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The Power of Redemption and Forgiveness

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is the one by Tim Ferriss.  But he usually only does one show a week.  So after I listen to that, I scroll back through past episodes, looking for something meaty.  I kept seeing one titled, Tim Ferriss Goes to Maximum Security Prison. The title just seemed so clickbait-y, I kept skipping it.  Until today. 

What an episode…  It actually is from a maximum security prison and Tim is interviewing three inmates, one who is serving life sentence without parole for murder.  The three guys are involved in Project Defy, a movement to get people to take personal responsibility, and working to end the epidemics of mass incarceration and recidivism here in the States.  The organization helps former inmates become entrepreneurs and contributing members of society again.  Listening to the three guys was inspirational.  Their commitment to change, clear thinking and desire to become better people practically jumps through your earphones.  Truly they are working hard for redemption.

You’re reading this blog, and able to listen to my podcast or read my books, because when I was a 15-year-old in jail for armed robbery, one public defender believed I was worthy of redemption.  I’d like to believe I turned out to be worthy of that belief.

One of the greatest aspects of humanity is our ability to forgive others and achieve redemption.  Not to mention, forgive ourselves.

Which leads us to something you might consider…

You may have someone in your life that you’ve given up hope on.  (And that person might just be yourself.)  Perhaps they’re an addict who keeps returning to their addiction, or just someone who has let you down time and again.  By all means, hold them responsible for their actions.  Actions have consequences and we all must account for our own.  But please – just hold out a little hope – a little possibility that they are deserving of redemption, and will recognize that at some point.

Are you willing to do that for me?


P.S. Another resource to check out is Project Forgive.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Redemption and Forgiveness

  1. thechalkywhite says:

    Perhaps being willing to do that for someone important in our lives is even better than doing it for you Randy. For some reason this has always been an instinctive position in my life, despite feeling let down many times since childhood (as doubtless most people are), it always seemed better to me to keep in touch and give them hope. The occasionally successes outweigh the myriad of disappointments not because of the effect that they had on me, but the effect they had on those who came through in the end.

  2. Eric C Smith says:

    will use this for my financial and lifestyle prison.

  3. robert davis says:

    we all need forgiveness and we need to forgive others

  4. Not having a worthy challenge in your life, can cause angst. Even if it’s “the prison” of NOT KNOWING your being ruled by your own fears. I embraced “the terror barrier” this past few weeks and months.

    I haven’t felt this alive – or as free – as I do at this moment. People don’t end up in prison unless their in an “invisible prison” they never challenge initially.

    It’s great to be awake!


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