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The Power of Action over Thought

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Last post we discussed how prosperous and enlightened people override negative thoughts and take positive action anyway.  And that’s worth exploring a little deeper.  Because here are some of the delightful consequences that arise from doing this… 

When you experience great or noble thoughts, you’re experiencing them in a vacuum.  But when you practice great or noble actions, the whole world benefits.

And here’s the other “hidden” benefit that manifests:

Taking the right action is actually the fastest way to transform negative thoughts into positive ones.

And as Aristotle taught, that begins a ripple effect on you and who you become.  When you practice temperate actions, you become more temperate.  When you perform noble actions, you become nobler.  And when you take courageous actions, you become more courageous.

Ain’t it great!

– RG


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2 thoughts on “The Power of Action over Thought

  1. Bernice says:

    It is best to call or move forward to living. That is how you win. Best to teach others to live than to keep going on not living.

    For example, it is best to be with others who are living instead of with some equals/alive and others not. Just like being with positive and negative people. That is a goal to move towards.

    You don’t learn to love by hating or being hayted on. Listen to love, kindness, and equality and change what you can to be in agreement. Once you start believing you start taking different actions.


    Love this And “when you take courageous actions, you become more courageous.”… my 2018 mantra…


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