a “stream” of all the postings (called “Tweets”) from the people you follow.

While many see and use Twitter as purely another social medium, I’ve found that a broad and growing range of users there seem to view it more as a business network.  And as a result, they’re much more open to business messages and even marketing appeals, provided you’re bringing real value to the relationship.

In the few months I’ve been Twittering, I’m shocked with how enjoyable it can be, how helpful it is as a business resource, and how readily you can monetize it.  It is this last application – actually making money from your postings there – that most seem to struggle with.  (And some find sacrilegious of course, believing as they do, that Al Gore invented the Internet to provide them with free stuff.)  But since no one would actually hire me for a job, I find the idea of making money a good thing, and found Twitter wildly profitable.

Now I should note that I approach my Twittering the same way I do this Blog, my email newsletters and websites…

I believe in providing value, giving people a reason to view my stuff, and then offer options (coaching programs, seminars, books and other learning resources) where they can spend money if they like my work and want deeper assistance.  So I don’t really make any sales from posting on Twitter directly, but I rake in a lot of dosh because I Twitter.

That’s because I don’t post links to sales letter sites, or do hard pitches, as that’s not really appropriate in the medium, and it’s not effective anyway.  I do often link to my Blogs or newsletters that address topics of interest to my Twitter followers, and they often virally spread the message to others.  My list grows and a lot of those people flash their cash for my other resources.

There are still a few nitwits that feel God put me on this earth expressly to work full-time providing them free advice, coaching and consulting, but far less than you may think.  The vast majority of people, particularly on Twitter, understand that prosperity is a value for value exchange, and understand that while I may be a good guy – Mother Theresa is dead, and I still need to feed my cat.

I believe the effective social media strategies are a move away from interruption marketing and assaulting your market – and a positive move toward simply interacting and being in touch with your market.  If you show them you’re passionate about your work and truly interested in providing value to them, you’ll soon find yourself helping to lead a fiercely loyal tribe.

With this post I’d like to share how you can use Twitter to actually grow your business and avoid the “deadly sins” that alienate people and actually hurt your business and your brand.

So, having said all that, I humbly submit this manifesto, a/k/a the 7 deadly sins of Twitter, a/k/a me ranting again, a/k/a:

The 7 Twitter Critters you don’t want to be…

1) The TMI Guy

Information is valuable and we all got on Twitter to get more of it.  But there is such a thing as too much information.  The TMI guy (or gal) suffers from the delusion that their life is interesting, and Tweets a steady stream of inane blather from rising until they mercifully log off and go to bed. The typical stream from someone in this category looks like this:

@VacuousTwit  going to the mall, 2 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit  I so need a manicure, 4 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit  my cat just spit up a hairball yuck! 7 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit  anyone see Buffy last night? 10 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit  pink t-shirt or blue one, decisions! 12 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit  No tweets from Melissa, bummer, 14 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit  Coco Puffs, yum!, 16 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit  BRB, gotta poop, 19 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit  just got up, brushing my teeth, 20 minutes ago

The TMI Twitterer believes we’re all fascinated to learn that the mail arrived, what they had for lunch, or that they need to buy maxi pads.   We’re not.  In fact, we really don’t give a shit.

Not even your mother wants to hear a minute-by-minute broadcast of your day.  Your life is just not that interesting.  This is the online equivalent of the Valley Girl.

Please note if you are @lancearmstrong, @THE_REAL_SHAQ, or @MCHammer, you get an exemption.  Because we’re fanatically obsessed with celebrity, we want to know all the minutia about every thing that ever happens to and around you, including when you cut your toenails.  Sorry @PerryBelcher, you haven’t reached this status yet.  But we love ya anyway.

If you’re in doubt as to how well the scintillating play-by-play accounts of your bunion surgery, parking tickets, and bowel movements are playing in Peoria, surf over to TwitterGrader and see how you score.  If your score isn’t as high as you like, you may want to trade in your bunions for spinal meningitis.

You can also stop by TwitterSheep and they will run a cloud of the most used terms in your followers’ bios, and that can give you an idea what they’re most interested to hear about.

BTW, don’t think that just because you have a lot of followers, they’re hanging on to every scintillating word you say.  Many power users use applications like SocialToo to auto-follow everyone that follows them, but then also use TweetDeck to screen out the trailer trash.  So just because someone is following you doesn’t mean they’re actually reading your crap.

Probably the best gauge of this is how many times you get “ReTweeted,” which simply means someone actually read what you wrote, liked it, and resent it to their own followers.  Stop by Retweetist and see how often the Twitterverse is shopping your stuff around.

By the way, this doesn’t mean it has to be all clinical and business.  We really do want to know the great book you’re reading, if you’re a diehard Battlestar Gallactica fan, or your mother passed away.  We want to know who you are and what makes you tick.  Just not everything.

2) The Plagiarizer Twit

This person follows everybody, looking for good content that they plagiarize by re-sending it out as if it’s their own.  It’s not a copyright issue, just bad form and a quick way to piss off people.  The proper form is to ReTweet the stuff you like, and it’s very simple to do.

Just type in RT, put a space, their name with the @ in front of it, another space, then cut and paste their message.  So it looks like:

RT @Randy_Gage: Building credibility online & blogging:

Make sure there is a space after RT and after their name, before the message starts.  And don’t forget the ‘@’ in front of their name, because that makes it a link to their page.

Once you start ReTweeting others, they often notice and return the favor.  This gets your message and page in front of hundreds or even thousands of other readers, some who may decide to follow you.  And ReTweeting good stuff also shows your own followers that you’re interested in providing value, not just hawking your miracle thigh cream.  It also means you’re a good person and will receive your just reward in the afterlife.

3) The Reply Guy

The symptom of this malady is the inability to send a private direct message (DM) to anyone.  Instead, these people post every reply in their tweet stream.  It comes from childhood, when mommy dearest locked them in the closet with nothing but DMs.  So your stream is cluttered with dozens of messages from them like:

@ReplyGuy @Nancy  no, I don’t think so
@ReplyGuy @BoringDude  yes, after the game
@ReplyGuy @Nancy  ok
@ReplyGuy @Lou_Stoolz  I think so
@ReplyGuy @Nancy  bye
@ReplyGuy @DenverDanny   only if he can do it for less than $20
@ReplyGuy @Hugh_Jazz   OMG!
@ReplyGuy @A1Escort   is she discrete?

Twitter is not a chat room.  They have places for that.  They’re called “chat rooms.”  If you’re going to post all replies in the stream, please answer with some context so readers can decide if they want to click through to the other person’s page to follow the plot.

4) The Multi-Level Morons

These idiots seem to be rapidly migrating from Facebook over to Twitter faster than @guykawasaki can toss out plugs for Alltop.  They set up an account and think sending their pitch out every three hours is going to build a group.  They’re like a combination Jehovah Witness/Amway distributor on crack.  When you land on their page, it looks like this:

@MLMoron  Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 3 hours ago
@MLMoron  Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 5 hours ago
@MLMoron  Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 7 hours ago
@MLMoron  Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 9 hours ago
@MLMoron  Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 11 hours ago

If you’re doing this, I promise you that the only people reading your tweets are already in your group, and they’re drinking the jungle juice already.

5) The Novelist

Listen kids, this is not rocket science.  There are only 140 characters for your tweets.  When you’re typing a tweet, the nice folks from Twitterland have even given you a counter.  When it says -7, that means you went over and the last half of the link you’re sending out will be cut off.  That makes you look dumb, and even worse, irritates me.  Use Is.Gd or another service that shortens URLs and watch the character counter.

Your brilliant branding strategy to use the handle @World’s_Mostest_Greatest_Copywriter_Ever may not be as clever as you originally thought.  It’s going to limit what you can say, and will eliminate the likelihood that anyone can ReTweet you.

Likewise if you didn’t have enough sense to be born into a family with a short surname, be creative. There’s a reason Gary Vaynerchuk is @GaryVee.  (Of course he’s a JETS fan, so don’t give him too much credit.)  So instead of 140, limit yourself to 120.  It’s the new black.

6) The Anonymous Stranger

I can’t count how many times I get a follow and click through to their page to see if I should be following back and get nothing.  No picture, no bio, not even the city they live in.  Now if you just have the account to be in touch with a few friends and look for interesting stuff that’s fine.  But if you are hoping to use social media to build your brand, expand your reach, or God forbid, actually make money, give us something to go on.

Put a pic on your page for God’s sake!  If we go to your page and there’s only the Twitter graphic and no pic, it’s like a billboard that says, “Hi I’m Amish and I’m checking out this computer fad to see if it’s gonna last.”  Even 97-year-old mammies are emailing pix of their great-grandkids.  If you don’t know how to load a photo yet, ask someone.

Make it a real photo of you, not your dog, cat, or llama.  Please make it a current one also, and save your high school yearbook pic for the dating sites.  We want to know who we’re conversing with.  Likewise with caricatures or icons.  Use them only if they really are an essential part of your branding.

List where you live.  There are people that look to network with others in their town and some places are actually holding Tweet Ups where Twitterers in an area meet.  And TwitterGrader lists the “royalty” in each town, and if you show up on that list you’ll attract more followers.

This is not Linkedin, or Plaxo.  Keep with the friendly attitude of the site.  Occupations like “Father of twins, Krispy Kreme addict, software developer and surfer” are okay here.    “Engineer” is just boring and we’re afraid you might be Wally from Dilbert’s office.

Do give us an idea of what you do, and why we might want to network with you.  That doesn’t mean bludgeon us with a sales pitch.  Just let us know how you might bring some value to us.

Your bio and your tweets should reflect who you are.  Ideally they will anchor your brand in topic and tone.  People should be able to take a look at your bio and the first page of your tweets and know what to expect if they follow you.

If you look at my page, you’ll see it mirrors what I do and who I really am.  My posts are about success and prosperity, with a large dose of marketing.  Just like me, they’re informative, sometimes snarky, direct, controversial, contain an occasional F-bomb, but always brilliant.  And humble.

P.S.   And what’s with all the “protected updates”?  If you’re in the witness protection program, you probably shouldn’t be on Twitter.

7) The Needy Beggars

Listen if you get your self-esteem from how many Facebook friends or Twitter followers you have, you have some unresolved childhood issues and need to call Dr. Phil.

We don’t want to get your tweets begging for more followers because when you get 200 you can go to bed, or crying because you woke up to discover there are two less people following you.  And if you have to award prizes or give bribes to get people to follow you, what’s the point?

The people that respond to these pleas are the same ones that opt in to receive Spam emails.  They’re looking for someone to talk to in the commercial break between Judge Judy and the Jerry Springer show.  The whole idea is to create a group of people with commonalities and shared interests, so you can network and mastermind for mutual benefit, not accumulate a following of mindless boobs.

The same rules that govern direct mail lists, and email databases are in effect here.   I guarantee you I make a lot more money from hundreds of followers on Twitter than a lot of the people with tens of thousands.  The secret in any direct marketing list is having the right people on it.  So don’t worry about quantity, do things that attract people that have an interest in what you do.

And no kids, mccaffrey didn’t have an interesting idea on how you can attract 19,530 followers in 30 days.  He had an irritating idea to try a chain letter on Twitter.  And the last time that worked was never.

Somebody let me catch my breath…

So all told, Twitter is a great medium to connect, network and grow your business.  If you’re not on Twitter yet, jump in today.  It takes about two minutes to set up your account and you’re good to go.  Go to:

And if you’re not following me on Twitter, what are you a Godless communist or something?  Do it now.  I need the money.

Peace out.


P.S.  If I missed any, or you just want to tell me how dope I am, there’s a comment box below.  And if you found this helpful, please tweet this blog, so we can fight the forces of evil, save Gotham City, & have joy, fun and seasons in the sun.  Just click the cute little Twitter ‘T’ below.  Or if you’re a Digger, Facebooker, or one of those other pretty buttons down below, hook me up, dog.  Did I mention I need the money?

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223 thoughts on “Tweet This! A Twitter Manifesto

  1. Aron says:

    This is a great post about Twitter! I learned a few things for sure! Thanks Randy!

  2. Yendi says:

    Great article, had a lot of fun reading it… lots of useful tips, as always. Thank you.

  3. Sue Turcotte says:

    Randy ~

    I can always count on you to make me laugh out loud while I absorb what you are teaching. For this, I thank you.

    Oh, and ditto re ‘needing the money.’

    To your continued success,

  4. Jane says:

    Hi Randy
    OK – I give in! You have convinced me that Twitter really IS a good idea for business users. So far I have resisted the suggestion from my brilliant geek son-in law, and even from enlightened ones in my networking group, but I generally trust your recommendations, so here goes. I will be a follower very soon.
    Many thanks for the heads up.
    Jane Rubin


    Wonderful post, Randy!

    I DO have to ask, since this post was noticably more “dope” than usual, and you did reference your “need” for money twice (worse than an F-Bomb), how hard DID you party before posting? 😉

    Not that it affected the quality at all – in fact it was a GREAT post!!

    Of course, that may be my own projection as a result of a few “girly” drinks.


    Thanks again for the insights & value!!

    -David (HomeGuy on Twitter)

  6. Robert Allen says:

    Randy, your Twitter Manifesto was freaking brilliant! From one author to another….my head is bowed in your direction. Hope to see you in Vegas at Mega. Robert Allen

  7. Randy Gage says:

    No partying, but I did write it after flying 20 hours back from Australia! Now I’m going to crash.


  8. Randy Gage says:

    Yes the Foggmeister told me you may be in the house. Look forward to it.


  9. Pete Moring says:

    I don’t know about you catching your breath, I need to catch mine before I go off and Re-Tweet your post that got me here in the first place – HAH!
    Great post, thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I may be ‘the reply guy’ sometimes 🙂

  10. Great article Randy!

    If you are looking for one more, you can add 8) The Stalker. That’s the person who pulls you up on Twitter, goes to your web site, adds you on Facebook, adds you on Myspace, finds you on LinkedIn, sends you an email, calls your office number, calls your cell phone, hits you up on Skype and then finally, you pull up to the house and they are waiting on your doorstep!

  11. Mike Delaney says:

    Randy,,,,you and I must meet some day.

    Ivan Sisco tells me I”m his biggest fan!

    If you’re ever in Vancouver, BC,,,,I hope you’ll give me a heads up.

    I love your stuff and I belive I could introduce you to some stakes out here

    When I say stakes,,,I mean,,,,,we all need to meet some people all over the globe who are stong enough and have anough influence to help us carry out our mission.

    I have a special bond with some people out here who may be able to help you stake your territory.

    At the very least….I would love to meet you and hear one of Randy’s all night long rants!

  12. Well Randy,

    I was wondering when you were going to get into tweetie land. And good that you are there now. me tooo I’m also learning. I can’t seem to decide if I should autofollow everyone or not. I mean some people’s opinion just plain doesn’t interest me. Okay now I’m being a bitch….

  13. Hi Randy,

    Thanks for you inspiring blog post. I would add the Viral Tweets tool to it, for websites..

    Here’s how I use it:

    Warmest regards,


  14. Natalie says:

    Awesome post!

    You crack me up! Thanks 🙂

    BTW – Whats a DM? From here: It comes from childhood, when mommy dearest locked them in the closet with nothing but DMs.

    Off to retweet!

  15. @terrejohnson says:

    That made ME need to take a deep breath! When you roll – you roll hard n fast! And to see(&read)how you’ve embraced the SocialMedia (ppt’s&webinars etc) and in ViperHyper speed n laser focus is freaking awesome! I’ll be certain to retweet this to all my footdragging neophytes. Way 2 go! Best. TJ

  16. John McGough says:

    I love it. Informative, witty, cool stuff and now I am reformed. Please more soon.

  17. Rick Goodman says:

    Great tweet randy will pass it on!

  18. Dave Cane says:

    Great article & like always entertaining, tks mate, I needed the insite into twitter, thanks for your time last Sunday at Broad Band Beach lol. on the topic of social networking, Kaz still catching up with it all.


    Dave Cane
    Gold Coast AU

  19. Genesta says:

    Hi Randy,

    I’m still asking myself, “How did I get from here to there?”

    I would have to say it was from reading Randysrants to following you on Twitter??

    I do enjoy the humor!! We need it! Thanks, Randy, and now I can’t believe I joined Twitter.

  20. Nana says:

    Randy, you crack me up 🙂

    Absolutely hilarious…….and true, thanks!

  21. Rachel Henke says:

    Very cool and as always you’re right on the money. Funny thing is I did a Hub Page about the very same stuff yesterday. I think you must be following me on Twitter? (LOL)

  22. Ihorro says:

    Well done,Messiah.

  23. Marcos says:

    Hi Randy, great post. I checked your tweetstream…. correct me if I´m wrong, but seems like a third of it are private replies… do you suffer the ReplyGuy malady you write about? 🙂

  24. Marcos says:

    Oh, and you mention the book Tribes one more time.

    May I repost this blog on ? Do you mind?

  25. Steven says:

    funny but there is a thread on about this very subject, I posted your blog link there, maybe they can learn from you.

    I have to laugh each time I read your blog as you use real words and are so honest that it is almost hard to believe.

    Kepp rolling…DOG!

  26. Randy

    U da man baby, great post! I loved it and I’m gonna share it w/my affiliate lists and my Twitter followers.

    Keep killin’ it dude!


  27. adam says:

    Great Blog!!!! Hilarious! I briefly heard about Twitter but brushed it off as another networking site that allows me to find friends from 23 years ago that the only thing we have in common today is the weather or the fact that the milk in our fridges have the same expiration date.

    That being said, I joined Twitter immediately after reading your rant. Thanks for that. Now i have to sit here and get a grasp all the language created by Twitter so i could make it work for me.

    I would like to start with “retweet”ing so i could get the word out to my friends. HELP!

    I changed my status on facebook to i am exploring Twitter and my friends emailed me asking what it was about. I posted a link to your rant. There must be a better way to do it. HELP!

  28. Heather says:

    THANKS! Awesome information…just getting started on twitter and I understand this so much more clearly now. Can’t wait to RT this to some other newbies I’ve met!


  29. Dave says:

    Thanks for holding the light at the end of the tunnel for us who are new to social media and Twitter. Very helpful. Definitely don’t want to be a moron!

  30. Randy Gage says:

    Please do. Everyone please link from other blogs, or forums as well.


  31. Rob Horkings says:


    Your comments continue to amaze me you must wear rose colored glasses about the proprietary Suspension Gel Technology formula (Your personal company that you represent) and all you can do is single out the nutritional beverage industry in your blogs.

    If you opened your eyes and see the BS from @MLMoron Suspension Gel Technology (Adverts/Tweets) from your represented company you would say what a bunch of Morons as well (NO you would not put your company/product down).

    With that said wake up Gage and look at the volumes of business that is being transacted in the nutritional beverage industry;
    Noni – over a BILLION Dollars in sales per year (10 year old company)
    MonaVie – over a BILLION Dollars in sales per year (4 year old company)
    XanGo – over a 700 MILLION Dollars in sales per year (8 year old company)

    Now lets look at the company you represent;
    Agel – Just over a 100 MILLION Dollars in sales per year (4 year old company) and to note NO ONE thinks the technology really works or they would have copied the Patient Pending idea.

    So Gage pull your head in and write information that is open to the whole MLM industry and send it out or if it’s a “jungle juice” (your words) bash just send it to your @MLMoron (Agel list).

    This information is my personal feelings and if any one else agrees comment on it as well.

    Take care

    Rob Horkings
    MonaVie Distributor

  32. Heloise says:

    Thank you Randy, it’s always a pleasure to read you, so much fun while it’s all true. I even learned a few things lol And I know you need the money so yes I passed it on both on Twitter and FB, make sure you write me down in your legacy ;-

  33. Johannes says:

    That is the best move Randy, I will support you no matters what because YOU got the best educational system which is the best in the whole world according to me as I have been with is for year and YOUR educational program have motivated me to be who I am Today.


    Don’t worry this is how we salute people who do grate jobs in South Africa

  34. Bones Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for the lessons in “Twittequette” (ooooh, that’s a good one!)

  35. Linda Olsson says:

    Hi Randy,
    Well, I jumped in! Looking forward to the journey with Twitter, and thank you for the insights and tips. Keep it up.

    All the best,


  36. Tom Gray says:


    Brilliant. Thanks.

    Complimenting your twittersheep & retweetist recommendations I’d like to add a couple of services that I use for two reasons, 1 – convenience but, of greater importance, 2 – trackability. There are a number of short URL creators out there following in the footsteps of but the one I’ve adopted is called – it marries short URLs with analytics and it also allows me to create custom short URLs (e.g., The beauty of this is that I can track what’s interesting to my followers when I post a tweet that incorporates a link. Obviously this information then informs what I tweet about (and blog, etc.) because, by their clicks, my users have voted on the value I’m providing (or not). Their are a number of these analytics + URL shorteners out there so look around if you’d like.

    The other service is More people know about this but, again, it gives me a convenient way to post pictures to my tweets + it gives me a very quick gauge of the interest I’ve generated from those pics.

    Twitter and socmedia in general are all about adding value. What better way to determine how we’re doing than paying attention to how our followers vote by tracking their clicks.

    Now, about that thigh cream…

    Tweeting at

  37. Nikki says:

    Hi Randy,

    I came across this page because someone else RT’d it, and then I did the same because I thought it was great. Someone has to say this stuff! I’m sure we’re all guilty of a little banality in our Tweets, but most people can recognise a genuine moment of normailty versus the constant spamming of “OMG click here and you’ll make millions” type thing.

    I’m now following you as I found this most useful, informative and entertaining – and surely that’s as good an endorsement as one could want?!


    (Minxywitch on Twitter if you’re interested!)

  38. Tom Gray says:

    Here’s another thought to all you replyers who jumped on the twitter bandwagon once Randy recommended. List your twitter address (mines I’m interested in following anybody who’s smart enough to follow the Randy Gage’s of the world (shameless suckup alert). I’m now following:

    I’m hoping a few will follow me back – assuming I add value to their tweet stream.

  39. Tony Rush says:

    Rob, it’s interesting that — out of that entire blog post — the only thing that you felt worth of commenting on was Randy’s use of a “jungle juice” product in an example.

    Is that really all you got out of this entire post?

    Relax…one of the reasons MLMers are fun to poke fun at is because many of them are incapable of poking fun at themselves. 🙂

    If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it! Relax, have fun!

    Tony Rush

  40. Jim Barber says:

    Randy, it seems like only yesterday that I was trying (unsuccessfully) to convince you that the Internet had a future. You responded that you’d get involved with the web when you could see how to make some $$$ from it… and you didn’t see that happening anytime soon. You refused to even get an email account.

    Now the world has turned upside down — black is white, up is down, and you are telling me that I should be a Twitter Critter instead of just a twit. I am humbled.

    But you saw the light, and so can I. I hereby vow to be Tweeting (hopefully relatively sin-free) within 48 hours!

    Awesome post, Randy! Thanks!!

  41. Tony Rush says:

    Great post, Randy. I think my own personal pet peeve is The Reply Guy. Twitter isn’t really set up to be able to follow a lengthy conversation easily (although it can be done)…so it’s annoying to look at the Timeline and see half of a conversation. Or worse, half of a dozen conversations.

    Funnily enough, this seems to be compounded by some of the marketing gurus who seem to take care of doing all their “Reply Guy” stuff once a day. Suddenly the “Favorites” timeline on your Tweet Deck is full of one person who’s basically spent 5 minutes making a dozen or more of these “half-conversations”. Ick.

    Still, I don’t know what the solution is. DM only works if you follow someone….and Twitter’s usability is decreased when you simply follow everyone who follows you. So, DM isn’t always the answer either.

    Great article!

    Tony Rush

  42. Vicki Kunkel says:

    AWESOME post! I, too, have made money using Twitter but, as you say, it can’t be a direct sales push; you have to give folks some real value and information.

    I’d just like to add that people new to Twitter should really take the time to search special groups and interests using hashtags, as this can really expand your network, and connect you with people who have your same interests. (A hashtag is the “#” symbol, and helps Twitter categorize posts.) That way if you’re interested in, say, success, you can do a Twitter search for “#success” and get all the recent posts about success. Same thing with just about any category. (Example: if you want to read all the latest tweets about cooking, you can go to, and , once there, enter “#cooking. You will get a list of all the posts where folks have tagged their entries with “#cooking.”)

    There are so many other little tricks and tidbits to using Twitter that I hope you all take some time to really explore them.

    Now go RT @Randy_Gage because he’s such a “tweetheart” !! 🙂

  43. Jit Uppal says:

    Great post Randy!

    Not only was it filled with some great tips, but it was also very entertaining!

    I’ve already retweeted it and am proud to help you in your quest to help save the universe. 🙂



  44. Oh Horkypoo

    If you don’t have something nice to say….ummmm…well… go play somewhere else. We have enough issues in MLM with people going against us…why not try to get along and not bash companies directly. RG was being silly and you took it as a chance to lash out. It makes you look bad not anyone else. Come on man smile like Mr. Rush said. You will feel better.

    Great post Randy. Will Re-tweet the original tweet…um..or something 🙂

    Keep rocking and rolling 🙂

  45. Great stuff. I knew there must be some guidelines but didn’t know what they were. Mr. Fire, Joe Vitale’s tweet about you sent me here, Randy. You’re all freakin’ brilliant.

    I’m probably breaking a rule by not making Mr. Fire’s link live here, but I don’t know how.

    Thanks, again, Randy.

  46. Manju Thirani says:

    Great Post,Randy !!
    I was wincing with sciatica pain when I read it.
    Your post made me laugh away my pain and forget it.
    It also infomed me of a coupla things I didn’t know.
    That’s a double bonanza.
    Will RT this now.

  47. Alex Padilla says:

    Randy –
    Superb information as usual. I learned much and look forward to using Twitter more effectively. See you in San Diego in a few weeks.

  48. Jacqui Gates says:

    Once again you have succeeded in educating, inspiring, amusing and informing us all at once.
    This post is going into my archive file to be retweeted and linked back to each time I meet someone new to Twitter.
    You are very much appreciated, and thank you for being just exactly as you are.
    PS I would be thrilled if you followed me too

  49. Web 2.Oh Oh and Anti-Social Media… Gah!

    Problem is (besides the rank- as in bad smelling- amatures and moneytizing mountebanks) all the folks offering and taking “short cuts,” such as “How to make your book an Amazon best-seller” (for one hour).

    Twitter, Facebook, et al and all is about AUTHENTIC relationshipping and exchanging value. Pitch me without it at your peril!

    Thanks for THE BEST explkain (and expose) of “The Truth About Twitter” so far RG.

    You know I appreciate you!

  50. Btw… would like and love to add my “high school” photo, but have no clue how. So, make it easy for me (I am the GET RICH SLOW… guy 8^) please.


  51. Steve says:

    Randy is right on point. Thing is anyone thinking of using social media for developing business relationships should find most of the 7 intuitively obvious. If not reading Randy’s article is not going to help them anyway.

    Love you Randy for all you are and do


    Follow me on Twitter

    I use Tweet Later and love it

  52. lisbeth kramer says:

    I LOVE THIS! @360chick (that means integrated media!, undying passion)..BRAVO! For me, the piece however that is missing tho is the EXCHANGE…where is the SOCIAL in that? There is a great deal of posting of soapboxes and opinions, but where is the interaction? Your sins are indeed deadly in my eyes! Hope you have impact, so I posted you in my tweet.

  53. Dan says:

    I have to agree with you. Randy’s article is brilliant & I’ve been with Amway 15 years & have a great professional self image today partly from studying Randy’s materials. I just chuckle when I read stuff like an Amway distributor on crack. Yeah so Amway is the biggest (8.2 billion last year) & unfortunately for years didn’t train their reps in professionalism but they’ve changed that. Regardless I don’t take it personally. Randy didn’t sign his post Agel Distributor because he understands the universal law of reciprocity & knows it will come back to him. There’s a time & place to post company info but that’s not here. The problem with most companies is they don’t plug their newest reps into a professional training program that will teach them to represent the industry professionally & bust their chops when they do it unprofessionally. The thing that most excited me when Amway decided to go back to using their name instead of Quixtar is they agreed to provide better products that were more cost effective & provide professional training online that reps are encourged to take. Truth is for whatever reason Mr. Horking & Randy had a falling out in Agel. Rob used to be a diamond in Agel but has moved on. So be it people move on from companies all the time. Why does this industry have to be a platform for religious devotees to their companies. Can’t we all be professionals. It’s probably not the best practice to sew the seed to sew ripping on Amway or jungle juice (by the way I wouldn’t even have thought Randy was talking about MonaVie when he said that) because the universe is still keeping score, but you gotta admit ‘be right back I gotta take a poop’ is hilarious!
    Thanks Randy for keeping the dream alive!

  54. Dan says:

    Hey I found a new site for @Stalker – check out you can find people who are within a city block of you that are also logged into the site! I can see it now. Are you Bob? Hey Bob you wanna make some money? LOL! Great stuff Randy. Thanks for your service to the industry.

  55. Zhannur says:

    No partying, but needy begging then )

  56. Brilliant Randy as Allways

    This is by far the best education for twitter and the basics rules to folllow.
    I do feel simpathise with you needing all this money LOL 🙂

    You have not changed from when we met in amsterdam totaly dedicated to prosperity if you have not allready check out randys books
    i have retweeted as i think it is well worth it.
    Hows the Aston holding out?
    take care john

  57. What A Good Article About Twitter – it’s a great tool if used properly and the only pity is that a large number of people don’t. Maybe this article will reduce that number by a few … hope so

    Best wishes


  58. Dear Randy,

    I had the pleasure to stumble upon your post while kindly retweeted by Joe Vitale (@MrFire).

    Not only I love and perfectly agree with your Twitter philosophy, but I didn’t hesitate a split second to share your post with my Twitter followers.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog wisdom in the very next future.


  59. Brilliant Randy

    Fantastic Basics to be followed by all on Twitter.
    i have RT’d with pleasure. i know you need the money
    As always frank and to the point,
    love your prosperity books bought them in Amsterdam and been following you since.
    Best regards
    Follow me on Twitter

  60. I have been doing lots of self educating with your materials. I really don’t have any words that can describe how great your products are!!! I have registered for your tele-seminars, and one thing that I personally like is you are unique!!( In a good way) Everything you say is from within you. There are many people out there who read your stuff and then try to be the next Randy Gage. When I am listening to your audio cd’s or reading your books I have a very hard time putting them down. I have learned many things, and will continue to learn and educate myself. I must say, I listened over and over to your prosperity album. I have also read your 5 books on prosperity over 3 times before I could move on. This was my personal favorite, I think it should be manditory for everyone to read those books and listen to the album!!! The world we live in would be a much better place. Very few people actually live by the laws of prosperity, if fact I think very few people understand it!!!! I still catch myself thinking in” lack consciousness” I am able to identify it and correct my thinking now. I can honestly say within 1week of practicing the laws of prosperity we had many good things start happening in our lives, it is so powerful!!!! I will be signing up for twitter and creating a profile for myself. I will practice the tips you have given on twitter. Thank-you for providing everyone with valuable information.

    Marnie Harrison

  61. Clyde Boom says:

    Great Post Randy !

    Thanks for “nailing it down”.

    Got here by a RT by @cliquekaila

    I did buy some of this tho ! -> “Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back” <- tasted kind of like monkey ____

    Clyde Boom

    Follow me on Twitter

  62. I do like this post, it covers much of how I approach Twitter, and have seen covered elsewhere, but it’s all in one neat package. I am new to your info (thanks to @sSherylRoush), but not new to Twitter.

    What I really like about it, is it breaks things down for the NEW twitter user, helping to clear up some of the “how to’s.” This is a part of my online PR niche – translating tech talk into plain English for non-techies; glad to see more people out here with that in mind.

    One thing I have found that helps the true twitter newbie is to remind them to click on the @replies tab and the direct message (DM) tab each time they login. This is how people interact with you; it is not obvious to many folks. And to send a reply, hover over a tweet, and click the gray arrow and type away after their name.

    As for the end of #5, in the interest of sharing original sources (as you suggest above), @BrianSolis is the origin of the phrase/concept “120 is the new 140” idea, that if you stop typing a ‘tweet’ with 20 characters left, that allows room for others to retweet your post more easily. His blog post offers another similar POV from a long-time tweeter:

    One more thing – those funny #GNO (what twitter folks call #hastags) are short cuts for common topics that people use to indicate that a tweet is related to a topic or event; #GNO means Girls Night Out and was started by @momitforward on Tuesday nights. Check it out.

    PS – Randy – if you want to increase the number of tweets, diggs and stumbles for your posts, why not use the plugin that automates it – @ me for details

    I found your “please digg, Facebook, tweet, stumble my post…I need the money” – strikingly similar to the tone of folks who say – I need 5 more followers to reach 300. I’m only sayin’ 😉 BTW, I don’t mind the “help me get to a # tweets” that much – especially for new folks – admit it, it is part of the fun of being new on twitter. If it’s from a spammer – that different.

    Hope you don’t mind me tweaking you, you have great info here.

  63. sorry i thought the first one had not been sent re typed but shortened it Douh

  64. Craig Davis says:


    Wonderful piece that the datasphere should pay attention to.
    So this is the new Seven Deadly Sins (Twiitter style). I’ll be happy to
    “hook you up”! BTW what does your cat eat? Caviar?

  65. Szilard says:

    Great tweet and post Randy,thanks. I retweeted your tweet.
    I like twitter very much, we started to teach how to use twitter to Hungarian networkers in our web2.0 trainings.I will mention it on my blog too, if you don’t mind.


  66. Great post, love the “twitter” types…

    I struggle with the “innane” nonsense too…but try to balance some fun personal thoughts & insights that get people engaged w/ great content, and sharing other RT’s from cool twitter peeps.

    Seems like its a fun game/obsession now…what will get the twitter peeps involved?

    Thanks Randy!

    Melanie Benson Strick
    @melcoach on twitter!

  67. PS – One minor detail:

    If you’re not following someone on Twitter, don’t be surprised if their replies are in their public stream. Twitter doesn’t allow DMs to people who do not follow you . . .

    If you are a “minimalist” follower, get TweetDeck to filter your stream.


  68. Eggman says:

    hmmmm guess its like one of your top income earners that has 0 volume in his lesser leg yet gets paid 100 grand a month…

  69. Thanks Randy,
    I just started with twitter today and after reading this blog I filled in my profile details right away…
    Also now I know, what NOT to do too LoL!


  70. Nurul says:

    You don’t mind me running some background check on you yeah?

  71. Randy Gage says:

    No, as long as you don’t talk to my ex-wife!

  72. If you’re looking to grow your business on Twitter and you don’t want to be a pest, that’s one thing. But if you’re tweeting just for fun and personal fulfillment, as many of us are, I humbly suggest a different point of view of “how to Twitter.” In fact, it’s an anti-manifesto, an un-guide for new users, “Steal This Twitter”:

  73. Rob Horkings says:

    Yes I heard about that as well — Who is it do you think???

  74. Rob Horkings says:

    Tony and Wes,

    I agree the Blog is fantastic as like all Gage’s training… But it comes a time that Gage needs to get off his high horse and face the FACTS about the nutritional beverage industry in his Blogs instead of bashing the industry. It will forever in his life out sell the GEL industry by billions every year!

    Take care

    Rob Horkings

  75. Jim says:

    Very nice post, should be pinned to the top of twitter page

  76. Rheda Wilson-Duff says:

    Far and above the most informative article on twitter I have read. I signed up last fall to connect with @ricksanchezcnn because I watched the show. I was baffled so I didn’t log in for months. Now I’m hooked.
    The best thing for those who know is to continue to teach those that need to learn. In the meantime, tolerance will save your sanity.

  77. Great blog! I read a recent post “Facebook is soooo 2008”. I enjoy both. Facebook and Twitter offer different options but for me, Twitter is fantastic especially with Twitter Search and suits my style of disseminating info. This month’s Fast Company Mag (one of my favs!) listed Twitter on the list of top Web 2.0 to watch for 2009 so right on, Randy! Thanks for the good info. BTW: found your blog on my friend, Bob Burg’s blog.

  78. Rob Horkings says:


    Re your comment: Mr. Horking & Randy had a falling out in Agel.

    Randy and I did not have a falling out, I left Agel because of their (Agel’s) Global Operational Issues my friends were getting NO products delivered and their credit cards being changed 2, 3 and some cases 6 times on their order values..

    So you know the Agel business was in only Nicky’s(my wife) name, so because I up and left Agel they decided that she had to go as well and then Agel terminated her and kept her $50,000 per month RESIDUAL income…

    Now with that said she is in court right NOW fighting to get the residual income back, it is just the principle of the matter from the way Agel terminated before asking a leading distributor what is going on…

    Anyway time will tell so keep your eye on the legal matters happening with Agel.

    Take care,

    Rob Horkings

  79. Rob Horkings says:

    Wesley you BIG boy… You always make me smile…

  80. Great article and full of information I will use. However, and I may not be the first to point this out, (but in case I’m not) Al Gore did not invent the internet. Even Al Gore says he did not invent the internet. It’s one of those urban legends that gets passed around. I chuckled over some of your comments. How true they are!

  81. Randy Gage says:

    Yes I know Candace. I was being cheeky, as is my want from time to time.

  82. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the LAUGH!

    LOL and Insight as well…

  83. Randy Gage says:

    Yes my article is only designed for people interesting in social media marketing.

  84. Per Lindvall says:

    A lot of people seem to view MLM as a consumer club, and perhaps rightly so, if it’s true that 80% of the volume is consumed by distributors and not “traditional” customers.

    A lot of people also feel that MLM products are somewhat hyped to justify the pricing etc., no matter how “unique and exclusive” they might be.

    Someone asked me: “If it’s that good, why don’t they do it themselves?” referring to the people actually working in the MLM company as employees, including the CEO etc. Hmmm…

    Twitter? I’d perhaps rather be the founder of it…

  85. aNGEL says:

    Good stuff RG. Usually I’m pretty quiet in the morning, but you made me release a loud cackle that woke up my fiancee.

    I really haven’t been doing anything on Twitter, but this time I’ll give it more attention! Thanks.

  86. Shallie Bey says:

    Randy, many of us are trying to figure out how to use Twitter and other social media platforms as business development tools. Thanks for sharing with us your experience walking down the path of learning.

    You are probably very right about Twitter being a great tool for connecting with your tribe. I certainly hope it will help me connect with my tribe of Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs.

    Over the past week, I have been compiling a list of Twitter tips. Your article had some very new and useful comments that I plan to pass along. Thanks so much.

    Shallie Bey
    Smarter Small Business Blog for busi

  87. Donna Rose says:

    Randy, as usual, you get right to the point. That’s what I love about you! This posting is packed with information on the do’s and don’ts of Twitter. It has gotten me thinking of how be more of a contributor.

    Thanks Randy!


  88. Fiona says:

    So funny, Randy. I am only a week old on Twitter, so of course I saw myself in your list of Twitter offenders. Thanks for straightening me out. Looking foward to your next telecast on Tuesday 3/3. I will RT.

    Quick story. I received a Twitter follower and clicked on his Website to check him out. When it opened, I nearly fell off my chair. The audio loaded before the images and the booming voice shocked me. I imagine it was one of those lead capture pages. Not sure since the page totally locked up my computer. How annoying. I had to reboot.

  89. Nduta says:

    Hi Randy.
    Thats a lovely article. Am definitely trying it out. Am from Kenya in Africa and we are not very advanced technology- wise. This though is a bomb and i believe it will explode my business.

  90. Craig says:

    Randy, Some good ideas and thoughts on using Twitter.

    The “I need the money” better be with a 😉 cause you need it like an eskimo needs more ice.

    Craig A

  91. Thank you for this blog Randy. Very informational and helpful — it’s good to have some SOPs for positive success on twitter. Keep ’em coming. I appreciate you. PEACE

  92. Zo Nicholas says:

    Thanks Randy for this information.
    I’ts just what I needed to understand the workings of ‘tweetspeak’.
    I will be passing this on to all those who think that business is no FUN! I just couldn’t stop laughing!

  93. Ilkka Saarisalo says:

    You just got me convinced. Now trying to find a photo of me
    smaller than 700 k…

  94. Ilkka Saarisalo says:

    Dear Per, it is a world of change and we can either change
    with it, or try not to change… or change the world!

  95. Quote from your post: “I can’t count how many times I get a follow and click through to their page to see if I should be following back and get nothing. No picture, no bio, not even the city they live in. ” Well you pass on one of those – you have a photo. Your bio – that would be a ‘fail whale’ – those who know you already, are likely to follow you, but those not ‘in the know’ – may pass you by? and no city where you live, nor even nearest metro area. You Do have a link to your website – which is crucial. Again, hope you don’t mind the tweak – you asked for input at the end of your post.

  96. Randy Gage says:

    BTW just found a great site that put together a million great resources for Twitter. Check it out at:


  97. Randy,

    I love your style. Straight-Up
    I never did appreciate the grey area..

    Now I know why Diane Hochman refers to you

    Thanks for the info.

    JoAnn Donahue

  98. Toni says:

    A night of WII with my grandson, hot fudge sundaes and a Randy Gage rant….how does it get any better than this??

  99. maritel says:

    Thanks, Randy!
    I’m new in Twitter and this post is so helpful.

    You are my teacher during several years.
    I appreciate you.

  100. John Chatman says:

    That was a kick butt post my friend. Thanks for sharing.


  101. Marcus Jones says:

    Good information about Twitter. Especially the “RT” note.


  102. Brian says:

    This is certainly right on! and a good guide for using all social marketing in general

  103. Per Lindvall says:

    I wasn’t referring to change. Those were simply statements I have heard, mainly inspired by the Agel-Amway-MonAvie intriguing triangle drama posted above.

    Perhaps Ann Sieg isn’t so wrong after all in that it for example is as much politics etc. in MLM as anywhere else, hidden behind rose colored glasses perhaps.

    Regarding change I’d say people have to first change themselves rather than just go with the flow. And wouldn’t it be great to own something like Twitter? Think about it… For me that’s thinking outside the box, which would change the world…

  104. Per Lindvall says:

    Al sure didn’t invent the internet, and not even global warming, but internet was released to the public to have control of what’s going on, even though it seems it would be the opposite, but that’s the name of the game…

  105. Jack L. says:

    Randy: You always tell it like it is which is why I enjoy reading your blogs, utilizing your webinars, etc. Do you have any plans for putting together a program showing us how to build a successful web site, blog, etc? I’ll be the first in line to purchase it if you do. I wish I could join you at your upcoming event in Las Vegas.

  106. Randy Gage says:

    I am considering doing a one time program called “Web 2.0, It’s the Monetization, Stupid” I’m having a lot of fun with the social media sites and doing the program would be a creative kick. My website is in top 1% of the world and the blog in top 1/2 %, so I really balling with this. There’s so much stuff about getting followers, doing blogs, feeds, setting up profiles and stuff, but not many people know how to actually make money with it. Problem is I’m so booked for the rest of the year. If I can sneak in a weekend though I’m going to do it.


  107. Paul Hassing says:

    Read it. Dug it. RTed it. Thank you! 🙂

  108. Randy, great post. Very useful information! I sited this post in a post I did regarding use of Twitter by banks. You can see the post at: Thanks again for the great information!

  109. Louis says:

    Randy that was really a great article. You haven’t changed a bit still tell it like it is and that’s what made it a good article.

  110. Isil says:

    Ok ok don’t get mad 🙂
    And I’m no Godless comunist so I just joined Twitter and first thing, I’ve started to follow you.
    The next thing lies in trying to figure out the whereabouts of Twitter.
    Thanks for the precious guidance.

  111. Bill Douglas says:

    An enjoyable, informative and witty read. Love your style; wish I could write like that. Thanks SO MUCH for the information. Now I can see how others grade me and why they follow me.

    Keep up the great work.

    This site has my approval and I’m going to FAV it.

  112. Ray Suarez says:

    GREAT article Randy. For a newbie like me who is just starting to use this social media market it has been a great help. Now I will have to re-read it tomorrow again and put some good points to use. Thanks again!

  113. Donna Valdes says:

    Bravo! In the spirit of Gage… ’nuff said.

  114. James Holmes says:

    Randy – Great Post!

    Using your usual mix of humor and raw honestly you have illustrated several excellent points, best and worst practices currently on display in Twitterville. My personal pet peeves are the spammers, the follow you and when you follow me I will un-follow you gamers, the please follow me so I can get to – – – th followers, the I am so important that I am do not follow I am only followed (no one is that important), and perhaps most of all those who never have anything positive to say about other people.

    If newer Twitter users want to witness the Twitter Etiquette of a true Twitter role model they should follow Perry Belcher, Chris Zavadowski, or Joel Comm. These guys are very successful, keep their egos in check, aren’t afraid to complement others, and are willing to communicate with members from the entire Twitter pecking order.

    I hope your readers take this to heart – Twitterville will be a better place for it.


  115. Loved this and Tweeted the link. Just today, I told a well-known Internet marketer to turn off his “witness protection program.” And he did!

    Next, Randy, I’d love to see you discuss specifically *how* you’re actually monetizing Twitter.

    Shel Horowitz, author of Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World and six other books

  116. Tony Beach says:

    Thanks for the great tips RG..I used a few of them….

  117. Awesome information. We have probably all been guilty of some of the 7 sins. Thanks for setting us straight.

  118. Jim Sereney says:

    I am fast becoming a Randy Gage fan.
    This is an excellent blog for the newbie AND the seasoned Tweeter.
    Great info that is well written with just the perfect amount of humour.
    Way to go Randy, you ROCK!!!

  119. Bill says:

    Finally someone crazier than I with more brains than most.

  120. Sandra Hayes says:

    thanks for the tips! Love your writing style. Following you and reading your blog is definitely worth my time.

  121. Three cheers for some basic common sense. Lets hope this post reaches those who need to read it!!

  122. Just so you know my website is my business site and my other website is again my business.

    I like your straight approach. I used to design, develop, implement, market and assess Leadership Forums in the Arctic. It was fun. I would love to create forums online that are different than what I was used to in 2004 when I graduated with a masters done nearly completely on line.

    Let’s get going.

  123. Randy,

    100 years later and I am still learning from you. As usual your are clear, concise and you make my mind go into overdrive. I am going to have to start reading you in the mornings so I can sleep. Thanks for all you do.


  124. Excellent!! Just the job. But before I go.

    With reference to those who were upset with the phrase ‘jungle juice’ I would suggest you are lucky. Lucky in that for over a decade I was one of those distributors who ran around London wearing a button ‘lose weight now – ask me how’. And boy oh boy did I get mad when ‘The Gage’ did a number on how stupid we all looked. Something stopped my tracking him down and telling him what I thought…when it struck me. It was me who was the fool, it was not so much the button (although looking back it is about as daft as you can get) I was the one who was getting all steamed up over something that was said.

    I was just like one of those first-day-on-the-job distributors who gets all defensive and over reacts to just about everything.

    If that sounds like you then you have missed the point entirely (as did I) but in time you will see the wisdom of jesting and fun for what it really is. Therapy does not normally come this cheaply and a good dose of ‘The Gage’ is the best therapy in town.

    So, Dr Gage, I thank you for the jesting and the fun over the years as it certainly helped me get over myself and realise that although our product lines are important to us we need to put it into perspective. Its more fun having fun than being evangelical defending ones own merits of their product.

    Gage’s humour is golden so don’t waste it by getting hung up! Let’s be grown up and sophisticated because afterall when the all is said and done – ‘gels rule ok’

  125. Hey there Mr G great article….By the wayt does anyone want to see my JUNGLE JUICE Business opportunity DVD!!!!

    Keep up the great work

  126. Kimberly says:

    A friend sent me a link to this post. Hysterical…I will definitely hunt you down and follow you…even if it’s just for the laughs! Just kidding…great post.

  127. An alternate POV on #3: Because DMs only work if the other person is following you, the common practice with Twitter has been to always reply “in the open.” If nothing else, it’s a hassle to DM someone, find out the DM is rejected by Twitter because the person isn’t following you and then resubmit the Tweet as an open-air response. Twitter is a cocktail party so DMs have long been limited to truly private information, like contact info.

    However, if the Reply Guy wishes to be an effective Tweeter, he should expand such replies to include the context of the reply. This is also helpful to the recipient as the lack of threading in Twitter makes it easy to forget what someone is replying to.

  128. Tim Entwisle says:

    Great piece of advice. Best blog I have read about twitter!

  129. Randy,

    Thanks for this info. I am a twitter newbie and this is great info. Still looking for one leader with a strong base in Mexico and South America. Opening April 24, 2009…


  130. Dave Bradbury says:

    Amen Randy!

    I made my post for Gotham… I wish there were more marketers like you. You know, the one that tells you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear.

    Keep on keepin’ on, YOU ROCK!

    Dave B.

  131. Hi Randy,

    That Really is a good Article “Tweet This! A Twitter Manifesto” with UpperRoom Mindset – Champion Communicators Using Twitter can be made referring to this Content as we Build Our Social Media and Social Networking Skills – A ToolBox Reference for Using Twitter in my humble Thoughts. As I noticed that Copywriting Genius Michel Fortin Did a Retweet of the Content at Twitter, that said to me for sure “Pay Attention”. Points well covered and You are really going to Make A Difference With This Blog Content for many I know for sure. Be Blessed always…Peace! Randy, Keep Hope Alive! Stay Tuned.

  132. I remember reading some of your articles in the 90’s Randy–in Upline Magazine. I recall you saying that you always looked for ways to get people to come to you (referring to how you prospected).

    When done right, with your Twitter tips in mind, Twitter is just another great way to do that.

    But there’s something I’d like to really spotlight here that is an even more valuable benefit people can come away with from Randy.

    Notice how he put a lot of focus and energy into putting this post together. Writing it was the easy part. He had to invest a great deal of time learning how to use Twitter (by DOING it) and observing and interacting and reading up on related topics OVER TIME… before he could ever had provided this nice ‘attractive’ content piece.

    By doing so he’s attracted people to that content, provided real value and that even led me to click on a link that somehow led me to his products!

    Attraction Marketing at its best.

    Pretty easy to understand, eh!

  133. Amnon says:

    Amazing post – I’ve just tweeted it, after changing my bio and my twitter homepage design.

  134. Las says:

    Thanks forthe info. Learned a lot through your article. Very useful info re correct procedure for using Twitter. Will correct some of my cockups as well!

  135. michele says:

    hi randy; nice site,
    can you do video
    luv video
    text gets so longggggg

  136. Great Content- I actually had not seen the tag cloud capability that was beneficial- I wonder how long it will take us to write a script to do a meme tracker twitter tag cloud in real time- that would have a wow factor – its good to track memes. Randy you spend some time polishing your copy writing and it shows great stuff Dawg thanks for the reply.

  137. Rachel says:

    Classic, I love it.

    Definitely a few belly chuckles from me.

    Ciao for now

  138. Jambo!

    Brill! Thank you so much!

    Enlightened, I no longer feel like cavewoman from the cradle of mankind!

    Dedicated amused follower!


  139. Kathleen Casey says:

    I have been laughing out loud (you could easily do stand-up comedy, if ever you tire of your current career!) reading your Manifesto, which is brilliant and helpful, especially for those of us that are new.
    I will definitely RT–the proper way!

  140. An absolutely uplifting read for a newbie, but not a foolbie!
    So sick of all the numerical/volumic shit being pushed by highly-regarded Twitterers, it just makes sense………… and works in with how I feel about establishing REAL and on-going business relationships. I’m so glad I stumbled across the link that led to you,,,,,,,,, yet I was already following you blindly anyway, in my haste to GET Followers

  141. moggit girls says:

    Brills. This post should be a must-read before one signs up to twitter…literally.


  142. Lynette says:

    Thanks for your fantastic overview of twitter. I definitely learned a few tips from the article. I have only been twitter a month so I have been slow to add my comments. After reading your article I have a much better idea of twitter etiquette. Thanks!

  143. Chris Green says:

    My hat’s off to you @Randy_Gage! You are entertaining as well as educational. Someone truly worth following! I think I am guilty of every sin at one time or another so now must pay penance lest I be cast into the pit of twell for all of tweeternity.

    Found you by way of RT @ecomind who RT @Mike_Wesely.

    Be Green and Prosper!

  144. Randy Gage says:

    BTW all, I did a follow up piece a couple days later. Look for “Confessions of a Twitter Snob” or go to:


  145. Chris Green says:

    Oops! Forgot to post a pic of my handsome mug…

  146. John says:

    Good morning,

    Awesome style ! I like it. Good for a chuckle, or three, and stuff to be learned.

  147. Tim says:

    Great stuff, Randy! I picked up some pretty good ideas from your article. Thanks

  148. michelle says:

    i was reading valentina’s blog… she has a link to this site about twitter… i am a newbie, absolutely have no idea what i m doing. new to IM, twitter, social marketing (what is that?) but i completely agree with what you said about what ppl shouldn’t do in twitter… i don’t think others will be interested in when u brust your teeth or when ur cat is going to eat ur meal…

    i m following you now at twitter, looking forward to see more great posts! Thanks.

  149. Hi Randy-

    You’re a completely unvacuous dope twit.
    But I mean that in a good way.
    Nice article! I RT’d for ya!

  150. Thanks for the snorting giggles over this post. So well said – LOL – Thank goodness I have a picture on my

  151. Honest to GOD! Randy, this is hysterical! Are you on acid? or something legal? Ha! I laughed so hard I was choking. (yes I am easily entertained..)

    Really, thanks. Oh and thanks to Steve Pohlit for tweeting you and reaching me. This was fun.

  152. Jan says:

    Totally hilarious, fabulously entertaining and best – really worthwhile content. the @MLMoron drives me up the mast on my neighbor’s sail boat. Hope you don’t mind but I’m stealing that phrase (credit to you) and posting it cause I love it!

    Thanks Randy Great Blog!

  153. Jacqueline Smith says:

    Informative with humor! Thnx for the Twitter Etiquette. I learned a lot!!!

    BTW: I’m following you now and you get a RT on this one!

    You the Man!!!

  154. Lina says:

    thanks Randy for the tips.
    Looks like toy have got some great ideas.


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  157. Hal W. says:

    Twitter will be a vapor in the wind of the summer of 2009. It doesn’t have the traction or staying power that FaceBook does. Too many people already violate these 7 deadly sins making me less prone to use it. I’ve had a twitter account since the summer of 2007, but when FaceBook opened up it became much more relevant to the people that matter to me: my friends. The concept of Tweets is nice, but FaceBook took the concept and made it 100 times better. If you have to psuedo-program “RT” “DM” “#” for your messages, it will never make it to the masses… and the masses are where you make money. My Tweeting lifespan didn’t even last 140 tweets. Too many barrage marketers and spammers and again, people not following the above rules. Not to mention I’d rather keep up with people I know… on FaceBook. So Long Twitter.

  158. Chip says:

    just droppin by to tell you how dope you are…. lol….

  159. Kelley says:

    I just joined and knew Clark Covington would have interesting people connected to him!

    Excellent article. Have to add ya and Tweet ya!

  160. Learned alot and made me laugh!

  161. kenyotta says:

    Thanks for the helpful info…

  162. Thanks! Great info. (and had me laughing!), as I take the plunge to twitter.
    It’s great to know how to avoid becoming the TMI guy, the pagiarizer Twit, The Reply guy……..ect.

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  175. John Michael says:

    Straight to the point! Great Artilcle!

  176. kugdog9erski says:

    ok-  everything but the godless communist part

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