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Habits that Transform Your Life

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

We like to think we create our future.  But you don’t really create your future.  You create your daily habits – and then those habits actually create your future. 

The way you transform your life, is you must transform your habits.

I had a fantastic time with the crew at the Elevate event in Gotham City over the weekend, and looking forward to doing it again this Saturday in Miami.  The event is great because it gives me a chance to train on how your habits really develop.

Here’s how that process actually plays out…

So to transform your life, you have to start at the beginning, with your programming.  Change the programming and you change everything else.

It ain’t random kids: Your life is the harvest of your thoughts.  Act mindfully.  (And if you aren’t a subscriber to my Power Prosperity Podcast, be sure and do that.  It’s free, and all the cool kids do it.)


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2 thoughts on “Habits that Transform Your Life

  1. Let mi give you an example: Jurassic World 2.

    Spoiler alert, but that’s the kind of spoiler, where I point out a poverty consciousness programming, so I think it is worth it.

    So we see the male hero at the beginning of the movie as building ALONE his own house with his OWN HAND. The house is a light construction, the holding elements made from woods. The hero is a dinosaur trainer, who made great achievements and break-through with the dinosaurs (he had a velociraptor pet) in the only island of the world, who dinosaurs exist. And he was the only trainer. Now when I seen that, I started to wondering about how many can be his monthly incomes within this circumstances. I came to the conclusion, it must be A LOT OF. Should be enough to buy or build whatever house he needs and where he needs as he is the only dinosaur trainer in the world. Yet he builds with his house alone with no help and with his bare hands (as a construction company owner, I know that it is impossible to build this alone with no machines and helping hands, but who cares?). To make things worse, near to the construction site, standing an old and rusty caravan, just to show you how poor he is. Of course, during the movie, he wears only the cheapest clothes as they can find for him.

    But that’s not apply on the evil characters on the movie. They are riches like hell. They capture and sell the dinosaurs for tons of moneys. Their clothes are perfect. And even the not-so-bad rich grandfather is an @sshole, because he was cloned his own daughter (with the dinosaur cloning trick) after she died, and he kept this secret from everybody. But that’s not a problem, because the other rich has killed him at the end with a pillow.

    There are also an evil military character in the movie, who always barking for his money to send (-SEND MY MONEY WITH THE BONUSES!!!). He saying that many times. He is also betraying the good ones and helping the evil riches to steal the dinosaurs.

    There is no good prosperous people in the movie and no bad poor people in the movie. The cloned girl lived in a very big castle. At the end, the heroes defeated all the evil ones, released the dinosaurs and the good ones and just left the castle which was the heritage of the clone girl and must be worth lots of millions of dollars for a “safe place”. You may wondering what is more safe than a castle. They probably continue the work on the wood house now with the help of the clone girl. The castle cares nobody.

    That’s how they programming you. And this is just one movie.

    1. Randy Gage says:



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