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Test Your Prosperity Mindset

Posted By: Randy GageApril 3, 2020

In times like these, even your normally positive sources of input are probably reflecting some negative, fearful, or defeatist thoughts. And unfortunately, if you haven’t already done some serious work questioning your programming and the core foundational beliefs you developed from that – your mindset may have a negative default setting.

Want to know the real situation of your mindset?  Let me offer you a quick test.  If you answer it honestly, not shaded by what you want to believe, you’ll learn the truth.

  • When you approach someone you’re attracted to, is your first thought fear of rejection?
  • You’re playing in a sports event and it’s down to the final seconds. One person will be the hero or the failure.  Do you want to be that person?
  • You’re at an event where they are drawing raffle tickets. Do you expect to win or lose?
  • You come into a large sum of money. Do you get nervous, think it’s a mistake, or expect it to get taken away somehow?
  • If you told the five people closest to you that you just came up with a $150 million idea – would they quickly celebrate your thinking or immediately discount it as unrealistic?
  • When things are really going great for you, do you get a little apprehensive, and kind of wait for the other shoe to drop?
  • If you were in the bottom two vote getters on American Idol and Ryan Seacrest was about to announce who was going to be cut, would you already be thinking it was you?
  • If you win a radio station contest or a valuable door prize, is “I can’t believe I won!” your first reaction,
  • Do you really expect to “live happily ever after” with your mate, or do you expect the relationship to fail?
  • Are you a regular viewer of Survivor, The Bachelor, or similar reality shows which are centered in lack consciousness?
  • Do you secretly fear that if you become rich and successful, your friends and family may not like you anymore?
  • Did your religious upbringing teach you that you were born a sorry sinner, or a flawed individual needed salvation?
  • If you were driving along the highway and you saw a Ferrari with a flat tire, would you find that amusing?
  • Do you repeat negative relationship patterns?
  • Are you jealous of people who have very expensive homes, jewelry, and exotic cars?
  • Do you believe you have to have money to make money, or need connections to become successful?
  • Would you (or do you) feel guilty if you earn more than your parents did or your spouse or best friend does?
  • Do you ever use prejudicial expressions such as “poor as a church mouse,” “filthy rich,” or “ungodly rich?”
  • If your child spills a drink, a pipe in your house breaks, or another bad event takes place, is “I knew that was going to happen!" your kneejerk response?
  • Do you exhibit a strong fear of loss mentality with extra locks, extraneous insurance, alarms on everything, etc.?

There really isn’t an answer key required for this test.  If you objectively and truthfully view your answers, you’ll know intuitively if your mindset is serving you – or needs some work.



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  • 5 comments on “Test Your Prosperity Mindset”

    1. After a setback last year, it was amazing how many people "liked me" again. they came out of the woodwork - releasing obsolete beliefs is amazing, yet challenging. I'm committed now more than ever to abundance and the good life!

    2. Very helpful Randy. Since reading and studying your “stuff”, I’ve definitely improved my prosperity consciousness, but still have work to do. Keep up the good work!

    3. I laughed at my mom when she told that her wall to wall carpeting all got thrown out when she sold the house, I said, oh isn't that justice, all your screaming shit fits about your bloody carpet when anything got spilled and it all got thrown out anyway.. that's why I don't get upset if things get lost or damaged.. who cares, get another one if it means that much to ya.. as far as those so-called reality shows, the only one I can tolerate is Shark Tank.. any of that other crap seems to me like you'd need a lobotomy if you watched for more than 5 minutes...cheers...

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