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The Terror and the Test

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

I do a lot of work coaching and consulting with leaders, athletes, authors and other high level achievers.  At that level you wouldn’t expect to see worthiness issues, or people afraid to step into their greatness.  But you would be wrong… 

It’s stunning how many people, even at those elite levels of success, are reticent about extending their gifts and challenging themselves to greater accomplishments.  Even though they’re doing amazing things, proportionately they are operating at a lower percentage of their potential than most other people.

You could say they are awestruck at their true potential.  Sometimes they’re terrified.

Which leads to a question for you…

Is it possible that you too, are cowed by your potential greatness?

The odds this may be the case are probably higher than you think.  The simple fact that you come to this blog regularly, and consciously work on yourself is a strong indicator of your intent and potential.

For most people when they face a test, the terror is that they will fail it.  For you, the terror may be that you’ll ace it.

Because that takes away any excuses you’ve been holding on to.  And forces you to acknowledge that you have the ability to be great, that you can do more, that you can become more.  That you must become more.


If you’re looking for a sign from the universe, that it’s time to move on to your next assignment…

This. Is. It.




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4 thoughts on “The Terror and the Test

  1. Bernice Ani Alive says:

    So I am moving onto my next assignment. One area is money. Moving onto the next income increase. That is what I was planning, now I just have a different career. You can still move up.

    See yourself and others with living incomes.

  2. The “linkage” to the cosmic power of intention that created this universe, requires undivided pure receptiveness! .. and respect.. #respect #critcalthinking

  3. Bernice Ani Alive says:

    I am writing about cognitive dissonance’s place in organizational behavior. This occurs when we have buyer’s remorse… it wasn’t worth what we paid… or it wasn’t the quality we expected. This happens to customers and employees. We have conflicting beliefs that create discomfort. It can also happen in businesses. Some follow outdated management styles that bully, put people down, etc. Sometimes there are belief issues in employees and managers. This causes self-sabotage. This also can sabotage others and the business.

    I think this is my new dissertation topic.

  4. Daniel says:

    My favorite example is when someone say that he can’t meet girls in pubs, because he are afraid of being rejected. He says I must understand that therefore he CAN NOT meet girls anyhow. Then I explain to them to order to meet a girl you have to have legs and a mouth to talk. The only thing between you and the girl is a several feet distance. If you leg is working, you have to use it in order to reach the girl, than you have to say something if your mouth is working, which I sure it does.

    It is very obvious that you can meet a girl if you want. So what’s the deal?


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