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Take the #2021Challenge

Posted By: Randy GageMay 7, 2020

Today, I have some homework for you.  I want you to write something.  A journal entry of your perfect day.  But not just any perfect day.  This entry will be dated January 1, 2021.  And it’s going to be a celebration of the fact that 2020 was the best year of your life.  Really.

If you read my book Accept Your Abundance, you know the drill.  The idea is, you write a movie script of your ideal day, after you have manifested a life of prosperity and abundance.  The objective is to imprint your subconscious mind with this powerful vision, so you are programmed to actually bring this new reality into existence.

Normally the script you write is a peek into your future: the day you take your company public, walk your daughter down the aisle, make your first million, launch your new show on Broadway, open that new restaurant, or see your book at the top of the New York Times bestseller list.  But we’re going to switch it up.  The slant this time is that you’re celebrating New Year’s Day 2021 in total gratitude, because 2020 was your best year ever.

This reality – you, experiencing your best year ever in the middle of a worldwide pandemic – isn’t as farfetched as you may believe.  Because you know that the greatest opportunities come from our greatest challenges. 

Think how the current situation has raised your awareness of how important your friends and family are to you.  I have friends that I usually chat with for 5 minutes, because we’re all busy.  But during this time of self-isolation, we’ve been catching up, talking about what really matter for 45 or 60 minutes at a time.  You’ve probably had similar experiences, calling your elderly parents or grandparents more often, checking in on neighbors (or them checking on you), perhaps home schooling your kids.

Next think about the opportunities you have to enrich your life when a huge chunk of the world is in quarantine.  You can be devoting extra time to your self-development routine: learning a new language, taking up yoga or meditation, reading the classics, or getting in extra workouts.  In a practical application sense, you can also be learning specific skills like copywriting, speaking, Internet marketing, etc., that will accelerate your career when things settle down.

Maybe you’re with me so far, but you’re thinking you can’t work, or your business is shut down right now, so 2020 is going to be a financial setback.  But is that really true?  The world is slipping into a recession.  And that means most people will be impacted by that.  And it also means you can choose not to participate in it!

When the lockdown started, I had almost one million dollars in revenue evaporate within 10 days.  Public seminars, conventions, and other live events had to be postponed or cancelled.  But my coaching programs and consulting business have exploded with new clients who I am helping to navigate through the challenges of the pandemic.  My business model has adapted to the new reality.  Just like yours may need to…

Nobody likes getting a flat tire, but for the guy who owns the tire store, that’s how he sends his kids to college.  

It doesn’t matter what your job or business was before this; what matters is what you choose to do during this.  I’ve been shocked at the ingenuity of people during this time, recognizing new opportunities to solve problems and add value.  There may be no better time to reinvent yourself than right now.  So, let’s get back to your homework…

Your assignment is to write a compelling journal entry for the morning of January 1st next year, detailing the story of this perfect day.  Make sure to involve all your senses, to make the experience seem as real as possible.  You want to see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, touch it, and feel it.  It is only when you experience prosperity in your mind and heart first, that you manifest it on the physical plane.  So be sure to involve all those senses.  Here’s a brief example to get your creative juices flowing:

January 1, 2021

I woke up around 6:15 as the sun started peeking through my window.  The gentle ocean breezes were blowing through my bungalow in Fiji, where I’m vacationing this week.  I opened the trap door in the floor and dropped some breadcrumbs to feed the fish.  Instantly there were dozens of fish: blue, green, orange, yellow with red polka dots, even purple with green stripes. The water was perfectly clear, and I could see down to the bottom.  I decided on a swim before breakfast, so I walked out to the deck and jumped off.  The cool Pacific instantly refreshed me as I tasted the salty water and breathed in the tropical ambiance. 

 Becky was still sleeping so I toweled off, quietly ordered green tea, orange juice, and some tropical fruit from room service.  Then I went back out on the deck to listen to the birds and reflect on why 2020 turned out to be the best year of my life...

You get the idea.  Write it as if you are actually experiencing it, involving all of your senses, so you imprint this experience strongly in your subconscious mind.

Only share this script with people who support, encourage, and want the best for you.  Those you can count on as Mastermind partners toward your success.  Keep this script in someplace like your planner, briefcase, or purse, so you have it handy every day.  Whenever you have a free five minutes, re-read your script.   When you get stressed out during your day and feeling overwhelmed, close your door, turn off your phone and email, and read your script to yourself.  This will calm you, center you on your goal, and reinforce the positive programming in your subconscious mind.  This is a very powerful tool for manifesting your prosperity and abundance.

Breaking the process down to the simplest level, your subconscious mind does not distinguish between real events and events that you intensely imagine.   The stronger you emotionally relate to the event, the more powerful the imprinting on your subconscious mind becomes.  When something is programmed convincingly enough, it has to happen.  Really.  Because the subconscious portion of your mind doesn’t question, rationalize, or analyze – it simply does what it is programmed to achieve.

Will you accept the challenge? 

One last thing.  Maybe two.  First, what do you say we start a tsunami of light and love?  I’m asking that you tap dance on the “share” buttons above.  There are a lot of people buying into the recession and negativity right now.  We need to help them reframe the situation and recognize the blessings and opportunities that await them.  And please call out a couple friends on social media with the hashtag #2021Challenge and a link to this page.  In fact, let me start the ball rolling right now:  Bob Burg, Lisa J, Curt Mercadante, and Steve Keating – I’m calling you out to take the #2021Challenge  (I’m going to do lots more on social media. Let’s get this energy out into the world.)

And second, if you’re up to it, please post your journal entry in the comments below.  If it’s too long, please post a link in the comments to it on your blog or somewhere else it is posted.  (Please don’t post links to coronavirus conspiracy theories, political rants, or your new $79 e-book.  Just link to your actual journal entry.)  By making a public declaration, you will buy in to your vision even stronger.  And it’s bound to inspire others.  I hope you’ll join me in making 2020 the best year of your life this far.


- RG

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  • 17 comments on “Take the #2021Challenge”

    1. Love this challenge!
      I will write a draft now, as I just read the post, just to get started. Immediate action after taking a decision 🙂

      January 1St 2021

      I woke up around 6:00, feeling so rested and well in my body, energized.
      I looked at my husband sleeping so peacefully, and I decided to go do my meditation in the SPA area of the 5* Hotel we are staying in. My daughter and mom are in the room next door. They all sleep until at least 8:00, so I got a full 2 hours just to myself.
      The SPA area overlooks the mountains, is warm and has an amazingly relaxing scent and, music.
      I sit in a comfortable warm chair and do my morning meditation.
      I go to the pool and do a few laps in the cold water , overlooking the mountains, and just feel so energized.
      I go to the hotels gym, and a sexy fit instructor shows me the gym area and assists me with some exercises.
      They've got everything, super clean soft towels, good vibe music, latest tech machines.
      I take a shower and sit in the spa area again, and read my new favorite book. Finally reading Atlas Shrugged and loving it.
      I then go to my luxurious room, to greet my family.
      We all go to have a nutritious breakfast, fruits, vegetables, an omelet
      We get dressed up in our new comfortable high quality ski wear , and head to the slopes.
      My daughter is taking a great ski class.
      I finally take ski perfecting lessons also, the instructor is so nice and I quickly improve my technique.
      At lunch, we eat on the top of the mountain, with great views of the area.
      We ski all day long.
      In the evening, we play some fun games in the room, then go to dinner.
      I come back to my room, and sit on the balcony reading some more.
      I think about how all this is possible, because I finally have my business up and running, a group coaching experience, and save marriages all around the world. My clients are so happy and recommend me every chance they get. I am so blessed.

    2. My January 2021 will be celebrating the success of my coronavirus conspiracy e-book. Thanks, Obama. Kidding aside, I loved this post.

    3. I am taking the challenge because I know it works. I did this when I wanted to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show and I did. I did this when I wanted to have a successful TEDx talk and I did. I did this when I wanted to meet Jack Canfield and I did. Now I am doing it to create the next chapter and abundance in my life, and I will. Thanks for the challenge

    4. January 1st, 2021
      “Good morning! It’s 5:05 and it’s great to be alive!” I say to myself as I slip into my fuzzy slippers and walk out on my balcony to my vista view of the Pacific ocean. I just stand there and breathe in that salty fresh air. “Hello beautiful,” the waves seem to say with every melodic crash.

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this amazing retreat center. Thank you to my business (and my amazing clients) who made this retreat center a reality! The three years of saving for the down payment was so rewarding. I thought it would take longer, but time accelerated when COVID-19 changed the real estate market.

      I remember wondering when my “perfect ocean view retreat center” would find me. And then, voilà. Todd calls, and without even saying hello, he shouts, “Lisa! I found your jewel, girlfriend!”

      And that’s exactly how he talks. I love his whimsical, stylish, feminine force in a male body. Haha! And because he knows it was important to me, he shared the whole story of how the owner was thrilled to move to Colorado for a new work opportunity (and a new love interest) and was thrilled to sell his place at such a great price! A win-win for both of us.

      Wow, I’m truly amazed how it all came together with such velocity and ease. Even Lyleen was thrilled when Todd gave her part of the commission, just because she’s my “other” realtor friend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

      I click the button for the fireplace to ignite and grab my cozy blanket—the one Robyn got me for my birthday. “I love you, my sweet friend,” I say to her in the ethers; knowing she feels my love 3,000 miles away.

      My little coffee machine has obeyed my command from setting it last night and I breathe in the rich aroma of fresh brewed European coffee. I fill my favorite Balboa Island mug—the one my kids gave me for Mother’s Day. “I love you Auriana, Beau, Connor,” I say out loud and smile as I feel so much gratitude for the juicy connection we all share as a family)—and then, I sit.

      I sit and feel my breathing… inhale… exhale… I’m so grateful for life and the amazing gift of freedom, fun, and solitude. I sit. There’s so much joy in this moment. The longer I sit the bigger my smile gets. I soak up all those juicy feelings of gratitude, God’s face, God’s love, God’s energy around and within me. I sit and feel it all.

      The sun is rising! The sunrise is my alarm clock to move into writing. I open my journal and read what I wrote yesterday. I giggle to myself—No, I giggle at myself! I don’t know anyone who thinks like I do. It’s kind of fun being a club of one. Well, me and God. I’m one with Him in this quiet time.

      I begin today’s entry like all the days before: “This is the Day the Lord Has Made. I Rejoice and Am Glad in it.” Then, I just sit with that truth and wait for the first image of gratitude to show up in my mind.

      This morning, it’s my husband. I’m most grateful for his ability to understand—even value my need for sweet solitude and independence—because he’s independent, too. Whether it’s walks together on the beach in Huntington or texts good night because I’m down here in my sanctuary… whether it’s world travel or quick jaunts in our Cessna, he is my Captain in every sense of the word. My pen keeps writing thoughts of gratitude for the many people, projects, and clients that I am so in love with.

      Then, after a quick check at my emails, bank and investment accounts, social media, I look at my schedule and make a mental check of where my coaching calls are scheduled and affirm there’s time for my ukulele playing, singing class, writing, and our evening yoga sunset class with Stephanie.

      I’m filled with so much excitement to get to work. (I love to work!) But, wait… Not yet, dear one. No matter how I feel, I always put on my running shoes and go! I sweat. I lift weights. Do squats. Planks. Sit ups. I don’t always love to do these things. But I ADORE feeling strong. Sexy. And physically powerful. So, I do them every day. After a simple and delicious breakfast and a longgggg hot shower, I get to start my five hour work day!

      So much of my business was shifted to online courses and coaching webinars because of the “Global Reset” (huge kudos to my amazing social media extraordinaire Eolyne Arnold who did all of that for me. And Auriana! Her editing expertise is the reason my books and manuals are so effective and the reason for the success of my “Mindset Reset Coaching Academy” in September!

      I adore my coaches—all of them are such powerful forces on this planet. They have an incredible story of how they transformed their lives and recreated themselves into vessels of joy and confident power. Each one of them make such an impact on our client’s businesses and lives.

      I can’t wait to hear what they’ve created since our last team webinar. The stories of how they’ve applied the Mindset Reset Formula to our client’s lives is so rewarding. The Formula has created remarkable results in many people’s businesses and lives through their coaching. We are making the global impact I’ve always wanted and I am incredibly grateful.

      Today’s Team Webinar is extra special because I get to announce the location of our Fall Mastermind Retreat! (We’re already set for the Spring Retreat in Paris! Everyone is thrilled that they were able to change their flight schedules and the city of lights opened up after the quarantine. We’re like kid’s on Christmas morning when we talk about being together in Paris this May.)

      Today’s announcement is about the Fall Retreat in October in…. Catalina Island! Yes, I’ve reserved the entire Wrigley Mansion overlooking the harbor and the iconic circular Casino with its vista views of the ocean. We’ll enjoy six delicious days together masterminding, training, writing, laughing, and celebrating the great success of the Mindset Reset Coaching Academy.

      As I sit down to plan the curriculum (and all the juicy surprises) for the Catalina Retreat, I read the paper from the #2021Challenge that my biz coach Randy Gage challenged me to write. It was a Thursday, May 7th, 2020; just eight months ago; when he challenged me, along with BobBurg, Curt Mercadante, and Steve Keating to write out a vision for 2021 and how 2020 turned out to be one of the best year of your life.

      I accepted that challenge eight months ago and realize that it was that vision I wrote that became my bulls eye to shoot for, the melody to sing, the dream to believe in, and today, January 1st, 2021, it became the reality to celebrate!

      Thank you Randy Gage. I love and appreciate you.

      ~ Lisa J

    5. Interesting: Randy when you challenged me, you were not aware that this was part of homework I did in a programa I designed last year for the new ten years. You had to write a letter to yourself date December 31st, 2020 where you look at what had transpired during thew last year. I not only wrote it then, published it in my blog post last Aprill 11th. Here is the English version. Thanks for the challenge.

      Dear Jorge

      Today I am seated at a beautiful table, surrounded by my family. As I raise my champagne glass and say: “to our family, a year of health and prosperity”, I hug each person that is at the table. I kiss my wife, I have a long and emotional embrace with my 91-year old father, my son, my brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, family and friends that are part of the festivities. I feel so blessed, fortunate and grateful for my life.

      A couple of hours before the party I took the time to sit alone and reflect on what had transpired this year. I gave myself the opportunity to write the book I had always wanted to write. I decided to turn my business around and make it more e-commerce based with coaching and consulting services and products on-line.

      I reconnected with different people of my life. Childhood friends, family members with whom I hadn’t spoken with in years and friends with whom life had taken us in different directions. I gave myself the opportunity to let go of baggage I no longer needed to carry.

      I don’t need a lot to live with. I am happy at my home, in my office, with my wife and my two dogs. It has been a year to really get to see who I am and how do I want to live. I learned that you can contribute in so many ways. I don’t have to be doing to be in action. I don’t need drama or have something happening in my life to feel motivated or inspired.

      Today I feel that I have learned so much, and I have so much more to learn. So many things I want to do to keep the little child alive. Be a learner, a beginner, the one that is looking forward to taking that first step. It’s ok to be clumsy and not be perfect. I love doing the dishes, putting the clothes to dry and folding them, putting away the groceries after we come from the supermarket. I am amazed by simple things. Little acts of generosity, of affection, of kindness and of empathy.

      I continue to train my mind with books, with poetry, with essays, with writing, with learning how to think, to bring order to my thoughts, to communicate with thoughtfulness and reflection. I learned so much about Stoic Philosophy this year. It was truly a blessing. It brought to my attention three fundamental aspects: how do I perceive things; how do I learn to be disciplined in my actions; and bring discipline to my willingness. It has been priceless.

      I learned that I can’t do things alone. The value of having people that contribute to my growth. That challenges me, that makes me become a better thinker, that make me see that my thoughts aren’t truth, rather a perception that could be changed or altered, that reflect my light and/or my darkness, that they are bilateral lessons in my road thru life, that they are gifts that I have close to hand at every moment.

      My emotions and feelings continue to represent two keys things in my life: a collection of images of memories and lived moments, as much as a Pandora’s box, where lies the mystery of who I am and what I still don’t realize of who I can be. Fear, doubt, loneliness, love, passion, commitment, anger and will are some of those that continue to create waves and leave a trail as I continue my journey. I can stay at the surface of them, yet now I don’t drown in their depth because I give myself permission to feel them and not avoid them.

      Crying or being emotional has never been a problem for me. Now I look for it with much more frequency. I can provoke a catharsis when needed and when my soul gently calls for it. It can be watching a movie, listening to music or an audio. I have learned that processing is much more important than repressing, denying, avoiding or resisting my feelings.

      Simplicity becomes much more common and daily. I enjoy simple conversations, watching the sun rise from my office every morning, writing, watch my dogs sleep in the chair in my office, listen to my wife having conversations with her family, enjoy lunch, dinner or simply be in silence every morning. It’s a blessing.

      Today, December 31st 2020, I live in gratitude with God and life because I was able to face my challenges with a steady mind. I was fearful at times, very much on certain occasions, yet my faith never wavered. I was certain about believing in myself, maybe like I had never done before. By appreciating the simple things of life, something I never took the time to do with the sense and sensibility it requires, brought new meaning to my existence.

      The journey of appreciating the road, as you make and go along the road, can be difficult at times. Yet when you start getting it, you smile more often, you internalize that it’s a process and it’s about seeing things with serenity. Pain will show up, as it did, yet love will always be the way to overcome it.

      Thank you God, and life, for this 2020.

    6. Here it is...My Perfect Day January 1st, 2021:

      I woke up about 7am. I still can't believe I'm waking up in Procida, I always wanted to go back to Italy but I love seeing these off the beaten path islands! The quiet condo is perfect--I'm here with my boyfriend who's sitting out on our balcony/veranda. I smell fresh baked pastries (vegan of course). We order coffee from room service before going to breakfast. We're touring all of these Italian islands for a month--the first vacation I've had in years.

      After breakfast we are going sailing to Ponza for a beach day. Lunch at this secluded spot with great wine. We head back early to do some sightseeing on Procida by bike. I love seeing these old 15th century abbey's and the locals are just so lovely! I'm so grateful for this! Later we have this wonderful romantic dinner with all of my favorites--grilled veggies, pasta. Back in our condo, we're sitting outside listening to the sea. I think about the past year and am so thankful to everyone who I encountered on my journey. I'm glad I stuck with it. It has made me a much better person

      1. I'm up and walking through my quiet neighborhood at 5 AM like I do every day of the year. My 30-minute aerobic walk is always a little faster on these cold winter mornings. 2020 is a distant memory and I'm reflecting on how much has changed with my life and business since the pandemic first hit and my state of Pennsylvania shutdown for an extended period of time.

        My new virtual coaching and learning model took some time to get up and running but my clients love the way I can provide my usual high quality conversations and programs in a new way. My portfolio of clients now reaches well beyond my former regional emphasis. A new storefront on my redesigned website now generates most of my participant registrations for the monthly virtual learning workshops I offer.

        Because of a strategic decision I made early in the pandemic to offer FREE Virtual Coffee Breaks to clients, my relationships with them has been strengthened and they continue to refer me to other people in their networks. I am collaborating with other consultants to offer virtual learning and sharing the revenue.

        My new work-from-home office has saved me a lot of money in commuting time, car maintenance, and gas. It has been rewarding to know that I can balance work and family time even better with this new scenario.

        My steaming cup of coffee is now sitting on my desk as I prepare to launch a new year. Bring it on!

    7. The flames catch easily from last night's coals banked in the fireplace. Philip and I, plus two dogs and two cats, had spent the turn of the year snuggled on the couch in front of a blazing fire to share stories, dreams, and comfortable silences over a light supper of favorite delicacies and glasses of Krug sparkling rose which I love as much for the dusty pink foil wrap as I do for the taste.

      We've slept easily and peacefully and now I'm curled up on the couch again with the fire beginning to warm the big room with it's soaring ceilings, bright windows, and wall of bookshelves filled with our favorite books and treasured pictures and mementos of our travels. Each item represents an idea, a story, a memory, or an experience. Some books are fiction, some are not, all represent someone's truth and maybe a bit of ours. Some I authored, some I inspired, some have inspired what I think and write and say. Some of the objects on these shelves are glorious indulgences, some were discovered in unlikely places and brought home for a song.

      We'll be leaving for the island before the end of the month, but we wanted to celebrate the holidays in our own home with our furry kids and Philip's family. Later today I'll join Philip on the mat in our private studio then head down to the dojo for some kickboxing or to the adjoining gym for a kettlebell grind. But this is my mediation-contemplation inner practice time.

      As I reflect on the year just closed I honor the themes that emerged. The world has been forced to relinquish the old, invite in the new in deeper, more universal ways than I have ever witnessed before.

      In many ways this was the year I've spent the previous 56 years training for. The world needed to learn to navigate shared trauma. I had already learned to do and teach that. The world needed to form and nourish connections with each other, with themselves, with something infinite and eternal. I'd already learned to do and teach that. The world needed to remember how to return to the inherent inner power that is our birthright. I'd already learned to do and teach that. Every experience I'd navigated, every knowing, evey tool, every technique I'd discovered, been taught, practiced, and used to become myself was in demand from a world that had come face to face with the natural outcome of what we have been creating for centuries.

      This year has turned the spotlight on existing pains and tragedies in our global society, bringing them up from underneath the skin like poison long lingering in the blood now rising to a huge boil that must be lanced and drained. But it has also demanded that we bring to bear our greatest gifts to purge and heal the old dis-ease and believe in wholeness and oneness again. It threatened much of what we held dear and thought was most important, but it also demanded that we go deep to learn what of that was truly our desire and what was left over expectations and ego requirements we've adopted from others and from cultural norms.

      This year demanded of me that I learn to synthesize and systematize all of the inner work I have done and all the methods I have studied to connect myself and others to their personal power, their ability to consciously create anything they choose, to recode the brain/body/mind and integrate the soul to step fully into the desired life experience and personal expression. The rewards of already having done that work, created that clarity, and prepared myself to be of service to others facing those same challenges are all around me as I sit content and fulfilled in the now, looking with pleasant anticipation into 2021.

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