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Learning the Lessons

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 5, 2019

You probably noticed, the universe likes to send you lessons from time to time.  And if you’re not ready to learn the lesson, then the universe has no compunction about sending it to you again.  And again, until you learn it.  The system may not be fun, but it certainly is effective.

When people say things like:

  • It seems I’m always a day late and a dollar short.
  • Every guy I date seems to be…
  • If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

What they’re really doing is displaying that they are oblivious to the lessons the universe is sending them.  People make statements like those above because they’re wallowing in victimhood.  Or perhaps getting an emotional payoff from feeling they’re an innocent victim of a supernatural conspiracy to hold them down.  When what they should really be thinking about is what lessons they haven’t learned yet.  So you know where I’m going with this…

What's the lesson the universe is sending you right now?


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  • 2 comments on “Learning the Lessons”

    1. For me the message is take better care of your body, self inflicted back pains (due to excessive exercise) are bothering me more than before. Thank you universe!

    2. I got recently a disappointment when a guy I was following up for 2 years let me know that he joined same company but in another team. He could be a very important asset for my business since he is well connected with healthcare systems.

      I start to reflect what could I've done better and this bad experience made me be bolder, less introverted when I promote my business with others. It was a great loss for short and medium term, but on the long run this situation will help me a lot.

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