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The Myth of Wealth and Prosperity

By Randy Gage in Prosperity.

There are so many myths and misconceptions about money and creating wealth.  Most of them are based on one single erroneous premise: That wealth is finite.

As I explained on this recent podcast, all true forms of prosperity are infinite.  If wealth was finite, man could have never progressed from the survival existence of hunting and gathering.  But here’s the most important part of the whole infinite scenario…

You don’t manifest wealth by taking it from someone else.  True wealth and prosperity are only created by adding value and solving problems – which is another way to say, creating more abundance in the world.


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4 thoughts on “The Myth of Wealth and Prosperity

  1. Chris Jones says:

    “True wealth and prosperity are only created by adding value and solving problems – which is another way to say, creating more abundance in the world.”
    Beautiful, Randy.

  2. Daniel says:

    How do you get rich? By making more than consuming. When the output is bigger, than the input. When the income is bigger than the costs.

    This is exactly the same as how the world are getting richer and richer. Meaning, the world CAN NOT us as much money as it’s CREATE. This is a constantly growing energy. The only way it can grow is that it produce more what its consume.

    It is growing despite the unbelievable amount of money what the governments and the religions are wasting (stealing, robbing, misusing, you name it). Despite the criminals, the thieves, the robbers (including lazy and cheating people, who exploit their bosses). Even those things can NOT stopping it growth. Do your really think that you would do? Not even if you stole it. This energy can be stopped only by atom bombs (which is on long term just withholding it, as long as humanity not extinct).

    But what is money creation? You repair a car. It costs the owner 1000 dollar. You may think that the owner have 1000 dollar loss, but is is false, because he have now a good car. Same if you renew or build a house. You got money, the owner got a fine house with all the stuff you put in with your skills. From this view, it seem like just energy exchange, but it is also false.


    Because the 1000 dollar what you get from repairing that car worth MORE for you than the time you put in (tell this to someone, who says money is just pieces of papers and not physical manifestations of a brutally big spiritual energy), and your time (the service) wort the owner MORE than 1000 dollar. If it were false, it would be like giving 1000 dollar for 1000 dollar. Nobody doing this. This is where the surplus created for both party. And this surplus going to be realized in the economy, as growth. And from this, you know that it is completely real. Humans are money creating devices. The usage of their time which creates money. The decisions they made creating money, really. Amazing, right? Only, small decisions creating small money. But creating nonetheless.

    What destroying the value of money is robbing, for example. If you rob 1000 dollar, you lowering its value by withholding the people, who created it. You damaged the device (the human), who created it. If everybody would rob from everybody, the world would end, because nobody creates value. If Bill Gates were destroyed before he finish the Windows, the world will be much, much poorer. And of course, you can rob yourself by asking less than what you worth. You misuse your own energy, making it unable to grow, which is eventually bad for everybody, since you can create money only by helping for somebody and yourself at the same time.

    Money and resources are infinite things. The human mind can make eventually resource from everything. Fire was scarce back then. Now everybody have a lighter. Atom energy is an unlimited thing. Cold fusion is on the way. On a long enough timeline, the human made everything goods infinite.

    Think like that: if the pie were fixed, we don’t even would had CAVES TO LIVE. The whole world be a big black hole, which collapsing to itself.

    (Therefore we know that black holes were former planets, where they embraced communism. Just like on the Mars. Fortunately, we found an other planet to live.)

    Randy never mentioning it, but you can also won and find money. Now you think you aren’t really creating money, but this is not true. First, people put money in lottery, because they see that somebody eventually win. This is the value of hope. It makes their day brighter. It makes them to go further (maybe not as much as the mindset of prosperity would do for them) Second: by finding lost money, you re-circulating it into the blood of the economy. Third: if you have prosperity consciousness – meaning, you are seeing that the world getting richer every day, and you are a part of that world – you may going to pay for the people, who get your money exactly the right time, to do with them something more. And you can create more money from found money. There are really no limitations.

    An other myth is the “free stuff” myth. There is no such things as “free stuff”. If you do something for free, this only means you paid it.

    These are the reasons why redistribution is nothing, but one of the biggest crime against humanity.

    1. Daniel says:

      Okay, to clear up a little bit more confusion, for the owner, his repaired car worth more, because he believe that he can gain from a working car more than the worth of 1000 dollar (be as 50.000 dollar (because he use his car for work, and it is going to work for a year) or a date with a girl, or both, or whatever. There is no upper limit.), and the mechanic thinks he can use that 1000 dollar better than his time what costed to repair the car.

  3. Eric C Smith says:

    like a prosperity snowball it seems!


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