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Dream Big, Act Deliberately

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

One of the most frightening things I witness is the alarming number of people who are waiting for a sign, to start living their lives.

They expect some event to happen, to alert them it’s time to begin.  They believe when they lose 15 pounds, then they will be happy.  Or when the kids are grown, they retire, or the economy gets better. 

Or they’re waiting for the right person to enter into their lives to flip the “start” switch for them.  They believe if they meet their soul mate, only then will they be made whole.

The tragedy in all that, is that people who are waiting for the right event or person to enter their life – aren’t actually living their life.  They’re in a holding pattern, like a Delta jet over LaGuardia.

It’s wonderful to dream.  Please dream BIG.  But you also have to act.  Act deliberately to move closer to becoming the highest possible version of yourself.

Don’t wait for some external factor to start.  You don’t know if it will ever come.  You have to create the event.  You have to be that person.

Please.  Dream Big, Act Deliberately.  You deserve that.


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2 thoughts on “Dream Big, Act Deliberately

  1. Study, apply, demonstrate! <— that's for me!

  2. Tom says:

    Great reminder. I used to be like that but no more! Have acted on several initiatives lately and feel great about them. Thanks RG!


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