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The Discipline of Self-Discipline

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

The problem with self-discipline is that it takes discipline.  And the farther you go on the path toward enlightenment, the more self-discipline you need.  But here’s the really good news about it…

By actually practicing self-discipline, it gets easier to become disciplined.  Here’s why:

Discipline creates success.  Each small victory builds your belief in discipline and creates a positive energy around it.  Every time you practice discipline, you build character.  And stronger character makes discipline easier.  It’s a self-replicating success cycle.

All you have to do is make a small start.  As Jim Rohn liked to say, ”Fall on the floor.  Do one pushup.  Then the next day, do two.”

It’s all about taking that first step, then building on that.  Which leads to the big question…

Where do you need some self-discipline in your life right now?


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5 thoughts on “The Discipline of Self-Discipline

  1. graham UK says:

    Why not set OUT the new commendments (10) of how to be rich,Moses did it, why not you??? GRAHAM UK

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Actually that sounds like fun. Good chance I’ll do that.

  2. Eric Smith says:

    keep em coming!

    1. Eric Smith says:

      discipline in independent critical thinking. getting into think and grow rich goal/vision writing daily and unlocking success conciousness more consistently.


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