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How to Set the Perfect Goal

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 1, 2019

Last post we discussed the criteria that for goals that cause you to change your behavior enough to attain them.  I promised that in this post I would share what makes a goal “perfect” – one that you want to achieve, you can achieve, and it transforms your life for the better. 

You might have heard about my Author Apprentice platform.  It’s a one-year mentoring where I’m coaching the participants on writing an extraordinary book.  The first module involves creating the concept and the Table of Contents (TOC).  That tells us what the book is going to be about and gives the roadmap of where the writer will go with it.  I have to greenlight the TOC before the author can start writing the book.

Of the seven people in the program there were five that I rejected their first version of the TOC, because I felt the book they would create with it wouldn’t be as good as they are.  The other two participants submitted TOCs that were as good as they are.  And I rejected them as well…


Because the standard I have set for this program is that each author must write a book that is better than they are. Meaning that writing the book will force them to grow – and become a better version of themselves.

And that is the standard I’m suggesting you use to create the perfect goal for you. 

Yes, you should set goals worthy of you.  But the perfect goal is one that forces you to become more.   You goals force you to become more, so your next goals are set higher, you become yet better, and it is an endless progression.  One that leads to becoming the highest possible version of yourself.

You up for that?


P.S. to my fellow Americans, Happy Labor Day.  And for everyone in the path of Hurricane Dorian, please stay safe.

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  • 2 comments on “How to Set the Perfect Goal”

    1. I got an idea for a book, a compilation of my NSI quizzes.. 9 questions where I ask chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, etc. people in the industry what their fav drink, music, meal, bucket list food travel etc.. is.. maybe it's not really stretching myself, but it's a helluva lot better and more entertaining than most food and wine books out there.. cheers...

    2. F0r me being a lifelong student, has and is my goal, as it keeps me from complacency and the assumption that I think I know, or ought to know. I like being challenged and find it enjoyable. As a mature student I took a 2nd degree but came in after others had been there for a while - one day the tutor was speaking about something which I had no idea of and I realised I had been caught out in a big weakness...I was afraid to stand up in front of everyone and say 'I don't understand you' as at the time my ego was large and I saw it as humiliating. Thank goodness my 'lifelong student' and my aim of excellence (not perfection) pulled me out of my chair and I spoke up. Amazingly the tutor stopped and centred her attention on me which to me was horrifying ,as I always tried to be partly invisible, and explained kindly what she was talking about. I did know somewhere that if I did not speak up things would only get worse as I would be piling ignorance upon ignorance and fail my degree, or get thrown out. It might seem such a small thing to other people but the fear of being seen as less was humiliating to me. To this day I still give thanks that I saw through my false pride which was truly enabling for the future, and allowed me to catch up to the rest of the class. I do actually LOVE LEARNING and while we are on this planet we are certainly given much to learn from, some of which we often call bad events - just take out the bad/good and the scenario becomes different.

      Thanks for your posts Randy

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