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Prosperity, Simplified…

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Here is the most elegant way I know to break down the process of living prosperously…

Never go to sleep without sending a note to your subconscious mind.

Never wake up without giving a positive affirmation to your conscious mind.

– RG

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5 thoughts on “Prosperity, Simplified…

  1. Roger says:

    I like it. Thanks Randy. I am good about the mornings. You have just reminded me to improve on the evenings. I appreciate you

  2. Carol Gilles says:

    At bedtime, I usually write down 5 things I am grateful for. When I wake, I read affirmations and positive messages before getting out of bed. Starts my thinking off for the day.

  3. Tom says:

    RG, how does one “subconsciously” send a note in the evening?

    1. Leo says:

      Great question

      1. Randy Gage says:

        Hey guys, one important distinction. It’s not “subconsciously send a message,” but “sending a message to your subconscious mind.” But I understand your desire to know more specifically how that process works. So I will explore it in tomorrow’s post. -RG


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