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Honest Self Evaluation

negative thoughts
By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

So did you take some time after the last post, to really analyze your thoughts to determine how many are negative versus positive? 

Let me give you some tough love and be a skeptic for your consideration.  Coming only from love.

Most of you didn’t do it.  You decided you’re busy and/or you didn’t need to do it.  You believe you have already remodeled your thoughts, and you’re firmly in the positive camp.  You just can’t understand why your manifestation on the physical world hasn’t caught up.  Of course most of you are in total denial…

A good share of you spent some time thinking about it, and decided you mostly think positive.  And most of you are tragically mistaken…

Unfair you say?  Negative projection, you claim?  If you believe that, let me know below.  Then check out what I have to say on the next post…

– RG

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3 thoughts on “Honest Self Evaluation

  1. thechalkywhite says:

    Not sure I would characterise what you have said as “unfair” as only the individual can decide if they want to choose “guilt” as a responsive feeling to this post. Although you were the first person who got me “thinking about my thoughts”, there are now a number of resources I use to protect and challenge the thoughts I’m thinking. Perhaps the most important now is my wife as she is fully on board with our love of “thoughts become things – choose the good ones”

    Not sure how she’ll take to being described as a “resource” though!!!

  2. Sean says:

    So many of my thoughts are habitual… I am challenging them daily, and changing my perspective to my advantage.

  3. I’m learning about, and experiencing more of my amazing Prosperity power, by releasing illusions, lies, memes, beliefs and stories – or “mini-self-concepts” I call them, that arn’t serving me. I so revere TRULY prosperous “personal prosperity power” #Victory


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