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Circulate Your Prosperity

circulation law of prosperity
By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

True and abundant prosperity is never about possessing things, but enjoying, sharing and ultimately, releasing them.  This is true for both your spiritual gifts and your material possessions.  Hoarding is miserly and actually creates lack in your life.  Prosperity is about circulation.

Think of prosperity in terms of a brisk, flowing river.  It’s always moving, releasing pressure, and seeking its proper level.  On the other hand, when water pools in a stationary place, it becomes cloudy and stagnant.  The laws that govern prosperity operate the same way.  When you circulate substance, you break the energy block and keep the river of prosperity flowing freely.

Anything that you don’t circulate and share will eventually become lost to you.  One day you’ll go into the vault to retrieve it, and you’ll only find ashes or rust.

If your prosperity seems blocked, usually the answer is to “sow a seed,” and start circulating what you have.  When you’re willing to share things you possess, you attract that which you really desire.


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8 thoughts on “Circulate Your Prosperity

  1. Paul Erickson says:

    I did “sow some seeds” last night but I’m definitely praying for a crop failure this morning.

  2. So true! Do you recommend donating money when we want more money to flow?

      1. eletta says:

        I know…you are a big Mister Gage. God bless you,Randy, with my best regards.

  3. One example, share your books and cd resources. People may decline them, that’s ok. Keep trying anyway. Share your gifts, encouragement, joy, etc..

    I’d ad as long as it doesn’t put YOUR prosperity in harm’s way. ie: progress vs “regress”

  4. Correction to an earlier post about joining under a new number. I thought I would join tomorrow even though I disagree that you can not reconnect if you have been away too long. That is a limiting belief. You are connected with God/Spirit at Birth and you are good and kind. You learn beliefs that block your connection. You can reconnect at any age by unlearning the beliefs that blocked your connection. The sooner the better.
    I was still going to sign up, until I realized I could not use a PO Box as a shipping address. I will have to wait until I have a safe permanent physical address to ship to.

    thank you,

  5. Nirmal Patil says:

    What an amazing thought.. couldn’t agree more. Its all about giving before ask what one wants.

  6. Well said Randy, love the way you connect the dots.


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