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Nurture Your Desires and Dreams

desires and dreams
By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Last post we explored Divine Discontent and I suggested that true prosperity is evolving into the highest possible version of yourself.   And a huge part of that begins with a desire for more, and nurturing your dreams.

When you see someone who is depressed, there are many possible reasons for that.  But a great deal of the time the answer can be traced to one overriding issue: they don’t have a dream.  Some people come from such a limiting environment, they never fully developed a vision for a better future.  Most people, however, had a dream at some point, but they placed it in hibernation or let it die. They bought into all of the limiting beliefs and negative programming about “being realistic” and “don’t set yourself up for a big disappointment.”

A life without a dream is a life without purpose or meaning.  Life is not about meeting the bills, showing up for work and doing the dishes.  Yes we need to handle all that kind of stuff.  But that isn’t why you’re here on this planet…

All those people trying to dampen down your dreams don’t know what they’re doing or even why they’re doing it.  Most of them actually mean well for you. But you can’t buy into that crazy thinking.

The desire to do, have and become more is your true path to enlightenment, meaning, happiness and prosperity.  So celebrate it.

Please.  Take your dreams back.


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3 thoughts on “Nurture Your Desires and Dreams

  1. david says:

    I feel bad for people who don’t have a dream or have given up on them.. it took me to my 40s to find that I love to write about food and wine and I’ll do it till I kick it.. saw a Bob Proctor training and he asked Earl Nightingale the secret to a happy and rewarding life and he said, find what you love to do and do it… and Bob said, Whoa, I took off like a rocket when he told me that..

  2. This reminds me much of my blog posts, especially, and I believe that it’s important to recognize whether people’s actions and words are supporting and building you or bringing you down. There are times when you mistake people for having your back rather than holding you back. These people may act as if they care about your well-being but instead tear you apart. You need to understand that your self-value projects your purpose, so make yourself a priority.

  3. I’m going to delete my new blog. Why the “f” am I using a sick society – as you’ve pointed out, RG, in a different post – as a reference point of “normal, or acceptable”? I’m “woke” in a sea of unwakeness!


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