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The Only Free Cheese is in the Mousetrap

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

That title above sounds like I’m being flippant, but it actually is a very concise, and very profound summary of how the laws of prosperity operate.

You don’t become prosperous by winning the lottery, getting an inheritance, or discovering oil in your backyard. Although situations like those sometimes happen to poor people and create temporary wealth, true prosperity is only maintained when you live by the laws that govern it. Wealth won’t stay around if you’re not doing the necessary actions. (Which is a nice way to say become the person who lives in prosperity consciousness.)

There is always a price to pay…

A big part of the price you pay to becoming prosperous is becoming the kind of person that handles prosperity responsibly. Studies have shown again and again that most poor people who win large windfalls in the lottery are broke and miserable ten years later. And we are talking about people who have won twenty, forty or even hundreds of millions of dollars. They got the cash, but they didn’t have the prosperity consciousness. So the money never stayed, and the other elements of prosperity never showed up.

Nothing comes for free. If you let the checkout clerk give you the extra $5 by mistake, you find a way to wire your house for cable without paying for it, or you help yourself to an extra newspaper when no one is looking—you are incurring a definite karma debt. And those debts always come due.

Prosperous people never look for anything for free. They are always happy to exchange value for everything. If you want to become more prosperous, the first step is asking yourself how you can get better. How can you solve problems or add more value? Who do you have to become, to live the life of prosperity you desire?

Success never goes on sale. Be willing to pay the market price.


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27 thoughts on “The Only Free Cheese is in the Mousetrap

  1. Jonathan1 says:

    RG.. the Gita tells us that being attached to outcomes and having expectations will also lead us from the Unity that is All. While I agree that the ancient spiritual outlook of poverty being ‘holy’, I think it’s important that we are selfless in our pursuit of prosperity and abundance as well. I was blessed recently with an anonymous gift of substantial value and decided to donate it rather than find ways to prosper from it. The feeling of joy that resulted is something that money just can’t buy.

  2. BillPaden says:

    Randy, Thank You for the “no free cheese” article. We only have to look at the platform of Presidential candidates to see that several are offering lots of free cheese in exchange for votes. From my viewpoint the free cheese that candidates are offering is sitting in the middle of a very large trap.

  3. Barb C says:

    so true….appreciate this…

  4. Dyno Dave says:

    so true so true…. thanks Randy

  5. Mr Move it says:

    Randy there is a german phrase that fits perfectly to your heading…BUT THE SECOND MOUSE GETS THE CHEESE

  6. Marcus_Shelly says:

    very nice Randy

  7. Lilija says:

    Randy,thanks for motivation!

  8. million dollar says:

    100% agree !

  9. RichardBony says:

    Thank you.

  10. pandkenterprises says:

    You may want to lecture the ranchers over there in North Dakota.  They were ready to cut their wrists due to having to live on that desolate, hellhole property in western North Dakota.  Then, oil was discovered and they all became instant multimillionaires.  They all sold out and moved away from that hideous area.  Now, due to all of the fracking, the locals have to live with drinking water that is so tainted you can light it on fire.  So I would say your above analogy definitely doesn’t fit in this scenario since the rats leaving the sinking ship actually came out way ahead.

  11. graham willis says:

    How true,I stole a burger when I was a student, 25 years later I was reminded of this when somebody stole from me, luckily this  was near the end of my debt repayment, but  even the smallest thing had to be paid for, v.painful. I would not steal a paper bag now

  12. iamifechuks says:

    Randy_Gage I just read through this. Wow Randy!

  13. Randy_Gage says:

    iamifechuks Thanks, please spread the word on that.

  14. iamifechuks says:

    Randy_Gage sure, I will…

  15. This is so true Randy!  As you said, those small things add negative karma to a life and show up eventually.  How much easier it is to walk back to the clerk and give him/her the $5.00 than to suffer the consequences in the future.  Plus, you feel better in the moment when you do the honest action.  Thanks for sharing!

  16. BobBurg says:

    BillPaden Great comments throughout, Bill. Your very last sentence especially is brilliant!

  17. @BobBurg BillPaden as an “observer” in Canada, of the political process in the U.S. ie: the Presidential race specifically.. that did offer an “elevated perspective” .. very well said.. that’s not a perspective a common person would think of.. 

    common people don’t read blogs like this.. upon reflection.. Good for you, Bill!

  18. The more “poverty consciousness” is released & #prosperity consciousness attracted, within the same mind, my experience within my own mind, had accurately reflected this content..
    there’s great power in being able to see an outcome from both those sides I find.. I was always going for the “free cheese” when in the throws of poverty consciousness..

    Now, it’s the opposite.. if it’s free.. I don’t want it, and it turns me off..
    being able to teach this content is equally as important as experiencing it..

    even these blog posts, are free in a sense to the newbie of prosperity consciousness studies..

    the study does come with a responsibility to share the content AND valuable enough to teach it to the uninitiated/interested people

    this content topic has changed EVERYTHING in my life. #grateful #passionate

  19. Elaheeee h says:

    Im so happy beacuse of all things that lhave learned from this page I beileve it there is alwaya a price to pay l have started my bisness recently and your videos help me a lot

  20. I like it RG. I’m learning that to just BE requires allowing and embracing of resistance. This price to pay is wicked sometimes but the reward of steady liberation and a more expanded prosperity consciousness is so worth it. I only want something for free after I have zero resistance to allowing it in. Then I know I was aligned to it, and not coming from a place of lack when I received it. Loving it dude, fab post Randy.

  21. keithowings says:

    Interesting lesson here. It applies to all walks of life, too.

  22. AlbertFlores1 says:

    Thank you Randy.  Recently some friends opened up a donut shop and offered to give me free food when I stopped by to visit them.  Remembering your training on prosperity, I insisted on paying.  I appreciated their jester, but I reminded them that even though I’m a friend, they are in business, not a charity.  I was there as a customer, and a friend.  Friends can help each other out by being customers too, ready to pay in return for something of value.  In this case coffee and donuts.  🙂

  23. Evgeshehka says:

    Всё так) но как мозг свой перезагрузить?))

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