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Throwing Off the Shackles of Slavery

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

I’d like to apologize to those who were offended by the last post.  Although I’d like to, I won’t…

In the post, I equated being a professional victim to self-imposed slavery.  It seems that a few of you were offended by use of the word slavery.  Some of you felt that I was demeaning the experience of people who have been or are in “actual” slavery.

So I really do want to apologize, because my goal here isn’t to hurt or demean people.  But I’m not apologizing, because that would just perpetuate what is really going on with those of you who were offended:

That’s just you choosing to be a victim still.

I meant every word of that post, figuratively and literally.  And let me go even further.  I believe that self-imposed slavery is worse than slavery that is imposed on you by someone else.

Because if you actually are a slave, you probably had no choice in the matter.  But to exile yourself into servitude and limitation, what a horrific tragedy that is.

So don’t go there.  And if you are there, fight your way out.  Now.

Like I mentioned in a recent post, an important element of escaping victim-hood is recognizing what emotional payoff you are getting from it.  (Sympathy, attention, etc.)

The other important element is facing the reality and deciding you no longer want to live in victim-hood.  I get you have crushing student debt, lost a lot in a divorce, were born with a disability, had your life savings embezzled from you, or any one of a million other possible scenarios.  But it’s still going to come down to that ultimate question I’m always asking you:

Do you want to be a victim, or a victor?

Because it has to be one or the other, and you have to (get to) choose which one.

You have to decide that although your story could and would certainly generate much sympathy and give you a reason to validate your lack of success – you want no part of that.  You choose to rise above it and become successful anyway.

Sorry if that sounds simplistic, but that’s just the truth.  Do with it what you will.


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7 thoughts on “Throwing Off the Shackles of Slavery

  1. Paul Erickson says:

    You have got to be shitting me! Some people were offended with your use of the word slavery in your last post? Well, all I can say to those little snowflakes is to watch this video by Bill Maher (although it pertains to jokes, it is apropos to little cupcakes who are constantly feeling offended by things people say – much ado about nothing, if you will):

  2. Jane Champion says:

    Good on you Randy – it seems there insecurities and their deluded image of themselves are being shaken and they do not like it.

  3. Rena Romano says:

    I went through 20 years of being raped, that was slavery. When I was strong enough to say no more I moved to get away from the abuse. Problem was I became the abuser, through self abuse, drugs, men, alcohol, negative mindset. I was stuck because I was taught that, that was what I deserved, as a child I was taught I had not choices. Many survivors don’t realize as adults they have a choice. That’s the one thing You and I and other sound of mind humans on this earth have in common and that is choice. It is our choice to stay in self imposed slavery or break free. I broke free and it was a huge awakening the day I went from victim to victor, had I not I would be dead.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Wow, what an inspiring story! So proud and happy for you. -RG

  4. Jorge says:

    Great read and I would add, that another piece humans use to self impose themselves into slavery is “entitlement”; either moral, espiritual, economic, emotional and so many others. The minute we choose to be responsible and accept the consecuences of our actions, we begin a journey a breaking thru the shackles of our own slavery.

  5. What is a great story to become a successful in business? One that everyone can duplicate just by changing the name? If it works for eternity, it should work for business.

  6. Cooking With Brad says:

    Wow, never really thought of myself as a victim till today. Need to change my thoughts.


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