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Three Keys to a Prosperous Life

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Living a life of abundance involves three behaviors.  And each is necessary to manifest the whole picture.

The first behavior is learning.

Working on you every day.  Developing skills, collecting knowledge and most importantly, gaining wisdom.

The second behavior is earning.

All true prosperity is a value-for-value equation.  So you must go out and create value for the people around you.  If it were as easy as sitting on the sofa watching The Secret, everyone would be a multi-billionaire.  Your prosperity is out there, waiting for you to draw upon it, but you have to earn it.  And it’s earned by creating value for the universe.

And the final behavior is yearning.

Because you must want more.  There are a lot of lack mind viruses about money and material things out there.  And a big one is “being happy with what you have.”  Let’s look at that a little deeper.

Certainly happiness is a choice.  You choose to be happy whether you earn $13,000 a year, $30,0000 a year, or $30,000,000 a year.  So there is some truth in that statement.  But don’t let it take you off the path…

One of the wittiest things I ever heard comes from Samuel Butler.  He says, “All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income.”   Now put that in a prosperity context and it’s not about going into debt, but actually creating more value to the universe, which increases your income.  Your desire for more causes you to become more.

Your path to prosperity involves doing more, having more, and especially becoming more.  For to fail to do so would be a sin.  We live in the most exciting time in human history.  Our access to knowledge, our resources for innovation, and opportunities for personal development are greater than they have ever been before.

For many of you reading this blog, in your lifetime you will have the opportunity to buy an underwater condo with a view of the coral reef, play in a virtual reality holo-suite, and vacation on the moon.   For you to choose to stand pat is an insult to the Intelligence that created you.

Your desire for something greater is Infinite Intelligence knocking on your door, challenging you to become more.  Now as you saw if you watched this month’s virtual prosperity seminar, it’s not about an insatiable pursuit of things…

As your consciousness develops, your desires evolve as well.  They will become less about you and more about service and contribution.

Yes, be happy with what you have.  And tap into that divine dissatisfaction that pulls you forward to new and greater things.  That is the joyous path of prosperity – learning, earning and yearning.

Ain’t it great!


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24 thoughts on “Three Keys to a Prosperous Life

  1. Michael Capilli says:

    That was truly awesome Randy! What a great thing to wake up to.

  2. Gabriel Suarez says:

    Randy I am agree with what you say. Sometimes we have to work in our self so deep and the change is so big that we do not want to take this chalenge. Actually I am reading “Think a grow Rich”, “Positive Mental Attitude”, and when I am going down when I read things change again. I think that dependeing on what past we have, the mental viruses that our parents put in our minds (without knoing it, because thay had the same education) is deeper the hole that we must come out, but I think that we can and we must beleive that we can!
    The hard time is when you do not reach what you want in the time that you want! Thats the time when things must be replanned, focus again, and stop thinkking that you are a looser.
    Is not so easy to take this path, that is why not everybody get what they shuld have. I will do it, I do not know how long will it take, but I will do it!

  3. Olga says:


    While I agree with your words, I also know it’s my personal acknowledgement that something within me recognizes truth in your words.

    However, after years of training in human behavior I know that not everyone thinks or feels the same, and getting to that place of prosperity takes work for many.

    I have met, and know many who just can’t get beyond their circumstances or beliefs no matter what they do so I would be interest to know on that note how you would get through to that type of lack mindset?

    1. Joe G says:

      Hi Olga-

      I would recommend sending them vibes of love & peace, knowing that they are on their own path, doing the best they can from their own current level of awareness. Our job, im my opinion, is to save ourselves first and, by doing so, we will be an example to others and will attract others who are ready to grow and become more. As the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teachers will appear.”

    2. Randy Gage says:

      Unfortunately people cannot be treated for prosperity; they must be open to receive it. So you can love them and let them grow, but ultimately they must take that step.


  4. Mike Martel says:

    I agree with all three of your elements learning, earning and yearning. I would have to say that I believe that yearning is the most important. Without intent and clear focus on intent people tend to spin their wheels. When I hear someone say they have a deep yearning to do something and see them taking steps to get there, then I see them accomplishing it.

  5. Bernice says:

    the pursuit of happiness… is being happy something we are always pursuing?…

    but we can also have happiness in the now/the present…

    we are not limited to having it either now/present or later…

    be happy now and pursue future happiness 🙂

    1. rick says:

      happiness is not the material things so u can b very rich but stil unhappy,or be happy but being poor both also lack of something so the truth is be happy at the same time rich

  6. Jodi says:

    Very well said….I like that learning, earning and yearning.
    Isn’t that the way it should be, everyday!!!

    Thanks Randy

  7. Hi RG,

    Many Science of Getting Rich principles here, I love it.

    The Universe put us into form for some neat functions. Most of us shy away from these functions, using any number of a million reasons not to do what we were placed here to do. This crowd doesn’t even bother learning, stopping short of Key 1.

    The second crowd, the Key 2 crowd, begins to learn, but is too lazy, or afraid – deserving issues, etc – to earn. I used to be in this crowd. I finally learned all good was mine, and since money is an idea, and ideas are limited, any reluctance to earn must be an idea shortage in my cranium. Which is of course, ludicrous, in an Infinite Universe. Lesson learned.

    The third crowd starts to earn a few bucks, but loses the desire to make a difference. I remember hearing Tony Robbins talking about his IPO pulling in over $400 million, and how he simply went back to his talk on stage after hearing it.

    When you love what you do, and want to make a difference, you still enjoy the money, but you are past the point of working to pay the bills, or going to work with the idea of “if I make this much I can afford (insert nice thing).” Of course you’re entitled to as many mansions as you want, but as you grow, you simply want to make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible. All else which sprouts out of that is cosmic gravy.

    Thanks for sharing RG!


  8. xime says:

    Inspiring as always..just one question,
    What do you mean specifically when you say create value?, for example an artist creates value?? I think so, I guess is not just business, right?

    A big huge, and thanks 🙂


    1. Randy Gage says:

      For sure artists create value! But remember that value is determined by the perception of the market and can be paid in many different ways.


  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I have always been grateful for what is in front of me, but aware that more and better is within my grasp. There are people in my life who don’t get why “I’m just not happy with what I have”. They don’t see that as the crippling, limiting statement that it is. It took me a long time to realize they were the faulty thinking on this one, not me. I know wanting to provide myself and my family with “better then now”, is a healthy line of thinking and a path to prosperity.

    Thank you for affirming that for me! :)It’s always nice to be reminded that I’m headed in the right direction.

  10. Jonathan says:


    I committed to living my dream through development of a new company that transforms the way adults learn through a unique approach incorporating entertainment, humor, etc. This comes completely from my Life Purpose.

    This is my sole focus now and has been for over a year. And yes, it’s COMPLETELY about bringing value to everyone on the planet in many ways, as well as developing a highly successful, prosperous company that’s a game changer. My DESIRE and passion is to transform the way people learn, live, grown and find purpose globally, which is also the mission of the corporation.

    So when it comes to adding value, once we raise the necessary capital and get the team together, the amount of value we will bring will be off the charts! Imagine actually having FUN learning something.. ANYTHING!

    When it comes to yearning, this purpose is what I year for along with finding those unique investors that understand the vision. We WILL achieve greatness.. it’s Divine Intervention we seek.

    Any thoughts here?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Definitely watch my new Prosperity TV episode:


  11. Kathleen Caldwell says:

    Have more. Do more. Be more. I’m going to make a bumper sticker. 🙂

  12. Amazing Randy!
    When I first read your book I also came across the idea that yearning, learning and earning were the keys to a good life. I believe it was from a different source but the connection was clear. Somehow I forgot about it and I’m so glad you reminded me.

  13. Tresaca says:

    I really enjoyed this post Randy.

    I am learning that it is all about the person you become in the process of fulfilling your purpose in life, and not about the stuff you acquire.

    And the best part is being blessed to be a blessing to so many others!

  14. Alyson says:

    Learning more everyday.

  15. Thank you again Randy. Greetings from Mexico.

  16. JWallace47930 says:

    This was something I needed I remember when I had no money my kids, wife, and I were happier.. I need to find my way my other half Angel sent this to me thank.. and I love you
    p.s. $ doesn’t=happiness
    but I really did almost forget that.. its all about the memories and smile we leave behind.. touch lives.. money is gone in the blink of a eye cherish the time you have with the ppl you love..


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