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The Threat to Your Business

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

You want to know what the real threat is to your or anyone else’s business? It’s not that your competitor has a cooler website, a celebrity spokeperson, or even more money. It’s not that they hired a famous branding agency, have an edgier logo, or even that they sell for lower price than you do.


As Joe Calloway says, those are just table stakes.  At some point, if you’re in a robust market, EVERYBODY has a good website, competitive prices, hot branding and all the sexy stuff.


The only real threat is when you have a competitor that knows exactly what they do, believes in what they do, and believes in the value they provide their customers/clients. They don’t care what you’re doing, because they believe enough in what they’re doing themselves.


Here’s the really good news…


When you know exactly what you do, believe in what you do, and believe in the value you provide your customers/clients, no one threatens you any longer. It doesn’t matter to you what they’re doing, because you know the real value in what you do.  And when you really own that – you are the threat.



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27 thoughts on “The Threat to Your Business

  1. Randy_Gage says:

    lifetosuccess Thanks!

  2. lifetosuccess says:

    Great post, Randy!
    When it comes down to it, in most industries, competition is pretty fierce so when it comes down to it, the people or the sales person will make the difference.
    Take the car salesperson or the realtor, they both have the same market place with regards to product. The realtor has the MLS with most of the realtors have which are all the homes in their market place. The car salesperson has at least one to three direct competitors in their market with pretty much the same makes and models.
    When it comes to success in those businesses, it comes down to the people “who are believe in what they do, believe in the value they provide to their customers”.
    As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,
    God Bless You,
    John Clark –

  3. HeinzDobernig says:

    TY Randy, great post

  4. Randy_Gage says:

    CarlyAThorne Thanks!

  5. Vedarth says:

    Great article. Interesting read.

  6. CarlyAThorne says:

    Randy_Gage Thanks have a great weekend

  7. Randy_Gage says:

    CarlyAThorne Thanks, you too.

  8. rhyker says:

    *nodding* aight!
    *nodding* yes so true!
    Last 4 words words of the article. Huh? LOL! But .. erhh hey! That’s … interesting. So how do I deal with myself then? :-p

  9. InSouthFlorida says:

    BobBurg we just gave you some social love on our local #SouthFlorida website,

  10. Tom__Coleman says:

    BobBurg Thumbs up for sharing that tweet. It’s now live on my RebelMouse!

  11. LeneJytteHansen says:


  12. Randy_Gage says:

    BobBurg Mad love.

  13. Randy_Gage says:

    LeneJytteHansen Thanks!

  14. Randy_Gage says:

    James_Carian Thanks!

  15. LeneJytteHansen says:

    Randy_Gage It’s always a pleasure my dear friend :))))))))))))))))))))

  16. BobBurg says:

    Randy_Gage It was great post, Brother Randy. Doing business on the creative plane!!

  17. James_Carian says:

    You’re welcome Randy_Gage

  18. Randy_Gage says:

    BobBurg 🙂

  19. IPrinciple says:

    BobBurg Randy_Gage Excellent! Spot on! “They don’t care what you’re doing, because they believe enough in what they’re doing themselves.”

  20. Randy_Gage says:

    IPrinciple Thanks

  21. Randy_Gage says:

    djspookyshadow Thanks!

  22. RichardBony says:

    Thank you, Randy, for the belief building post.

  23. Joakim Eriksson says:

    Oh how I needed those words today… Thanks

  24. Dale Proctor says:

    Powerful and at the same time enlightening. Just do your best (you control you)  forget the rest as losers got to eat too! I’m not mean Randy is right.

  25. Robert01 says:

    Real Key there for unlocking doors! know and believe! Thanks!

  26. KathleenMills says:

    YEPPERS!!!!! AWESOME Article…. Thank you!


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