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Poverty Sucks

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Last post I told you that there is nothing spiritual about poverty.  There are millions of mind viruses circulating around the planet implying that it is somehow noble or virtuous to be poor.  If you have such a belief even remotely on the fringes of your consciousness, you need to eviscerate it immediately.  Let’s be completely certain about this… 

Poverty sucks.  Poverty causes people to lie, cheat, steal, and even kill.

Health, happiness and prosperity are your true natural state.  The person who is not successful is at odds with the universe.  There are noble, virtuous and spiritual people who happen to be poor.  But there is absolutely nothing noble, virtuous or spiritual about poverty or living in poverty.

You are born to be prosperous and it is noble, virtuous, and spiritual for you to follow a path that leads you to a prosperous life. 

Your desire to become prosperous is the manifestation of your natural evolution as a developing, enlightened person.  For in order for you to receive more, you must become more.  In this desire for prosperity, you move forward on your path of spiritual awareness.

So just how do you follow this path and become more prosperous?  We’ll unpack that in the next post.  Until then, please share your thoughts below.


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One thought on “Poverty Sucks

  1. wellbeinginsights says:

    The 2 beliefs you teach and taught years previously: 1) Your Creator wants me (generic) to be rich!!!!!!! 2) The mind is an instrument for poverty or Prosperity, bu not both PROVIDE HOPE to an unbeliever or meme stricken minds. It’s experiential; two vastly different manifestations. Unlearn to learn anew.


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