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Give Yourself a Fresh Start

Posted By: Randy GageJuly 20, 2020

In the latest episode of my podcast, we look at the issue of buying into the stories that others create for you.  It could be your parents who want you to be a doctor or lawyer.  Maybe your significant other who tries to talk you out of making a bold career choice.  Or it could be your circle of friends who sell you the belief that everyone in the group belongs there, and neither you or anyone else is talented enough to bust out of it. That leads us to lesson number one…

Don’t allow other people to sell you their limiting beliefs.

Unfortunately, other people aren’t the only ones who try to sell you stories.  Far too often, the person trying to sell you a bad story about yourself…is yourself.

Every time you affirm statements like “I can’t sing,” “I just can’t lose weight,” or “I don’t stand a chance,” not only are you selling yourself a story – but you’re actually programming it into your subconscious mind.  Which leads us to lesson number two…

It’s never too late to change the story.


- RG

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  • 2 comments on “Give Yourself a Fresh Start”

    1. It's too much work "to fit" in a social group that doesn't have their heart on fire for growth! OR, you can let them sell you "their beliefs" that growing at an evolutionary rate isn't appealing, or desirable.

      I think we must be mindful when choosing our "inner circle", as days pass. We need to re-enchant our imaginations! Our personalities hold our soul's evolution back too often too! A person is way stronger having the finances taken care of; more choices and options.

    2. So whilst banging in nails for the new shed, I heard a birthday celedration party from our african neighbours, so they sang happy birthday, I wondered is that it, but no, they kept singing " how we love you for ever" .." how we all bless you" It was touching.. this child is bound to be suceesful, in the manner of success of doctor or lawyer.. but were is the magic in that, so can you please keep banging on.. LOVE G UK

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