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How You See Your Future

Posted By: Randy GageAugust 5, 2019

Last post we looked at the importance of having a challenge worthy of you.  Whether you have one or not is probably determined in great part by your vision of the future.  If you have an optimistic vision, you picture good things happening and want to prepare for them.  You probably think of your future in productive ways like taking care of your health, having a savings account, and creating a retirement plan.

But if you see the future as some random series of occurrences you have no control over, you make no effort to master it.  Instead of spending your days working toward creating the ideal of your future, you default to the diversion path I mentioned in the last post.  Your days consist of desperately looking for distraction and entertainment, because everything else seems boring and futile.

The truth is, we are all victims of circumstances and our environment at some point or another.  To have a meaningful life, you have to recognize that you still have a massive amount of influence to control your life.  You choose not to become a victim and make do the best you can with things you can’t control.  And even those things you can’t control, you can control how you respond to them.  So instead of living in victimhood, you choose to become a co-creator of your life.  And that’s when you can find meaning and fulfillment.

Love to see your thoughts below…


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