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The Surprising Truth about Peak Performers

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Step into my world. It’s a fascinating place, because I get to mentor, coach, and contribute to the transformation of high-level achievers.  It’s a job that humbles me, and gives a unique perspective into the process of reaching greatness.

There are a lot of perceptions and common beliefs about high-level achievers and how they reach that status.  Almost all of them wrong…

Because I’m working with top performers in many different fields, from sports to business to the arts, I get to see the commonalities and characteristics that really drive their results.  And some of what you’ll discover seems sensible enough.  But some other things may surprise or even shock you.

Most people think peak performers are dynamic powerful people – which they are – who were born that way.  Which they weren’t.

No one is born that way.

Certainly some people are raised in positive environments, have higher self-esteem, bigger dreams, or more confidence.  And confidence is a hug part of success. The success formula I see most frequently is:

Competence Breeds Confidence – Confidence Breeds Success

But most people think peak performers are special people – born with such amazing gifts that they simply have confidence from the get-go, and everything feeds off of that.  The reality is quite different.

The high achievers I work with weren’t born confident in their ultimate success.  And they weren’t born a great athlete, artistic genius, or breakthrough entrepreneur.   They didn’t begin with a confidence that their success was preordained.

And here’s what may shock you: They don’t become extraordinary in their craft because they believe they are extraordinary people.  They believe exactly the opposite.

They think they are average people who will face lots of daunting challenges to achieve what it is they seek.  And their real confidence comes because they are confident they can learn the skills they need, practice the habits they will have to have, and develop the character traits required.

They don’t just fall in love with the vision of what they want to accomplish.  They fall in love with the process they will go through to achieve that accomplishment.

Yes, they have swagger.  Yes, they have confidence.  Yes, they have belief.  But all that swag, confidence and belief comes from the opposite perspective that most people think.

They become world class because they know that they’re not world class, not special, not entitled.  They know they are average people who have the ability to become peak performers.

They are confident in their ability to learn what they need to know, to get to where they want to end up.  And they celebrate the journey along the way, including the sacrifice, challenges and work required.

That confidence leads to competence, and that competence fuels a greater confidence.

So here’s your homework:

What do you have to learn – that will create the competence – that fuels the confidence – to get you where you want to go?

– RG

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5 thoughts on “The Surprising Truth about Peak Performers

  1. Bonnie says:

    Randy, that is a really good perspective. Hard work always gives you a deep sense of accomplishment, which in turn builds your confidence in what you do. Thank you for writing this, it is a great reminder of how the two play into each other, to build us. Bless you, Bonnie L. Beach-Repollet

  2. What do I need to learn? How to rob a bank and get away with $5 million without getting caught – I’m too young and pretty for prison.

  3. Elvira says:

    Спасибо, Рэнди! Действительно , для успеха нужно принять и полюбить весь путь к успеху, а не только конечный результат

  4. Elvira says:

    Спасибо, Рэнди! Принять и полюбить путь к успеху – это очень важно!

  5. Bernice says:

    What power does a baby have that most have forgotten? The power we are born with.


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