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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

We’re doing a series on how you change your thinking process.  Last post I told you there are four other elements to make this come about. (I actually miscounted what I had already done. There are only three more.)  Let’s explore them.

Next up on the list would be exposing yourself to exotic stimuli. Meaning stimuli outside of your normal daily experience.  Just a few hours on the NatGeo network (or the magazine itself) is a great place to start.  And this is an area where you can really tap into the extraordinary benefit the Internet can be for you.

For me, this has manifested best for me by my travel.  I lived in Costa Rica for a time, and had a place in Australia for about five years.  That experience enriched me greatly. (Just learning to drive on the other side of the road did wonders for changing my thought patterns.)  And visiting more than 70 countries is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.  (And my thinking process.)  When you go somewhere with a different currency, language and/or culture, it alters your thinking in small but beneficial ways.

The next strategy you can employ we’ll label “mental aerobics.” Just like you do for your muscles in the gym, you can do for your brain.  Crossword puzzles, Mensa quizzes and Sudoku puzzles are great for this.

And finally, the best approach of all, is developing your prosperity consciousness to the level which you develop “Divine Discontent.” I choose this label for it, because I think it is a spiritual experience for you, one in which you can live in gratitude for what you have, yet still have an innate hunger and desire to become more.

This yearning for more cause you to develop bigger dreams and those bigger dreams require you become more to achieve them.  Thus the improvement in your thought process.  (We’ll probably delve deeper into this in a post next week.)


What do you think about the way you think?  Do you desire to change the process?  Gimme a shout below.


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3 thoughts on “Think and Grow Prosperous

  1. Evandro Honehe says:

    Ahe’ee (Thank you) so much Randy for all your insights plus the true Connection Towards Prosperity path which serve us on Wonderful Vision about Who We Really Are..

    Walk in Beauty and Live Rich,,

  2. Eric C Smith says:

    divine discontent is great, I will meditate on this to shift my thinking and use the creativity law!

  3. Eric C Smith says:

    I have a big desire to change myself. Its like night and day on the days that I wake up and get a full self development routine in before work. I noticed even the spa felt like an exotic environment and I was amazed how I forgot how quickly I was about to getting into that visualatory thinking state during so. definitely underestimated how much I put myself into fighting fires mode.


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