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Don't Let Your Heart Harden

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 6, 2020

If you're a subscriber to my newsletter, than today's post will look quite familiar. Because it's a repost of my "Friday Filosophy" newsletter from last week. There was an insurrection, with a large number of my readers, asking, beseeching, and even demanding that I reprint it here for everyone. So enjoy, or re-enjoy.

It feels like we got to September in about ten minutes.  Seems like a week or two ago I was celebrating the New Year.  Now I opened my planner today (Yes, I still use a paper version.) and it had the “It’s time to order your 2021 calendar” page.  Sheesh.

There’s no doubt that for many of us, 2020 will be etched in our memories as the most momentous year in our lifetime.  The era of the Covid-19 pandemic, accompanying lockdowns, and the resulting financial consequences will likely be remembered with other momentous epochs such as the Great Depression and World Wars I and II. 

When I review 2020 in my experience, it was a cray-cray, rollercoaster ride.  The year started amazing, then in mid-February I had almost a million dollars’ worth of business evaporate within a 10-day period.  By April things were trending upward and by May I was in higher demand than perhaps any time in my entire career, which has continued to this moment.  I’m leading a blessed life right now.

But I’m not so arrogant and ignorant to think my prosperity is happening equally to everyone sharing our planet…

The U.S. alone has 29 million people on some form of unemployment aid.  Millions are hanging on with the support of school lunch programs, food banks, and other charitable endeavors.  Millions more will be affected as the paycheck protection program and similar government assistance programs run out.  Airline employees for example, are set for some catastrophic layouts starting in October.  

Families should never have to create a Go Fund Me account to get life-saving surgery or avoid going bankrupt for a medical emergency.  And because we have an election coming the first week of November, the incumbent party is pushing a narrative that the Covid-19 pandemic has been defeated, the stock market is booming, and the economy is roaring back.  But for the majority of the population, stock market gains are meaningless to their financial security.  There are so many gig economy workers, part-time workers, and independent contractors who don’t have a soft-landing spot just because the Dow Jones Industrial Average goes up. (For you overseas subscribers the labels may change, but the reality is pretty much the same.)  

And if you’re a person who actually thinks instead of being brainwashed by political propaganda, a quick look at the national debt will sober you up quick.  The federal debt is expected to increase by $3.3 trillion for 2020.  That means the accumulated debt burden will be larger than the overall economy next year.  The last time this happened was in 1946, when we were desperately trying to recover from the devastating effects of WW II.  Anyone who confuses deficit spending like this with economic recovery is delusional.  There will be a serious price to pay, and it will fall the harshest on the poor and disadvantaged. 

I’m thinking a lot about the disparity between my blessings and those less fortunate.  And hope that you are too.  Because while 2020 has raced forward to this point, there is still a meaty portion left to play with, time to make it end up better for ourselves and those around us. 

If you are currently blessed with health, love, finances, or other forms or prosperity, please reflect both on what you did to deserve it, what parts came simply because you were in the right place at the right time – and how you can help circulate more prosperity around the world.  As for my own reflection, here’s what I came up with…

I did some things right, to put myself in this position.  I have:

  • Saved for emergencies
  • Invested for the future
  • Built a tribe of people who trust my work
  • Created market gravity
  • Built a business model I can work primarily from home
  • Developed and maintained a prosperous mindset

I’m giving myself a well-deserved pat on the back for my willingness to challenge and grow and having the self-discipline to put it all together to build a solid career and a fulfilling life.  But I also recognize that a healthy chunk of my prosperity were blessings I did not control… 

Looking realistically and honestly at my situation, I must also acknowledge some advantages and benefits I received simply by the grace of grace.  These include:

  • Being born in the wealthiest country on earth
  • Several schoolteachers who saw and recognized my gifts
  • A judge and public defender who thought a 15-year-old armed robber deserved a second chance
  • Being white in a society skewed with racial advantages for that
  • The Affordable Health Care Act which covers the $3,000-a-month medication I need to live

In total, I did some things right, and received other blessings by good fortune.  I’m resolved to never lose sight of that, never let my heart harden, and continue striving to circulate more prosperity.  How about you?  Are you in?   Hit me up on Twitter and share.

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- RG

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  • One comment on “Don't Let Your Heart Harden”

    1. For me . it was not you can not out give the universe, it was learning how to give, but then confidence came after 20 years of soul seaching
      your best legacy will always be your story. i could not press your red button, i was tempted....LOVE G

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