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Tripwires to Success

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Most people want to achieve more, tackle an audacious goal, and become successful.  What does that success process look like?   There are a few important but little-known parts of the equation.  They’re tripwires to success, since people trigger them because they’re unprepared for them. 

Tripwire 1:

The first step to achieving a big dream is daring to be different.

This one is shocking in a sense, because the tripwire in this case is people’s fear that if they don’t achieve their goal – others will judge them, look unfavorably on them, or ridicule them.   They let their fear of what other people think of them – usually people who are not happy, prosperous and successful themselves – hold them back from going for their dreams.   Ultimately this is a self-esteem and worthiness issue.

Tripwire 2:

The path to possibility is through the forest of self-limiting beliefs.

This one kills 90 percent of the great achievements of humankind.  Because people never even attempt the thing they could do – because they don’t believe it’s doable for themselves.  They see the forest – conventional wisdom, past experiences, people who tell them it can’t be done, etc. – and don’t realize success is just on the other side of the forest.

It’s bat-shit crazy to let either of these tripwires hold you back from becoming the highest possible version of yourself.  Please.  Give yourself at least as much support as you give others.  Believe in your dream.


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3 thoughts on “Tripwires to Success

  1. Peter Horrill says:

    Success leaves clues, thankyou!

  2. david says:

    I went for my dream.. and I’m living it now.. bunch of opposition from the established Napa site… but I don’t care.. I know my site is 10x better and just keep being more so.. gonna have a blast at the South Beach fest in Miami this week and then Charleston next weekend then on to Napa.. yeah baby … don’t ever stop having fun!!!

  3. Agi Anderson says:

    Oh I am different for sure, it’s seeing the forest through the trees that’s tripped me up in the past. Going for highest and best version and loving the way there.


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