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The Sin of Poverty

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

“Poverty is a sin.”  Charles Fillmore shocked the religious community when he made that statement decades ago.  And people are still shocked, or sometimes even angry, when I affirm this still today.  I think these reactions happen because people don’t understand the actual meaning of the word sin.  So let’s explore that a little…

Most people think of sin in the religious context and equate sin as doing evil things like those listed in the ten commandments.  But if you translate the original writing which is accepted as the Bible today, the language used was Aramaic.  And the translation of sin means to “miss the mark.”

If you have a more metaphysical approach, you might subscribe to the definition of sin in The Course in Miracles, which defines sin as “a lack of love.”

If we move away from the religious or spiritual realm, one of the dictionary definitions would be “a willful or deliberate violation of moral principle.”

The reason I still keep Fillmore’s statement alive today is because I believe living in poverty meets all three of these definitions of sin.  When you are poor, you actually are missing the mark in life.  Your life is not meant to be a continuous series of unrelenting struggles.  Yes, you will face challenges along the way, because that’s part of the process, and those challenges do provide opportunities for growth and development.  But a life worth living involves you also experiencing the payoff and rewards of that growth and development.

When you’re living in poverty, you’re rejecting the love that the force which created you, meant for you to experience.  If you’re like most people struggling financially, you’re not necessarily rejecting this love knowingly or consciously.  Much more likely, it’s because of the negative programming and limiting beliefs you have adopted along your journey.

My premise for where the third definition comes into play is that, if you are poor, you are violating one of the most important moral principles: that all humans are born to be rich.  Acorns are meant to grow into oak trees, caterpillars are meant to become butterflies, and humans are meant to live lives of prosperity.  I can’t as easily support the last example with the science of the first two, but I believe it with every fiber of my being.  It is the fervent belief that drives me to do this work.

It’s important to note that I am not suggesting poor people are bad people.  There are good people who are poor and bad people who are rich.  Nor am I suggesting that if you were born poor, it is somehow your fault.  It isn’t.  My premise is that if you are born poor (as I was), and remain poor (as I did for 30+ years), that is a sin.  By any and all of the three definitions above.

The other reason I keep beating this drum that poverty is a sin, is because there is so much misleading programming in the other direction.  There are millions of mind viruses floating around the globe implying that being poor is somehow inherently spiritual.  Those are evil, insidious memes designed to control and manipulate you.  They are lies.  There is nothing spiritual about poverty.  It’s a stain upon humanity.  And that’s where I want to pick up on the next post…

Until then, please check in below.


P.S.  Some of you crack commando readers have noticed I didn’t post five times this week. Just like I’m doing with my podcast, I’m going to start experimenting with this blog.  I love connecting with you guys as often as possible.  But the podcast, blog, and YouTube channels are pretty much labors of love for me.  Unfortunately they are cutting hard into my ability to do the other things that support me financially. And your favorite prosperity blogger has to feed his cat too.  So for now I’m thinking to do posts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.   If you have thoughts on this, especially on how and how often you want to hear from me (here, podcast, etc.) I’d love to see them in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “The Sin of Poverty

  1. Dmitry says:

    Some time ago I realized that being poor is like going shopping with an empty wallet – yeah, you can see things, but you can’t actually possess them, and that sucks. And yeah, BTW, which breed of cat do you have? (Just curious). Everyone, have a nice day!

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Actually I was joking. Used to have cats a long time ago. But now I travel so much that having pets doesn’t really work. -RG

  2. Kristin says:

    Love this! Thank you!

  3. Bernice Alive says:

    The truth is you can be connected to Spirit/God with or without money if you have a loving and kind heart towards all. I think it is a lack of love that is a sin, and you can have love whether poor or rich.
    We are all born worthy. So in a spiritual sense, we are not born into poverty and sin. We are born with a Spiritual connection. we then learn human ways that disconnect us from our true spirit of worth, good, loving-kindness, etc. We are killing babies’ spirits. We can also bring our spirits back to life.
    I think it is natural to want to give part of your wealth, food, etc. because babies do that. You can start giving before you actually are giving out of loving-kindness instead of giving as a requirement. The idea is to get back to the joy of giving and caring for others, You can also give more when you have more. You can help others to get out of poverty. Hate, inequality, discrimination, unequal pay, non-living wages, non-affordable housing, and poverty are sins of the society with hardened hearts that can learn to love again.
    So I think poverty and inequality shows the sins of the world. We can change our own hearts and help others to change their hearts.
    People may think the enemy is other people, gender, race, religion, age-group, etc, but the enemy is their own beliefs and they can triumph over sin with their daily prayers and actions.
    Get out of poverty with a good heart and maintain your heart for life.
    Once people get out of poverty, they have to learn to help others out of poverty.
    You help others with loving-kindness.
    I am prosperous in helping others to prosper.

  4. Eric C Smith says:

    do whatcha gotta do!

    reorienting on my use of media ever so continuously.

    the 5 a week helps has a great tone for the week. less posts gives me less places to hide from the work.

    big fan of uncovering the “losses in translation,” from world religious texts and those similar.

    cracking open risky is the new safe and maybe less posts opens up the playing field for your other products without taking too much of your time.

  5. Love this topic for many reasons. It hits the nail powerfully. About the number of days you choose to write. Hum…writers write. I love to listen and read. Might have to balance RG to a 3/2 combo. Two to read and 2 to listen.

  6. Daniel says:

    No dude. Poor people are evil as fuck. They believe in propaganda without checking the facts. They do this, because they like to do this, subconsciously. Even the common sense doesn’t bothers them.

    Why poverty is a sin? Because it kills the people and torture them. Just like everybody who advocating it.

  7. Vladimir says:

    You are absolutely wrong! Where did you get the idea that everyone was born to be rich, materially? Man, where do you live? In this earth? Certainly, you should live in a first world country, where it is possible to be rich, materially. But, those countries are just a few compared with rest. These have stolen, and continue to steal the riches of the poor countries to satisfy their hunger for power and material stuff.
    I will tell you the first truth. This world is not fair, and will never be, and poor people will always exist, rich people are going to be a fraction of the poor and will live and depend on them. Rich people sell the idea that all can be rich to get even richer themselves. This idea is all over the internet. It is a scam. If there were no poor in the world, you would have never gotten rich. Or you are of those who believe you are blessed by yourself by your own efforts and talents? It is a hard truth to accept. There are people who are more talented, more hard working than you and will never be rich materially, because they live in a poor country that has been robbed of all its riches and he simply can not escape his reality. Poor countries and poor people keep rich people and countries alive.
    Now, here is the other truth, one can be poor materially, buy rich spiritually, because the richest person in the world is the one the needs less to be happy. History if full of rich people dead because of drugs, suicide, envy, etc. You don’t need to be rich to be joyous and happy.
    To be rich is not a good thing, nor a blessing if one is not rich spiritually. I would say riches are a curse for those, selfish, arrogant, that look to the poor as if he were less than them and sinful.
    The greatest disgrace is brought by the love of money.
    So, please look out at the world. Get out of you confort and try to understand the reality in which we all live. You are living in bubble my friend.


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