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Changing Your Lifestyle

Posted By: Randy GageApril 1, 2019

Sometimes the most important thing you can do for yourself is a change in your daily lifestyle.  Because changing your lifestyle makes for permanent and profound change in many areas.

Some examples of changing your lifestyle would be:

Eating healthy

Finding time for regular exercise

Quitting smoking, alcohol or other drugs

Scheduling regular self-development time


Limiting screen and online time

Scheduling "thinking time"

Once you change your daily routine with something like this, the long-term effects can be extraordinary.  So how are you doing on this?  Any lifestyle changes you want to make today?


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  • 4 comments on “Changing Your Lifestyle”

    1. I think I moved way ahead with my move from Florida to Maryland. I have made huge changes in my life including a career change and a major change on my dissertation. Focus on the positives that are here. Let the negatives motivate you. A healthy, loving, kind and prosperous revenge.

      Back to school today.

    2. that hour on the elliptical while reading and listening to an audible kindle narration has done wonders. same with the meditation for bed with audio playing. I stretch more. tried a massage for the first time and severely underestimated how much that helped my mind in more ways than one.

    3. actually this week I got rid of my bed, am trying out the floor, got rid of a lot of clothes (5a.m. club mentioned this!), and pushing myself to move into my own apartment without a roommate, and if im going to study/do studying, do it at a public space instead of at home.

      thanks for your work, I got mad genius the othrr week and devoured it in like 2 or three days. thanks for doing the narration.

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