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Seize Your Advantage

Posted By: Randy GageJanuary 15, 2019

There have certainly been some brilliant people in the world.  People who accomplished game-changing, even world-changing stuff.  Thomas Edison, Florence Nightingale, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Alexander Graham Bell, Mother Teresa, Walt Disney, and countless others.  Yet you possess an advantage that none of them ever had… 

And you’re looking at it right now.  The Internet.  Let me share what I believe are the most powerful platforms and aspects of this extraordinary resource – and what they can mean for you.


A real-time, organic, evolving-by-the-second, encyclopedia of everything in the world!


No matter the topic or expertise you desire, you have thousands of valuable, insightful blogs to help you discover whatever you are seeking knowledge on.


Twitter is the village square of the world, and the crown jewel of the social media platforms.  You get to curate your content, and create your very own broadcast network.  And unlike Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms – you actually get to see the content from the people you choose to follow.  Follow your favorite authors and entertainers, brilliant scientists and thought leaders, political figures and newsmakers, academics and astronomers, and whatever fields you are interested in.  The right selection of people to follow can add 5 points to your IQ.


The most powerful visual resource to learn almost anything.  All you need do is type in, “How to…” poach eggs, tie a bowtie, change a carburetor, get six-pack abs, write a haiku, or any one of a couple trillion things.


It’s almost mind-boggling the number and caliber of podcasts available today.  You can select to hear form some of the most insightful, brilliant, funny, empathetic, loving, successful and giving people on earth.  (Here's mine btw.)   And you can do it while you’re walking the dog, running on a treadmill, or driving to work.   What’s a magnificent gift!

None of those illustrious people above had the benefit of the Internet.  You can harness this resource to develop your intelligence, hone your skills, and gain more wisdom.  It is arguably the biggest advantage you have over all the prior generations.

Leverage it.

- RG

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  • 2 comments on “Seize Your Advantage”

    1. Ditto all that, my PC has a computing power of a NASA Supercomputer from the 80s, hell our cellphones are supercomputers even by yesterday's standards. It's important to use it all to foster our prosperity, you can use your PC to binge watch some crap on Netflix or design; create something, best something of value for others. I designed my product labels while my pals learning how to brew beer at home, after 2 years they are still in their dead-end 9 to 5 jobs, I own my own brand and are financially independent. 🙂 Tech and information are there for the taking just be mindful what you pick, a lot of garbage floating out there, pick what serves you not what makes you a servant of others, unless you are follower and want your life to stay the same then by all means go with the flow and learn another useless skill, but since this is a prosperity blog I will tease you!

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