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If You Can – You Must

Posted By: Randy GageOctober 29, 2019

As is often the case, Rumi the Sufi mystic and poet, made an observation and that observation led me to an epiphany.  That epiphany is what led me to tell you in the last post that I would be challenging you to share your talents, blessings and gifts with others.  Well, now it’s showtime…

The statement that Rumi made was:

“If you are here unfaithfully with us, you’re causing terrible damage.”

The reason that assertion touches me so is because of how I interpret it.  I believe he is saying that when you don’t live as your true self, you actually deprive the people around you, especially the people who mean the most to you.  And you to them.

I take it even further than Rumi, because I believe when you aren’t living your true self, it’s an insult to the force that created you.  When you have gifts and talents, and don’t use them – they atrophy and are forever lost to the world.  And that is a crime against yourself, your Self, and a crime of nature.

When you play small, we all lose.  I don’t know what you’re holding back on right now.  It might be a sculpture, new business, opera, book, song, mobile app, painting, movement, play, adoption, video game, project, company, speech, or non-profit organization.  But I know this…

Every gift we are given comes with a responsibility to share it.   Your purpose on this planet includes becoming the highest possible version of your Self. 

When you employ your gift or talent, you move closer to that highest possible version.  And when you play meek and hold back, you move backward.  You’re being selfish, not in the positive way, but the worst, negative way.  You’re depriving yourself of your true destiny, and you’re depriving the rest of us from the higher version of you, and all the good that comes from that.

The world needs you to share your gifts.  And you, need you, to share your gifts.  And that's why I need to challenge you.  To challenge with one simple question...

You up for that?

- RG

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  • 4 comments on “If You Can – You Must”

    1. That stirs up so many possibilities, Randy! I'm attracted to new adventures; whereas my gifts often prompt me to remember "the familiar". I like to challenge myself to do "unfamiliar" to learn about new gifts I have.

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