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Is There Life After Death?

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

We set another record for downloads on the Power Prosperity Podcast last week.  A big reason was the special episode I put out on Saturday.  Since it got such a huge response, let’s continue the discussion here.  The episode was titled 1,000 Miles from Nowhere, and in it we dealt with the age-old questions of:

Who am I?

What is the ego?

Is ego evil?

What is the thing called self?

I find it ironic that so many people know about and understand the blockchain, quasars, nuclear fusion and cloning animals – but don’t know who they are.

It seems to me that a lot of the people who face this question seek answers in the space of organized religion.  Often this leads to the question of who/what is god, and how you qualify for salvation.

Too often it then leads to running from your past, seeking atonement for your past, and/or sacrificing your current life now, to get the “good” life – the one after this one.  They think their current life is simply something to be endured, as they’re tested to see if they’re qualified for inclusion in the real payout: eternal life.

But what if there isn’t really a test?  What if you’re meant to really live this life, the one you have right now?  Longtime followers of my work know, I believe if you ask the wrong question, the answer is irrelevant.  Or even harmful.

I think too many people are asking the wrong question: Is there life after death?  They would be better served to ask a better question:  Is there life before death?

Next post, I want to explore the other part of the podcast, the people seeking to find themselves.  But in the meantime, would love to know your thoughts on what we discussed so far…


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10 thoughts on “Is There Life After Death?

  1. Bernice Alive says:

    To have life after death, you need to have life before death.
    You are born with it, disconnect from it (learned beliefs and behaviors) & can reconnect.
    You have to choose it if you disconnected (became a zombie).
    Currently I think you have to love yourself and others. Love is equality. Inequality is hate and discrimination.
    Learn & believe while you are on earth so you have eternal life.

  2. If there is no life after death, then the life before death is totally meaningless. You can kill yourself immediately, because at the end, you will be erased. Makes absolutely no difference.

    God is a being, who as elevated compared to you, than as you elevated compared to an ant. The stuff you learned in the school explained to you, such a being can’t exist, which is insane. For you, beings without physical form can’t exist. This is the point, where you have to deny your own soul. It isn’t a surprise that atheist usually don’t believe in afterlife.

    But this is just basic math: what is the chance that you are the most developed specie in a seemingly endless galaxy (I know, lots of people wants to believe that the chances are high)? What is the chance that no one is above you as far as you are above from an ant? It is so small, so microscopic that basically we can say it is zero. There can be beings that older than the universe. Denying it is a serious limiting belief.

    Afterlife is an other dimension, God is an elevated being. That’s all. Why it is so complicated for people is beyond me. It is not an abstract thing, just people make it abstract.

    Of course, organized religions are crimes against humanity, but just because they are mislead you, it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist. Rand said the universe is not aware of itself. Really? How do you know that girl? An other limiting belief. Her objectivism is very subjective in many cases (don’t worry, she is one of the most respected woman for me).

    The funny part is, everything is in the “law of attraction”. How can your subconscious mind attract your Viper? Looks like a very complicated process. In fact, it is more difficult than make it with your own hands. If an energy can be so complicated, why do you think there are no entities made from this energy? If your subconscious mind can achieve this, why don’t you think there are maybe a being, who can create planets with its “subconscious” mind and more? It is insane to deny that. That’s why I say atheism is just an other religion. Just as limited, misleading and dull than the rest.

    Of course, the main source of the limiting beliefs is the ego itself. It is your worst enemy, who is insidiously can make you believe that it is your best friend. Its main goal is to make you believe that there is safety in the word, why there isn’t. Politicians creating fear and selling safety. Just what the ego needs. The ego is operating completely on the fear-safety line. The whole dirty trick is based on that. Looking safety somewhere outside than ourself. It doesn’t exist outside. It is only exist inside. Cheap trick. So yes, the answer is: the ego IS evil. Ego is also in your emotions, and emotions is the most picture disturbing mechanisms in the world. To understand this concept, you should have a warm heart and a cold mind and not the opposite, which most of the people have, thanks to the ego.

    1. Somehow should learn spelling. According to your video, I probably should sleep more…

  3. I used to run from life but was actually running towards the good life after death, or at least earned enough rewards not to come back to this planet again. The I read Nietzche, “Beyond Good and Evil” and something clicked, and although I had studied philosophy, psychology nothing had altered this mindset until Nietzche’s book landed in my hand. I immeiately realised I had been saying NO to life rather than YES which was a mind boggling realisation and it turned my world upside down as everything I had believed was the truth of things could not hold water any more. There was no going back to the comfort of my former beliefs. I really had been avoiding living with life. Everything changed after that and as I began to close the escape hatch which life after death was offering me, I also could no longer allow myself to live in future times and the effects of past times. This is no easy space if comfort is what drives you.

    WHAT IS DEATH? were we dead before we were born – when I think about it it is like we are taking the journey to death from the moment we are conceived and everyone is subject to it. BUT what we call LIFE lies between these 2 points and paradoxically this is what I was trying to avoid.

  4. M Edwards says:

    I stopped believing in the Holy Trinity a long time ago, that’s my choice, and yours to believe? My Mother has many churches around the world and her husband is Bishop Barry. So I’m very much a disappointment !

    Oh well, whatever! Ive seen many things I can not explain, speak in tongues, seen visions, listened to demons coming forth (seriously) and most of all, Ive seen animals suffer that didn’t need to?

    So if?

    There is something or someone out there that can apparently count the hairs on my head and created everything …

    when I get my chance to speak and see if my name is in that book of life? I’ll pass thanks, fuck that I’m not drinking the Kool aid

    I feel all there is, is the now so live as big as you can.. Randy does, so I will too.

    BUT…. My quandary is?

    If, i believe in that in which i don’t, i actually do feel i will enjoy this journey better?

  5. One of the best things about this post is that it elicits so many inarticulate comic responses that are meant to be serious. The question that seems relevant to me is, “What choices make me feel authentically alive?” I have a question about your question, “Is there life before death?” Doesn’t it presuppose that life and death are separate? If death is part of life, how can it be before itself? In my mind, a valuable question to ask is: How can I view death and embrace it so that it empowers and enriches every moment before it?

    1. If my first sentence in the above post offended anyone, I apologize. My sarcastic comment was unnecessary and did not contribute to this discussion.

  6. A new question that does not include the word, before: How can I make death an empowering and enriching part of my life?

  7. Self esteem & self respect.. two metrics not to be ignored.. in my experience.. oh, and IMAGINATION – that’s crucial!


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