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The Poverty or Prosperity Consciousness Test

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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Last week I wrote a post about poverty consciousness that caused quite a commotion.  Many people recognized that they had some real issues to address in the area.  Some got very defensive, and claimed their actions were simply being thrifty.  Yet others felt I had no empathy, and didn’t understand the choices they were making were forced upon them by outside influences (their cheap boss, bad economy, industry downturn, etc.) 

Some wanted to debate the issue with me.  But I it’s not my job to debate the choices you make or why you’re making them. (I’m busy enough trying to keep my own life in order.)  My job is simply to make you think about the issue.  Where it goes from there is totally up to you.

But no matter which category you think you fall into, the true test is how this plays out in the other areas of your life.  Because if you make your financial decisions with poverty consciousness, it will bleed into every area of your life.  So if you thought I was off the mark in the last post, take the test and find out where you really stand.

The Poverty or Prosperity Consciousness Test


Do you devote the necessary time to maintain healthy friendships and family relationships?

Do you ever treat yourself to treatments like facials, manicures or pedicures?

Do you religiously set aside time for self-development and career growth training?

Do you get regular massages from a professional therapist?

Do you give yourself good dental, medical, and chiropractic care?

Do you make time for regular exercise?

Do you occasionally “splurge” and reward yourself with something lavish that you can’t justify rationally – but do so because of the joy it brings you?



The correct answer to every question is “yes.”  There were seven questions.  How many did you get correct?


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11 thoughts on “The Poverty or Prosperity Consciousness Test

  1. wkellercompassion says:

    Randy, as usual you hit the ball out of the park with your insights. What a wise man you are! Thanks for this.

  2. Lucie says:

    Randy thanks for challenging us! I had YES in 5 out of the 7 questions. The two NOs were facials and a proffesional massage. I take care of myself through excercise and healthy nutrition, no facials needed. My partner is an awesome massage guy, despite not beeing a professional, so I get a massage + love at the same moment 🙂

  3. Alexandra says:

    I can say 6 for 7 BUTTTTTT honestly I can do better in the excersise and PD department they slip at times. And those regular massages are on the to do list!!

  4. Radu says:

    5 out of 7, not bad. I guess I have to make an habit of getting a regular basics massage. 🙂

  5. Herb Palmer Jr. says:

    yes to all

  6. Eric C Smith says:

    crucial. thank you. lots of no’s as of right now.

  7. “Do you get regular massages from a professional therapist?” Yes, I currently looking his blog. 🙂

  8. raymutizwa says:

    I have 4 NOs, and it doesn’t look good ‘coz i feel i don’t afford such luxuries for now

  9. Samantha Van Duine says:

    wow! what an eye-opener… a big fat ZERO for yes’ I was almost embarrassed to the point of not leaving a comment. However, this is only where I am at this moment. My life is shifting. It’s been a long time coming; it started about three years ago when I learned the real truths about the so call “realities” that are put upon us by family, teachers, society and even our good intentioned friends, until we accept them as a solid, can take it to the bank and live by it as a guide.

    Anyway, I am on my way, gathering and applying this fine information. And the best part is how excited I become to know that I can really share this information and actually make a difference in the lives of those ready.

    Thank you for this information and everyone who posted – because, after all, “sharing is caring.” We all can make a difference.



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