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Really Live Your Life!

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

One of the things I’m constantly reminding you is that you are not your thoughts – you must be the thinker of those thoughts.  When you are conscious and mindful, you get to experience life in the moment and create more of the outcomes you desire.  Just as you are not your thoughts, you don’t want to be your concepts either.

We use words and labels to conceptualize things and make them easier to process.  We group apples, pears and peaches as fruit, and carrots, celery and corn as vegetables.  The concept helps to process, but it limits your ability to really see the uniqueness and beauty in each individual thing.  This is true whether you’re looking at trees or flowers, mountains or rivers, movies or potential spouses.

Once you teach your child the concept of tree, they’re never really see another tree again.  Maple, oaks, lilacs, and banyans are all trees, so they’ve seen it before.  Boring.  Or so they think.  And so you think.

The concept helps you process the experience, but you must be mindful to actually experience the experience.   How you doing on that?

– RG

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3 thoughts on “Really Live Your Life!

  1. Hi, I may not be my thoughts and I am not, but If I am the thinker of the thoughts then those thoughts are arising out of me which say’s a lot about me. We learn quite early in life to make sense of the world in order to function in it but it is not the truth of me, or the world, as we have to tell many lies to ourselves in order to maintain thughtform’ we have created to keep ourselves seemingly intact and feeling safe. This thoughtform though is usually quite unconscious and is the driver of every decision we make in life until we begin to seek to seek the truth of what is really going on inside of ourselves – but this is not a path many people will want to walk on, but that is a choice we all have the opportunity to make

  2. david says:

    Fair enuff.. but I like to think I can think for myself.. for example, just did a road trip up the CA coast and stopped at the Hearst Castle.. on my bucket list.. while I loved the grounds, hated the house, way too much, but that’s just me, like a spare, Japanese style and that sure ain’t.. but good to see all styles and decide what you like…

  3. thechalkywhite says:

    Now that’s the most challenging (for me at least) that you’ve posted for a long time. Going to require a bit of introspection here…


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