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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

As we watch the bitter political divisions that seem to be occurring in an increasing number of countries, it appears to be having a serious side effect: Less and less rational, logical, critical thinking. 

We all have confirmation bias in different areas and probably always had.  But the degree and magnitude it is occurring today is mind-boggling…

People can be faced with a tsunami of facts and evidence on something – but if this conflicts with a cherished belief of theirs – they find a way to completely negate the facts.  This isn’t a case of just filtering out evidence that clashes with their opinions.  It’s a case of them being smacked upside the head with the evidence and consciously finding a way to invalidate it.  No matter how much they have to contort, warp, or totally flee from logic.

It takes an extraordinary amount of humility to allow yourself to be proven wrong.  But you can’t evolve any other way.  Hopefully you do have strong, thoughtful opinions on the important things in live.  And hopefully, you hold them loosely.


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One thought on “Keeping Your Mind Open

  1. About logic: I wonder how many more time needed if to draw the conclusion what is really happening here. Because this is nothing, but genocide. Take their money, take their mind. Take their money, and they become weak. Take their mind and they going to think that they are strong. The sad thing is people still try to explain this in a “doesn’t hurt very much” way, saying this is happening because of we elected this and he done that and so on… It is absolutely doesn’t matter who you are going to elect as a president. Nothing going to change, except the name.

    The basic education system tells you nothing about money. This alone should raise the alarm. Facebook and other generally popular activity, such as TV programs, pushing little boxes (phones), taking drone-jobs (where they can easily replace you for a robot) makes you dull. Such things are lowering your abilities (it is not about TV, it is about what is on the TV). It it true that the world are becoming more and more prosperous. But only for being able to buy your new phone and your new computer for registering facebook and convert your 3D friends to 2D ones. Government given prosperity doesn’t make you smarter. It only makes your phone smarter.


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