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Taking Money from Bad Rich People

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Quite a lively and spirited discussion happening on the posts this week.  And that isn’t even counting all the death threats and insults I’m getting through social media, emails and DMs.  (Just kidding. Kinda.)   Last post I said that I understood and emphasized with those who genuinely have a desire to help others and see the world become a more enlightened place, where we all took pride and actions to serve others.  I just feel that individuals (or governments) arbitrarily telling people how they should spend their money and help others is not the answer.

I am sickened when I see defenseless animals mistreated, so I support charities that combat that.  If your child was dying of leukemia, you would probably believe that finding a cure for that disease the most important initiative on the planet.  Meanwhile if Freddie just got diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, obviously he might wish that everyone would donate to that cause.

But if you believe in the principles of prosperity, you recognize that there is no moral authority for me, you, Freddie, or anyone else, to tell other people what charity they have to support.  To do so would explicitly counteract the principles of prosperity.

Now we haven’t mentioned Debra yet…

Let’s suppose Debra is a trust fund baby who receives $2 million a year in living expenses.  And she spends it all snorting coke and flying around on private jets to places Ibiza and the Fyre Festival.

I throw in this example, because you have to always extend your logic out to its natural conclusion…

It isn’t right or fair that animals and people suffer while Debra is living a life of debauchery.  It might be an affront to our personal morality.  Should we somehow pry a portion of that money from Debra and use it for our more noble purposes?  Should we just lock her up and take all of her money and redistribute it more fairly?  What about if we just sentenced her to death and impounded the money?

These approached could work.  If we imprison or kill off all of the people who don’t live life by our morality, we can redirect all the wealth to better uses and cure a bunch of diseases and make the world better for everyone, right?


Because who gets to decide what is moral and isn’t?  Who decides where the money goes?  The solution is worse than the problem.  And we haven’t even gotten to the worst element yet.  Which is where I want to pick up on the next post.  Until then, love to see your thoughts below.


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9 thoughts on “Taking Money from Bad Rich People

  1. Carol Gilles says:

    I work hard .. so I can play hard. I have charities I follow and I don’t want any group or government requiring me to spend my money “their way”. I am willing to pay my taxes, even if the government is not “spending it for my benefit”. Share the wealth? No. I am willing to donate to my causes or peoples. I am self-employed since the late 1970’s. I do not have a 401k, but I will get some social security benefits because I “loaned” this money to the government and am eligible to now get this borrowed money back. My money, my choice..for the most part.
    I always remind my clients … the government doesn’t have any money’s OUR $ they are spending. Choose wisely who you vote for.

  2. It is impossible to spend money to save animal species or anything else. This is not working. The only thing you can do is teaching people to not kill animals or behave normally. With money you can do only symptomatic treatment.

  3. Rie Pearson says:

    Kill Debra? No!!! I want to go with her! You stance on morals is spot on!!! Nobody can make that call for anyone else. I see this around me every day. It’s called ‘judging’. If you want to judge, go to Law School. But it’s everywhere. Insidious! And people say things like, “But it’s not fair” (insert whiny voice) Well dudes, that’s just the way it is.

  4. Bernice Alive says:

    Debra probably needs mental and medical help. She is probably looking to other things to stop her pain and suffering caused by beliefs she learned. She wasn’t born that way.
    Thinking if we believed in equality we would be happier, healthier, and more prosperous. Self esteem would increase. Empathy would increase. Conflicts would decrease. Abuse would decrease. Relationships would be better.

    You were created equal, good, loved, and in the light. Everyone else was also created equal, good, loved, and in the light. We learned false beliefs that conflict with our true selves and results in pain and suffering.

    1. It isn’t about how Debra can spend her money. It’s about the wealth inequality in this country. Something has to be done. My CPA was telling me yesterday that in the mid 1980’s all of your insurance costs would total about 4% of you income and today it is more like 25%. When he said that, I was incredulous, of course. So he did the numbers for me. It was even more than 25%.

      CEO of major corporations are now making something like 2000 times the average worker. In the 1970’s they used to make 20 times the average worker. So more and more of your money is going to the top 1%. And forget the CEO, then there are the board members of the corporations. They make millions just to be there. It’s an outrage. No one is worth that much to any corporation.

      Maybe the founders of Microsoft and Apple deserve millions because they actually changed the world, but those board members, what do they do to deserve so much money? That money could be re-invested in the workers or in the company. The investment of millions in board members is an affront to their stockholders and to the working people of that company.

      So yes, lets’s tax them. If they are not willing to be less greedy, then let’s get the money from them and use it to fund community things like we used to such as roads without tolls, rapid-transit, and good public education.

  5. Bernice Alive says:

    We are letting others decide if we don’t (our default).

  6. Bernice Alive says:

    What if a bad rich person gave you money? You could choose to accept it and use it for good.
    What if a good rich person gave you money? You could choose to accept it and use it for good.

  7. The law of LOVE is the law of justice!

  8. Freddy Aldana says:

    I agree with you 100% Nobody but myself should decide how I will spend my money….if I want to give it away to the Cystic Fibrosis Charity nobody can say other wise.


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