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Hanging onto Victimhood

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Last post I wrote about how hard you have to work to remain broke.  A recent natural disaster demonstrated this in a different way.

I saw a story on the people who were staying in buildings that had been condemned as unsafe after a fierce storm.  The poster boy was a guy featured on the homepage of the news site.   It was a photo of him sitting in a chair surrounded by broken glass and insulation from where his ceiling collapsed.  He certainly looked like a poor soul who needed some empathy and support.  The only problem for me was that the picture was taken two weeks after the storm hit.

If you still haven’t even swept the goddamn floor and you’re posing for pictures amid the squander – you’re running for sainthood.  Otherwise known as wallowing in victim-hood.  In case you missed it, listen to this podcast about why people sometimes hold onto victimhood.

We all face some curveballs from life. The difference is not what happens to you, but what you choose to do about it.

– RG

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3 thoughts on “Hanging onto Victimhood

  1. If we lived in a sane world,I would agree with everything in your post. But we don’t. We live in the fifteen-minutes-of-fame world that Andy Warhol predicted. So the dude posing in the ruins may very well be running for sainthood. In his mind,, victimhood is a shot at his 15 minutes. I think the carbon copy school shootings are also desperate cries for significance through notoriety. Yes, personal choice can surmount any circumstance. But in a world that reveres mediocrity, for many the desirable choice is victimhood. This is my optimistic reflection tonight.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Yes I see you’re feeling quite optimistic tonight!


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