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The #1 Stupid Reason You Hold Back from Success

fear of success
By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

You want to propose to a woman, but you’re afraid.  You think it’s because you’re fearful she might say ‘no.’  But that’s not the real reason…

You want to launch a new business, but you’re afraid.  You think it’s because you’re fearful it might fail. But that’s not the real reason…

You want to set a bold, audacious goal for yourself, but you’re afraid.  You think it’s because you’re fearful you might miss the goal and be disappointed.  But that’s not the real reason…

Want to know what is the real reason – the number one reason people admit to me on what’s holding them back? 

It’s not fear of failing, of other consequences, or how you’ll feel about yourself…

The number one thing holding people back is fear about what other people will think of them.  

And that is about the stupidest reason imaginable to limit your health, happiness and prosperity.  I mean monumentally dumb.  Ridiculous beyond comprehension.  Think back to what I told you earlier this week.  People are crazy!  And they don’t spend any time thinking about you.  They’re obsessed with self-fascination.

So why don’t you take the chance and go for it?


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8 thoughts on “The #1 Stupid Reason You Hold Back from Success

  1. Krzysztof Obarski says:

    Shit, I fall for this one over and over again…

  2. david says:

    One of my fav clips on Youtube is Dylan doing Maggie’s Farm when he went electric in 65, aside from it being great, great rock n’ roll.. is the crowd booing the shit out of him and he couldn’t care less, thank you he says… mediocre artists pander to the audience and critics.. the great ones couldn’t care less.. and Dylan is at the top of that pile…. Steve Jobs loved him for it and followed his example…

  3. Tom says:

    RG, it seems that people stay where they are because they’re comfortable. Nothing bad can happen if they don’t try something new, and just do what they’re used to, day in and day out. I know plenty of people that could care less what people think of them, yet, don’t do a thing to grow. Thoughts?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I know lots of people who say they don’t care what others think of them. But most of them are actually terrified what others think of them/

  4. Eric C Smith says:

    literally admitted my sales manager this the other day.

  5. Nicolaas says:

    Spot on – Luvvit Randy…

  6. James A Scheip says:

    Randy you are great, please keep doing what you are doing. All of us in the home-based business industry need you. Peace. Jim MA.


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