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Investing in Your Success

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

The cost of success never goes on sale.  You have to be willing to pay the market price.  That includes sweat, work, and learning new skills.  And part of that is investing. Investing in yourself.

How are you doing on that? 

Do you have the tools you need to be effective in your job or business?  (Like a proper computer, a Wi-Fi account, marketing materials, etc.)  When is the last time you bought a book or audio program to improve your skills?  Have you invested in any online courses lately?  Are you attending a live seminar or two every year to sharpen your saw?

You have to be the number one investor in your dream.  Because if you don’t invest in you, why would anyone else?


– RG

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5 thoughts on “Investing in Your Success

  1. graham UK says:

    Hi Randy
    What is my miracle ( sorry ! week late but I do like to process information)
    YOU ARE my miracle, I have seen sunrises ( 6am in rio was the best , straight out of the helpee bar with lisa reginna)
    BUT it is the internal mindset that is required to appreciate such things, which brings me back to you, Thankyou for putting yourself out there to make us think, revaluate and to eventually change our lives, much love graham uk
    PS thanks for emilie cady

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Thanks for sharing that. I’m honored. – RG

      1. wellbeinginsights says:

        I hold the same sentiments! This day before Remembrance day, I can remember times when my “inner realm awareness” was more a reflection of confusion rather than discernment, clarity and victory!

        Thanks Randy! and community!

  2. thechalkywhite says:

    Love how this adds to your “Starbucks budget” quote. Be careful though Randy, someone out there might think you were actually planning your success. 😉

    On a more serious note, after Amway introduced me to personal development – via the much maligned book of the month programme – shelf development became the norm for almost twenty years. Amazing what happened when I started reading them, then attending seminars and conferences to improve my mind.

    Thank you for keeping so many of us empowered.

  3. Eric C Smith says:



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