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The Role of Luck in Prosperity

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Last post we looked at how luck factors into getting money.  Let’s expand our study to the bigger picture of if and how luck factors into true prosperity.

It should go without saying (but won’t) there is a qualitative difference between being rich and being prosperous.  On the question if you can become prosperous through luck, I believe the answer is almost certainly not.  Here’s why I make sure to use “almost.”

Because, as luck would have it (pun quite intended), most of us are actually born prosperous.  As a baby and toddler, you burp or cry and someone tends to you and makes any problem go away.  And you’d be hard pressed to find someone more prosperous than a four-year-old with a coloring book, or a toddler encountering a kitten for the first time.

The reason so many people approach life with fear, trepidation, or scarcity mentality is because that behavior is taught to them in our society.  The programming they receive from government, organized religion, and mass culture creates limiting beliefs and lack consciousness.  So if you had parents that raised you in an environment where you weren’t exposed to this insidious negative programming, you’d be lucky enough to be born and stay prosperous.  But realistically, no matter how well-meaning your parents may have been, the odds of this happening are billions to one.

So there aren’t many people who are lucky enough to be prosperous. 

Most of us will have to make a conscious and determined effort to locate negative and limiting beliefs, blow them up, and replace them with beliefs which serve and empower us. 

Another reason for this is that living a prosperous life involves so much more than simply acquiring an abundance of money.  It also means manifesting excellent health, positive relationships, spiritual grounding and a harmonious state of mind.  This means that the first step to manifesting prosperity is to stop giving away your power to luck – and instead live your days proactively working to become the highest possible version of yourself.

Ain’t it great!

– RG

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2 thoughts on “The Role of Luck in Prosperity

  1. Eric C Smith says:

    Its the logical thing to do! will continue to reflect upon this during my thinking time.

    1. Eric C Smith says:

      thoughts on handling the family situation harmoniously when changing belief systems, environments, then seeing the seperation/bad narratives, and looking to cement the new changes?

      there always seems to be some type tradition, birthday, or holiday that comes up right when I’m starting to see improvements.


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