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The Best Possible Version of You

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Last post I mentioned the authors I’m working with and how they can get stymied by seeking perfection.  They wonder if they have the right and credibility to put lessons out to the world.  You may be going through a similar dynamic.  Fearful to speak up, take a stand, or attempt something bold.  You think you have issues?

Imagine what I go through; the expectations people have of me – as “the prosperity guy.”  Not only do I post this blog about prosperity, but I write books on it, do a podcast on it, and have a YouTube channel about it.

I think most people believe I have 15 mansions around the world, and all of the love, drugs, hugs, peace, kinky sex, tranquility, money, and fast cars as I can handle.  The reality is a little less glamorous…

I strive for enlightenment, but am certainly not enlightened.  I’ve manifested prosperity in countless ways, but nevertheless have to occasionally face down my own poverty consciousness.  I still have to go though the human experiences everyone else does: making sure my hurricane insurance is paid up, traffic jams on the 5, and the Hunger Games competition for a parking space at Whole Foods Market.

What allows me to operate is that I have no delusions about perfection, and make no claims to possess it.  Anyone who follows my work know that the only claim I promise is that I will tell you what I’m doing that works, and what I’m doing that didn’t work.  And oftentimes, the latter part is the most valuable.

I would submit, the same is true for you.  So please stop playing timid and holding yourself back because of a perfect ideal.  Just go out and be the best possible version of you that you can be.

It’s enough.


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2 thoughts on “The Best Possible Version of You

  1. Eric C Smith says:

    working on some music and a sales job. This is super helpful. I hadn’t thought about “the prosperity guy” pressure. thank you.

  2. In a prosperity cd library I’m fortunate to own, an amazing guy stated ” paraphrasing: “To really appreciate prosperity I think sometimes you have to see the other side of things”. I can now strongly relate, and you know the experience fried some beliefs that weren’t serving me; that I could not see from the blindspot.
    any experience helping us to understand “being in the deep” much more clearly”, has to be valuable to one’s progress and evolution. The “perfection” dynamic was hidden in worthiness issues. Maybe it’s true for some of our community members too. The beliefs that got fried from stress I believe were all “perfection oriented”..
    prosperity is the conclusion not perfectionism, I agree!


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